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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bachelor's Life- Final episode

After about half an hour of female fury inspired fight between Tina and Funke, they were finally separated. It was after the fight I learnt both of them knew each other. 

According to Funke, Tina had been in the habit of snatching her boyfriends. Tina had denied she was snatching me but was only a friend visiting. Tina, who was really busty had her top torn in such a way her nipples were the only part covered. I could even notice the eyes of the elderly man they were explaining to, constantly glued on her boobs.

The ignominy I suffered in having my private life discussed openly to the ears of neighbors and strangers was award winning. 

It was really annoying hearing the elderly man who eventually settled the matter offering me unsolicited advice on my personal lifestyle and the need to be focused. (Imagine!) The humiliation did not stop there. 

After the matter had been settled and I had received all types of stares ranging from pity to ridicule, my direct neighbor, a woman probably in her mid-forties, called me aside to stress the need to have one stable relationship because according to her, having multiple relationships could lead to me getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

After the crowd had dispersed and Funke had been led away by someone who knew her in the area, I was mildly surprised to see Tina silently slipping into my apartment after all that had happened. It was not like she had much choice after Funke had left her half naked.

After listening to my neighbor more out of courtesy than anything, I went to my apartment with a hugely deflated ego. So much for the best laid plans! I was a bit confused as to what my approach to Tina should be. 

Without saying a word, I put on the TV and went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. I was totally famished. I put rice on the fire and then got one of my vests which i meant to hand it over to her. She looked at me, shook her head and gave the longest hiss I had ever heard.

Normal thing (No be babes?)

“I know you are upset and I am also. I blame myself for all this but what has happened has happened. I didn’t realize that babe was that kind of razz girl and am sorry for the embarrassment I caused. But at least you need to change your clothes and have a shower. Then we can discuss things”

Still no response. She didn’t move an inch but continued staring coldly at the TV screen. Then I dropped the vest near her and went to the kitchen. I returned ten minutes later to see her in my vest. I smiled. That’s a good sign.

She still had the cold look on her face so I sat quietly idling away on my phone. If there was one thing I had learnt from my frequent frolicking with girls, it’s that if you want a girl to come to you, you ignore or pretend to ignore her.

This time, it did not work.

She completely ignored me and continued staring at the screen without saying a word. Even the well-cooked plate of rice I placed before her was left untouched. At that point, I secretly wondered the wisdom of having her sleep in the same bed with me. Who knows what she could do?

Weirdly, that same still voice in me asked why I should not sleep on the same bed with her. After all the trouble, I might as well get some reward for my ‘troubles’. After hours of eerie silence, I stood up to go to bed.

I must have slept for less than an hour when I was awoken by the feel of Tina’s slipping into the bed beside me. My sense went into overdrive. Was I to try my luck or just let things slide?

With those boobs I was seeing, there was only one option. I knew however that before I could try anything, I had to clear the air on the episode earlier in the evening.

“Tina, I know you are really mad at me and you have every reason to be. It’s a mess and I feel really bad myself. How could I have known that that girl was such a low life area girl like that? I promise to make it up to you. Just overlook it.”

She didn’t move a muscle.

“Oya let me help you massage those muscles that the idiot strained.”

That seemed to do the trick as she then turned to face me and said;

“Don’t you dare come near me o. You are really really silly. You think this is a joke abi? Imagine the embarrassment and disgrace you gave me in front of everyone. All because of that low life bitch!”

She rambled on for the next thirty minutes whilst I kept trying to placate her. I threw in a few jokes at intervals to lighten her mood and after a while, everything seemed normal and after telling her how the old men in my area were staring at her boobs, we both laughed. I then stood up, microwaved her food and brought same to the room.

After eating and gisting a while more, she said

“Let me go and sleep abeg. See you tomorrow”.Then she turned to face the wall and started playing with her phone.

Whilst I am not one to give up easily, I did not try to push my luck and turned to my side of the bed to sleep. I was satisfied that we were talking again. Sleep did not come quick so I picked up my phone and started fiddling with it. Some minutes later, a sms came in. i wondered who it was that would be sending me a text message at that time of the day.

I opened the message. It was from Funke. It read;

“Shebi you are still with that whore? Just know that it’s over between us. Don’t ever call me or come to my house again. Dey your lane!”

“Before nko? Abeg delete my number!” I pressed the send button.

About five minutes later, another sms came in. I was beginning to be irritated by Funke. I opened the sms. It was from Tina. It read;

“Seems my laps are feeling sore. I think I need that massage now."

I smiled. Game on!


Thursday, May 02, 2019

Bachelor Life- Episode 4

I had totally forgotten I had given her my address. Who would have thought she would come to my house directly? 

My plan had been to pick her up from the bus stop close to my apartment. I silently prayed she would miss her way. Problem was that my house can easily be located and was only a stone’s throw from the Bus Stop.

Nervous and panicky, I quickly roused Funke and told her I had to go pick my mum who was visiting from the airport. She noticed my impatient nudging’s for her to leave quickly and asked;

“Na wa o. Why are you so much in a hurry? Are you pursuing me?”

“Noo nau. Not that. It’s just that her flight will land in 2o minutes and I am late already.” I replied.

“So when are we seeing again?” (Which kain babe be dis na? we say make you go, you dey ask when we go see).

“Don’t worry. We‘ll see before the week runs out. I even want to take you to the movies. There’s this movie I want you to watch. I lied.

‘Ok. Am set. Let’s go’, she replied reluctantly.

My phone rang again and I checked the caller; it was Tina yet again. This time, she kept calling continually. I knew she must be pretty close by. I didn’t and couldn’t pick the call.

“Pick your call na, ” Funke said staring at the ringing phone.

“It’s my oga at work. I know why he is calling. I don’t want to pick or cut the call,” I lied yet again.

As we left my apartment, I did not bother locking the door. By now, I was basically a bundle of nerves. I could not think straight.

 I quickly mustered a silent desperate prayer to God to spare me from the impending embarrassment in return for which I would attend church the coming Sunday (I had not been in church for six months).

Unfortunately, it seemed like the heavens were pretty much angered towards me because immediately we set foot on my street, we bumped into Tina.

“Shola, what’s all this na? I‘ve been calling and pinging you since. Haba. You just left me stranded since. Didn’t you see all my missed calls and bb messages?’ Tina fumed immediately she set eyes on me completely ignoring Funke standing beside me.

‘Tina! Tina Watsup? so sorry. I wasn’t with my phone. Em..just gimme a minute, lemme walk my friend.’

“So what should I do? Just stand in the middle of nowhere while you finish with your friend?" she asked, eyeing Funke contemptuously and still fuming with rage. (There’s this thing with girls when they get angry. They just seem to lose all sense of reasoning)

“Chill na. I said am coming. I‘ll join you in the next five minutes. That’s my house. The door is open, You can go and wait for me. I‘ll join you soon”. I said pointing at the door to my apartment.

 Then I turned to Funke whose face was clearly boiling and before I could say anything, she seethed in a loud voice:

“Who are you walking away? Don’t you dare!!! Don’t you dare come near me!!!”

She was basically screaming now and her voice had started attracting a few passersby.

“So this is who you are? Is this your mum that you want to go pick at the airport abi? So you‘ve been lying and pretending abi? I just knew something was fishy. So you were rushing me out of your house because of this low life cheap prostitute? abi," she bellowed.

Things were beginning to get out of hand and I could notice a few of my neighbors peeping from their windows.

 Being a quiet environment, I was sure that with the way Funke was screaming, it would be a matter of seconds before a full blown scene would be created. 

Whilst I was still thinking of the words to say in response to Funke and how to handle the situation,  I heard a loud sound; Tina had landed Funke a heavy slap; the type typically given by mobile policemen and soldiers; accompanied by the question;

“Who are you calling a prostitute?”

Staggering and not in a mood to reply Tina with words, Funke didn’t seem to be fazed by Tina’s obvious size superiority to her and had responded to Tina  with two slaps while I just stood and watched; rooted to the spot in shock.

Despite Funke’s rather small stature, she had always had this fiery and feisty side to her. Her Olympic boxing champion styled slap cum blows to Tina’s face must have made Floyd Mayweather green with envy.

 It not only resulted in Tina wobbling and stumbling away, it also ensured her bag and phone were flung in different directions.

By now, a large crowd had gathered. (Who wouldn’t want to see two girls fighting in public?)Rather weirdly, no one made any attempt to separate the feuding divas.

 Overcoming my initial shock, I decided it was time to end the madness. I approached Funke to try and stop her from landing further blows but I could see her eyes were blazing with rage. She seemed rather stronger than usual and pushed me away with the ferocity of someone possessed shouting:

‘Leave me! Leave me! Let me teach this bitch a lesson!”

By now, Tina had gathered herself and braced herself for the final onslaught. Eyes beaming with rage and vengeance, she charged forward towards Funke who was also ready to show she was not a push over.

Then all hell was let loose....

To be continued

Monday, April 22, 2019

Bachelor Life -Episode 3

After entertaining her with the baddest shawama in my area along with a cool can of malt drink, I knew I had to ‘do it’ tonight. One rule of the game- you hit it the first or maximum second visit or you can as well forget it. The problem I faced was how to get her to come to my room. Under the guise of showing her around my crib, I invited her to my room to show her around. She simply stood at the door refusing to join me on the bed where I had now nestled myself. Then she went back to the sitting room.

(Stubborn geh)
I was not to be deterred. If Ali does not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Ali. I went to
where she sat.

I started by playing with her hair. She didn’t stop me so I got encouraged and became bolder.  Then the first hug which was cut short by her pushing me away.

‘What’s wrong with you? What's with all this you are doing?’ she said looking straight at me.
Then I moved closer to her while touching her thighs and acting like I did not hear a word of her earlier protest.

Hope you had a nice day today?’ I asked. Poor question but I just had to distract her from noticing the ‘actions’ being performed by my fingers.

‘Yeah’ Funke replied, looking suspicious.

 ‘You know I love you so much?’ I asked becoming a little desperate while smiling and sweating at the same time, my WMD already beginning to charge.

Funke noticed this and moved further back on the settees. ‘Ya I know. But don’t you think this is too early? You need to stop this or I will go.’ (Go where?)

How? Why would you want me to stop? I want you. I love you’ (At this stage, I could have said I loved Osama!), my sense of reasoning controlled by my rising libido.

“But we just met four days ago and you are beginning to ask for that what you want from me?’ (You should expect this from me dear; after all I am not impotent!).

Realizing I am beginning to lose the game slowly, I knew I had to raise my game.
“Not what you think sweetheart” (This time I adopt the love poet approach the love poet approach and the sweet lies follow).

“You are the only girl in my life and I will never hurt you. Well, if you don’t want it then its ok by me’ (Na lie! What is ok? You must do o. This line almost always works!)

Looking at me pitifully, she said softly; ‘Please don’t feel sad, it’s not that I don’t love you, is just that am scared’. At this point, I decided there was no need for words anymore.

 Somehow, I can’t explain how I found my fingers in between her thighs. I prodded further and felt wetness between her legs. (Game on! Second line of defense broken).

I knew I had succeeded, with one finger still ‘prodding’ her thighs, I started kissing her. Before long and seeing her responsiveness to my moves, I lifted her up whilst still kissing her, took her to my ‘Maracana stadium’ (my room, where else?), gently placed her on the bed, unzipped my fly and unleashed the ‘Krakon’.


I still remember the very first time I had sex with Funke. It felt really good.
Problem was that with every more round of sex I had with her, the desire for her reduced. The ‘over regularity’ of our ‘sexcapades’ coupled with the fact that she lived in my area and was always coming over to my crib for sex, meant I stopped looking forward to the sex.

I had read somewhere about guys possessing one hormone which naturally reduces his desire for a girl he regularly has sex with. I think that hormone was particularly active in me with regards to Funke’s.

These days, perhaps noticing my reluctance to meet with her anytime she asked to come over and see me, Funke had developed a knack for coming over to my house without notice. Aided by the fact that she knew when I was home because I usually drove past her house on my way home from work, she would just show up at my door knocking and banging the door like we shared the same flat.

I had decided I would tell her off and strongly resist that habit. Problem is the erection I get every time I saw her always ensured I forgot about any other thing than tapping her ass.
Today was different.

Today, Tina was coming and I was not ready for anyone to spoil my plans. I had arranged and agreed with Tina to have her stay for the night and I had to get Funke out of that place or everything becomes complicated. No stories. I am telling her off this time!

I opened the door and saw Funke in the tightest seductive mini skirt I had ever seen. She also wore a tube that was so tight it made her boobs look like they would pop out at any minute.
If her dressing got me aroused, then her next few words after she stepped into my apartment got my joystick charging;

"You ehn! You‘ve been avoiding me for some days abi. Well you are not running anywhere today. I am not letting you go till I screw your brains out today."
Immediately two streams of thought went to war in my head; one told me to get Funke out of my crib before Tina came. Another one told me to give her the screw of her life and call Tina to reschedule.
From nowhere, a third one told me to have the best of both worlds- ‘screw Funke before Tina arrives’. I agreed with this rather innovative line of thought and quickly decided to go with the third line of thinking.

Without saying a word and without locking the door, I reached out for my wallet, retrieved the condom I had inside and rushed Funke like a sex starved ex-convict just released from prison.
With one swift movement, I gently pushed her to turn and face the wall. She promptly went with the flow and stamped her hands against the wall whilst she separated her legs wider for easier ‘entry.’


A quick glance at my wrist watch, some minutes later and I realized it would be about 10 or so minutes before Tina would show up. Then I noticed the blinking of my Blackberry phone across the room on my table and got the feeling Tonia would have called. I strolled to pick it up and my feeling was confirmed. I saw three missed calls and series of BBM messages from Tina;

“Am in Ojuelegba now.”
“I have gotten to Surulere. PING!!!”
“y aren’t you replying? I ve also been calling you nau”
 “Am just standing in the bus stop looking like a fool.”

“Where are you? Are you home? Should I just try and locate your place?”

‘Am on my way, I ‘ll try and locate it”
“Where are you? Are you home? Should I just try and locate your place?
“Call me immediately you get this”
I checked the phone again and realized the last message had hit my phone like 5 minutes before and judging by the distance between my house and the bus stop, I knew she would get to my crib anytime soon.
Shit! Shit!!Shit!!!

To be continued

Friday, April 12, 2019

Bachelor Life (Episode 2)


I was jolted out of my self-imposed reverie by a knock on my door that I had now become all too familiar with. That has to be Funke. Problem is I wasn’t expecting her and I just didn’t want her around that time. Any other time was fine, but not today. Today was all about Tina, no other person. I was expecting Tina to hit my crib.

 The last we had spoken, she had told me she was in the cab to my place but was stuck in traffic.
I had mentally calculated the distance from Ojota where she was coming from and my place, and realized that plus or minus, within 45 minutes to an hour max she would get to my place.

The last thing I needed was Funke being around. Having Tina come around was another story entirely. Let’s just say a lot of money, time, poetry and energy had gone into this venture. If you wonder why I had gone to that length to get her to come over, a brief description of her physical features will convince you. That description has to wait though ‘cos I‘ve got a more pressing problem:

Sweating, worried and confused, I asked;
“Who is that?
‘Funke’ came the reply.

Damn! My worst fears confirmed. But she did not call before coming! I cursed under my breath. I had to think of something. I cannot have Funke come around and spoil the best laid plans.

Funke was a lady I had met in the bus on one of those days I had decided not to drive down to the office. Traffic that week had been hellish and I had decided to take the quicker and easier route of taking public bus.
Funke sat beside me in the bus from CMS to Stadium; from there I was to connect to my crib. Work had been stressful and to ease my pain and distract me from the  heat generated by the slow moving traffic, I scrolled through the videos on my phone and started  watching ‘Pacific Rim’, a movie I had saved earlier on my phone and did not notice her beside me.

Five minutes into the trip and apparently feeling inconvenienced by her sitting position, she beckoned on me and I felt a tap on my shoulder.
“Can you please shift a little?” she asked.

I took out my earphones and quickly did a scan of this person ‘disturbing’ me and making me pause my movie. The scan result came back good. The hips were a pure piece of art. Even in her sitting position, the leggings she had on did very little to hide the superbly sculptured behind she was backing. I gladly obliged. Stupidly though, I didn’t capitalize on that opportunity to start a conversation.

For the remainder of the journey, my brain went into overdrive trying to get the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with her.
Unfortunately, I just could not think of anything. I silently prayed that she would not get down before the final bus stop where I would alight.

My prayer was answered (I thought someone said the prayer of a sinner was an abomination to God…issh!) We both got down at the last bus stop and if her voluptuousness was noticeable from her sitting position, then seeing her fully stand not only made me respect God’s artistry on her, it also made my WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) give a ‘21 gun salute’.
‘Controlled’ by sight without any obvious strategy to strike a conversation, I walked up to her and simply said;

Seems you are going my way, can I tag along?”

She looked at me and her look of disgust was palpable. She hissed and walked away from me briskly.
The feel of embarrassment was unbelievable. I could notice the telling stares and smiles on the faces of people nearby who had seen me walk up to her and her subsequent reaction. I had to save face. I then remarked audibly.

‘Ok. Later now!’ A pretentious call and I briskly walked away silently cursing my luck.

Within a few hours, I had forgotten about Funke. Aided by the European Champions league match I watched that evening and a local dish I had bought from an eatery on my way home, I had unconsciously consigned the afternoon’s experience as one of those not so memorable ‘hunting expeditions’.

A good night's sleep and I was out early for work the next morning.
I started out towards the bus stop to get a vehicle to work and had barely walked for fiveminutes, when I basically bumped into Funke; the same lady who embarrassed me the day before. This time I was never going to allow her slip from my hands. I realized I had to up my game;

Game on!


On sighting Funke, I immediately remembered it was the same girl who had ignored me the previous day. Our eyes locked and after a few secondsof staring at each other, she looked away and smiled. (Correct! good sign).
“So thanks for embarrassing me in public yesterday. I only wanted to be a friend you know?”
For a few seconds, it seemed she was torn between deciding to walk away and replying me. She chose the latter;

“How did I embarrass you?” she asked trying to sound and look disinterested.
“Anyways, it doesn’t matter. My name is Shola.’

“Funke’ she replied curtly. (Playing hard to get eh?)
 “Madam relax nau. Am only trying to make a conversation here. I don’t plan to take you from your boyfie na.”

She laughed. (First line of defense broken).
"Very funny. Well, am also making a conversation. Just don’t like players and guys stalking me in the streets’, she replied.
"Eh ya. Am sorry. First; I am not a player. Second, I only wanted to get to meet you and didn’t know how I could if I didn’t approach you then. Still I apologize.” I said using my most ‘phonetised’ English.

"Hmmm. Ok o. Am taking my bus here’. She said stopping at some point at the bus stop.
Ok. Can I have your phone number and BB pin? I asked.
“Here…08023.”(lemme keep the number secret ‘cos of some sharp guys).

"Am not giving you my pin. Call me first. You have to earn the pin.” She said with a smile, then hopped on the next available bus.
Four nights later after regular calls and bbm chats (oh! I sure did earn the pin), she was in my house. I opened the door to see Funke looking as sexy as sexy can get, she was a different girl from the girl I saw four days before.

The girl I saw was cute and sexy; the girl before me was bad ass!

Her cologne smelt nice and she wore a rather tight skirt which really accentuated her curves. It seemed like my WMD also noticed her beauty as it started acting uncontrollably. Only my excuse of getting her a drink and subsequent ‘adjusting’ made the stupid thing stop from embarrassing me further...

  To be continued

 By Ayoks (Courtesy

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bachelor Life (Episode 1)

I sat on my sofa staring blankly at the screen.
A little tired, I had just finished seeing an American film titled ‘Bachelor’ and I couldn’t help but mentally slither through the whole concept of bachelorhood.

For the guys, nothing beats having that feel of freedom; freedom from parents, freedom from a nagging wife and freedom from commitments. No better phase in a guy’s life does he get all these than when he remains a bachelor.

Weirdly, being a bachelor has its perks and difficulties. The perks I will come to later but being a bachelor without them girls can easily be likened to being stuck alone in a desert with the feeling of everyone having gone on an outer space travel.

But if you are a bachelor and you have the control number of the girls, then one of the perks is having the world literally in your pocket.

Plus if you are a bachelor like me, a handsome lawyer with a sense of humor rivaling that of a comedian, intelligence like that of a nerd, a salary from an oil exploration company job enough to comfortably support a family of ten, an SUV car and an apartment in the most posh area in Surulere, Lagos, then the world isn’t just in your pocket, it stays in your pocket and is zipped in your pocket forever.

The feeling of empowerment and freedom was enjoyable enough for me to ignore the many pressures from the different quarters in my family to get married. Marriage can wait.
I was not in a hurry to stop ‘living the life’.

I had always had a thing for the ladies. Luckily enough for me, I learnt early enough that to get your dream lady did not always have to be all about the Benjamins. Playing your cards right and saying the right words at the right time were key in the game of ‘girl hunting’. If girl hunting was an art, I would easily be termed the ‘J├Ągermeister’.

Whilst having the extra cash made my choice of women classier these days, I always had my regular flow of women even when I didn’t have much from my days as a youth corper.
I wasn’t always the randy guy. In fact, I was a virgin till my 500 level in the university. I was aged 24. I had grown up having nerds and ‘spirikoko’ guys as the core of my friend’s circle. I unconsciously believed having a girlfriend was a ‘sin’.

All that was to change from the moment I met Bimbo.

I had met Bimbo in my 400levels. Bimbo had a lovely personality and a chuckle that melt hearts. She also had those kinds of booties you will usually see in Jo'burg, South Africa. She was blessed with a firm, rounded and protruding booty held by a tiny waist and a flat tummy giving her the perfect hourglass shape. Bimbo and I had met in fellowship on campus. I was an usher in fellowship and a diligent one at that. I guess I must have been too diligent that particular night because only a diligent eye could have noticed the size of the booty from the distance I was positioned.

From then on, my eyes stayed glued to her like a radar locked missile. I just couldn’t concentrate throughout the service and once service was over, I glided through the crowd to where she sat.


Unlike present day, I was still very shy back then and had not thought of mentally preparing a pick-up line. I just stood right in front of her not knowing what to say. Her eyes locked on to mine and she smiled. I looked away embarrassed.
‘Hi usher’. she quipped.
‘Hello’ came my weak and feeble reply. “…em…was wondering if you have the  offering envelope?”
(Every time I look back and remember that night, I still get embarrassed. Jeez! That had to be a contender for one of the dumbest pick-up lines ever!).
Funny you. Why would I need one? Service is over remember?” she asked, still having that smile etched all over her face. Why don’t you be a gentleman and walk me to my room?”
Oh ok. Why not? (Phew! That was a get out of jail card she played there. Everything is working far beyond what I expected).

I walked her to Idia hall and by the time we had finished gisting, I had concluded in one part of my mind that I had met ‘the special one’.
If it all went well that night, it was to become better in the weeks that followed. It seemed as if she was practically waiting for me all her life! This was 2003. GSM phones had just been introduced into the Nigerian market and I and Bimbo were a few of the lucky ones who had a phone to use on campus.

Despite the rather high rate for calls and text messages, my school allowances went into recharging my phone and calling Bimbo. Calls on an hourly basis and text messages to discuss the most mundane issues became the norm and within weeks, we had developed a bond. (Of course by this time, sex was not part of my lexicon yet).

That bond was to last a few weeks till she decided to attend foundation class for fellowship members and she met the Bible Study Secretary. Bro. Seun.

Our usual meetings started drying up with excuses of having to attend lectures, discussion groups, and foundation classes. Within three weeks, we basically stopped seeing. She also stopped picking my calls and depression started setting in for me. I ‘died’ any time a mutual friend informed me of seeing Bimbo with this same Bible study guy. I felt ‘chanced’ and ‘cheated’. I was only rescued from the torture by a three month ASUU strike that ensured I got Bimbo out of my mind.

On resumption in school after the strike, I was to get the biggest shocker of my life. After a Wednesday meeting, the fellowship pastor had announced to the full congregation that night that the Bible study secretary, Bro. Seun had been engaged to Bimbo. My Bimbo! The announcement literally had the effect of a magnitude 12.0 earthquake on my legs and I was literally shaking till I got back in my room.

After three days of ‘mourning’, self-pity and anger, I rose up and made some life changing decisions. I was quitting the fellowship, I was quitting the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ persona and I was losing my virginity.
And that’s where it all began for me. Sit back and take a tour of  my bachelor world of sexual escapades and self-discovery.

By the way, my name is Shola.

 To be continued

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Forever (9) Finale

   Her cell phone rang, she checked the caller ID and smiled when she saw it was King.

“Hi,” she said happily.
 ‘Hi to you too.”

 “You sound happy.”
“Oh, I’m very happy.”

 “How are you?”
“I’m very fine.”
 “So, what’s up?”

 “I’ll like to have dinner with you tonight.”
“Hmmm. Business, celebratory, casual or formal?”
 “I’m supposed to figure all that out?” 

Alewa laughed. “Yes. So I’ll know what to wear.”
 “I’m but a man Alewa. Just wear anything you want, you look beautiful in anything.” Alewa was silent for a while. 

“That didn’t help at all.” 

“How about hoping-to-celebrate-something-dinner?”

 “Okay, that’s better.”

 “We aim to please.” 

 She giggled. “Where do we meet? And what time?” 

“I’ll come pick you, just be ready by 6pm.” 

“Okay then. You’re not going to give me any hint about what you’re hoping to celebrate?” 

“Not a hint.”
 “Is Georgina going to be there?”

 “It’s just you and I babe.”

 “Hmmm, that just got my curiosity level to 99%.”

  He laughed. “You’ll just have to wait to satisfy that 99% curiosity. See you later.”

 “Okay, bye.” She hung up. 

Alewa could not imagine what the call was about but she guessed she would have to wait to find out. 


Alewa and King were settled at their table about 6:45pm. It had taken them about forty minutes to get to the restaurant they were to have dinner at. 

You look really beautiful tonight Alewa.” King said.

 “Thank you King. You look handsome yourself.” She smiled. 

“I didn’t say that to get a compliment out of you. I meant it; you always take my breath away, even dressed in pajamas with your hair uncombed.” 

Alewa laughed. “That feels like a very long time ago.”

 “That’s because you’ve grown so much since then.”

 “Very true. But I did mean what I said. You know what I used to call you?” 

What?” he looked in her eyes and smiled. Alewa’s heart skipped a beat at that smile. 

“This handsome devil,” she whispered.

 King laughed. “A devil? Why that?”

 “Because you always made me do things I didn’t want to do.” 

“I’m hoping I can get you to do what you want to do today.”

 “What’s that?”

 He took her hand. “You know I love you right?” 

“Yes. I love you too King, you’ve been so awesome to me.” 

 He shook his head. “Not like that. I mean, I really love you.”

 “Oh….but King, you know that’s not wise.” 

 “Why not?”

 “Because of my condition. I don’t ever want to put you in that position.”

 “Alewa, you’re not putting me in anything. I’m choosing to be in if you’ll let me. Ever since the day I met you, my life hasn’t been the same. That day, I knew I will be a part of your life in some way, and I stuck around even when you made it very difficult.”

 He smiled. She returned his smile. “King, this disease is not going to go away.”

 “Don’t say that. There’s nothing impossible for God. Besides, there are measures to ensure both of us are safe in a relationship, as long as you keep taking your drugs.” 

She was surprised. “You’ve done your homework on this.”

 “Yes I have. And I believe we can make it work.”
 “I’ll like nothing more. But what about Georgina?”

He looked puzzled. “What about her?” 

“I got the impression you guys were more than friends, especially on her part.”

 “Alewa, Georgina is just a very good friend of mine. I never gave her the impression I wanted more.”

 “It didn’t stop her from hoping though.”

 “Well, I assure you I didn’t encourage her in any way.” 


 “So, will you have me?”

 “I’m willing to try, but I’m so scared.”


 “You know why.”

 “Believe me, I’m in for the good times and the bad too.”

  “Okay King. I trust you.”

 “We’ll take it one day at a time until forever.” He said and kissed her hand. 

Alewa smiled and nodded. “One day at a time until forever.”

  The  End

 Thanks for staying with us till the end of Alewa's captivating story. Our next series starts this weekend. Watch out!!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Forever (8)

"If you’re interested, I can refer you to the therapist I used then?"

“I’ll like that, thank you.”
 “Okay, that’s settled then.”

 At that point, she looked at King. King nodded his permission for her to continue. “Another thing that really helped me is this: I work with young girls that have gone through this and are still going through it.

  I volunteer at an NGO that helps girls like that and we do all we can to get them out of the situation  through my issues while helping others work through that. I can connect you if you’re interested in that too.”

  “I’d really love that!” Alewa exclaimed.
 “Wow, that’ll be so interesting.”
 “I’m glad you’re excited about this Alewa.”
 “Oh yes I am. I’d love a chance to help someone going through what I’m going through.”

 “Awesome. So I should set it up?”
 “Could you hold off on that for a bit?” she asked.
  Georgina looked confused.

 “I’m not backing out. It’s just that I’ll love a chance to see that therapist you mentioned earlier. I think it’s better I work through my problems first, before trying to help other,”  she explained.

 “Alright. That’s fair enough.”
  “Cool.” She looked to King again, and he nodded just as he did earlier. Georgina cleared her throat and dived in. “Alewa, there’s something else I purposely left till the end; not because it’s less important but because it might be the best decision you ever made.” She paused.

  “I’m listening.” Alewa was curious to hear what she’s about to say. Georgina looked her in the eye. “King told me you were averse to the idea of going to church?”
 Alewa looked away. “I don’t really want to get into that right now.”

 “I understand. But can I say something?”

  “Go ahead Georgina.”
  “You must understand that I’m not trying to coerce you into what you don’t feel comfortable doing, but the fact is God has been a big part of my life for years now and he played a significant role in how I was able to move on and attain peace. I don’t want you to trifle with that. At the very least, think about King’s offer.”

  Alewa looked at her steadily for some seconds. She looked towards King too and he smiled. “Okay, I’ll go with him this Sunday,” she finally said.
 Georgina beamed. “Fantastic! Now let me get the card of that therapist. I’ll be right back.” She excused herself.

King hugged Alewa the moment Georgina was out of the room. “I’m really proud of you my dear. Now, you can embark on your healing journey.”
“Thank you King. But church?” she asked doubtfully “I know how you feel about that. Just try it out this once, and if you don’t like it then I won’t bother you about it anymore.”

 “Okay then. Let’s try that this Sunday.”

 Eight weeks later
 Alewa stood at the door watching the girls in the room. They were all involved in one activity or the other. Some were reading, some playing games, and some knitting. One girl was seated by herself at the corner, reading a huge book, and glancing at the other girls from time to time.

Some of the girls had trouble fitting in and Hannah was one of those. She approached her where she was seated.
 “Hannah, is everything alright?”

  “Yes ma’am.”
 “You look rather uncomfortable sitting there.”
 “Oh, I’m just trying to wrap my head around this. These girls seem really happy.”
Alewa smiled. “I assure you they are.”

 “That’s really something.” Alewa saw the longing in her heart. She patted her knee. “Don’t worry, you’ll get there. It takes some of us more time than others.”
 Hannah nodded. “Thank you Miss.”

Alewa patted her knee once more. “You’ll be fine,” she told her and walked out.
 To think she herself had come so far in just two months. She had grown from the lady who was scared of her own shadow, to the one who could confidently work with girls like these.

Now that she had found a purpose, her life was much more meaningful. King and Georgina had been there for her all the way. They had helped her when she needed help, and encouraged her when she felt like giving up. Going to church with King had been the best decision she made as Georgina predicted. She felt renewed, refreshed and rebirthed when she gave her life to Christ.

 She did not fully understand this God yet, but she was working at it and focusing on her walk with him one day at a time.

The therapist Georgina recommended had been helpful too, but after two weeks of seeing her every day, Alewa was ready to move on. She was ready to focus her time and energy on helping those like her.

Her introduction to the NGO had gone very smoothly. Alewa had been there for a week now and she was enjoying every minute of it. She resigned her job at the company she was with so she could focus more on this. She had enough money to last her through her lifetime and she could afford to share also.

After she finally had something to live for, she decided to take her disease seriously. She commenced taking her drugs religiously and she felt better for making that decision. Even her doctor had been surprised when she told him she was coming in regularly for check-ups. She is taking that one day at a time too.

Her cell phone rang, she checked the caller ID and smiled when she saw it was King.

Watch out for the concluding part of this series coming soon.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Forever (7)

It’s happening already, she thought. He does not want anything to do with me anymore

. King was still staring at her in shock. “Don’t tell me it was your dad……?” he asked hoarsely Alewa gave a tiny nod of affirmation. King slumped back in his seat and covered his face with his hands.

 Alewa kept her eyes down with tears trickling down her face. She could not look at him, she could not bear to see the censure in his eyes, she did not want to see the disgust, and the revulsion he must be feeling.

 “Alewa…” King whispered. She didn’t look up and she didn’t answer him, she just kept her face down, crying silently. King reached for her hand once more and held it tightly in his. That gave her the courage to look up. She slowly raised her head and looked into his eyes fearfully.

 She did not see any revulsion, she did not see any censure; all she saw was compassion, with tears swimming in his eyes. Alewa could not help herself, she just started sobbing loudly.

King quickly composed himself and called for the waiter to bring their check. He paid for their meal quickly and drew Alewa to her feet, wrapped his arms around her and led her out of the restaurant. He could feel the other diners’ eyes on them as they walked out. They were probably thinking he just broke up with her.

 He led her to his car, opened the door and deposited her in the back seat. He then joined her there, still holding her, allowing her to cry her heart out and let go of the hurt. What type of father will do this to his daughter? I don’t understand Lord. Why did her father do this to her? He thought frantically as he consoled her. Feed my lamb, he heard a quiet voice whisper in his spirit. He listened carefully and heard clearly once more, feed my sheep.

He started praying quietly. Father, he began. Lead me and guide me, give me the wisdom to deal with this situation. This is your daughter, she is hurting, and she is in pain. Heal her Lord, grant her peace in her spirit and restore order into her life. Let her see clearly that you are the only one who can take her pain away. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

 Immediately he finished praying, he felt peaceful and he knew what he had to do. By the time Alewa calmed down enough to notice what was happening around her, they were on the move. King was driving and she did not know where they were or where they were headed to. It was so dark out; she could not see anything beyond the car window.

 “King.” She called tentatively He looked back immediately and regarded her. “How are you feeling?” he smiled.
“Much better. Where are we going?”

 “Just relax. I’ll explain everything when we get there. We are not so far now.” Alewa relaxed and closed her eyes. Her eyes were so sore from crying and she had a pounding headache, but at the same time she felt light, as if some weight had been lifted off her. She felt almost clean. Few minutes later, King pulled over on a side street. He parked the car and switched off the engine. Then he turned back to her and started talking.

 “Alewa, I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through in your young life.
Nobody should go through that, and I know sorry cannot begin to heal the pain and hurts in your heart but that is all I have to offer. I’m deeply sorry and I hope I can be a friend to you, loving you and helping you through it all.”

“Thank you.” she said quietly, grateful for his support “I have a friend who went through a similar experience as yours and this is who I brought you to meet. I believe she can help you through this, offer some support and aid when you need it, and just be one more shoulder to rely on. She lives in this neighborhood, and I’ll like you to meet her tonight. Maybe, you both can begin the healing process.”

Alewa was curious about this friend of his. She nodded. “Okay.”

 King got out of the front seat and came around to help her out too. He held her hand and led her to an apartment building at the corner. The street was deserted but Alewa could see a few stragglers walking around. She held on tightly as King led the way. Shortly, they came to the door of what looked like a two bedroom flat. King knocked cautiously and Alewa heard shuffling inside and then a woman’s melodious voice.

“Who is there?” she asked.

 “It’s me, King.” he replied “Oh!” she unlocked the door and opened it. Alewa could tell she was excited to see him.

 “Hiiii.” She gave him a hug, King hugged her without letting go of Alewa’s hand. He quickly stepped back so the lady could see he was not alone. Alewa could tell she was surprised to see her beside King, and holding hands. Alewa saw her mouth tighten slightly when she saw their hands tightly clasped.

Alewa tried to remove her hand from King’s, concerned she was infringing on another woman’s territory but King would not let go. She relaxed slightly and went with the flow.

 “Hello Georgina.” King said.

“May we come in?”

 “Of course.” Georgina smiled. She stepped back and motioned them in. King went ahead of Alewa, dragging her along. The room they stepped into was tastefully furnished and quite spacious. Alewa fell in love with the ambience immediately.
King led her to a settee on the far side of the room and sat down beside her.

Georgina also sat on a single chair opposite them. She looked at them expectantly, waiting for them to state the reason for their visit. Georgina was a very pretty woman. Very fair in complexion and tall. Almost as tall as King, Alewa observed. She smiled at King and Alewa could detect a bit of emotion behind the smile. This woman felt a lot more for King than mere friendship. “I’m sorry for barging in on you like this, dear.” King began. “And with a total stranger too but I assure you I have very good reasons for doing so.”

 “You don’t need to apologize King. You’re always welcome in my home.”

 He smiled. “Thank you. This is Alewa Mathews. She’s a very good friend of mine.” Georgina looked at her and smiled. “Welcome Alewa, I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Same here.” Alewa replied “And this is Georgina Makinde, a good friend of mine also.” King said to Alewa. They smiled at one another. “Can I talk with you for a few minutes?” King asked.

 “Yeah sure.” He turned to Alewa. ‘I’ll be back in a few.” He told her.

 She nodded and it was only then he let go of her hand. They stepped outside and closed the door behind them. Alewa took the opportunity to check her surroundings. She stood up and walked around the room admiring the paintings and pictures on the wall.

 She moved to the mantle, saw some books arranged neatly to one side and a display of photographs on the other side. She perused the titles of the books and saw some she had read, and some she had never heard of. She moved on to properly observe the photographs.

She saw one of Georgina, in a lawyer wig smiling at the camera, she saw another one of her with an older woman, obviously her mother, and the last one was of her and King, arms around each other, laughing at a private joke. A photograph of King, in an honorary position, right on her mantle.

Yep, there was definitely more than friendship between these two. She didn’t know the feeling that coursed through her looking at the picture, but she knew it wasn’t happiness.

Just then, the door opened and they both walked in. Alewa smiled and went back to her seat. King approached her where she sat and took her hand in his. “I’m sorry I had to do that but I needed time to explain all this to her.”

“That’s okay.” Alewa said. “What’s the next step now?”

 “She’ll tell you about it but I know she can help.”

 “Okay then.” Alewa turned to Georgina. “What do we do now?”

“Before we start anything, I just want you to know that I know exactly what you’re going through. I went through something similar myself but it was an uncle who molested me; it’s all the same to me though because these men are supposed to protect us, instead they put us in a position where we need to be protected from them. I know how you feel, and I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“I appreciate that Georgina. I’m sorry you had to go through it too.”

 Georgina nodded.
 “Having said that, let’s move on to the next issue.” She looked to Alewa for permission. Alewa nodded to let her know she was listening. “I think you need to see a therapist to work you through your emotions and what you may be feeling. I saw a therapist and that really helped me have closure and move on. Although, this thing is going to be with me throughout my life, I am at least equipped to control my feelings and reactions to it.”

She paused to make sure Alewa was listening...

 To be continued

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Forever 6

  The waiter brought her wine and opened it for her. Just then, King strolled into the restaurant. Alewa was so relieved to see him, she jumped up suddenly and that startled the guy sitting opposite her.
 “Wha….?” he started, turning back to see what caught her attention. By then, King was beside her. He looked from the confused guy to Alewa’s smiling face, wondering what was going on.

 “My date is here.” Alewa told the dumbfounded guy He quickly scrambled to his feet and hurried away. Alewa laughed.

 “What was that all about?” King asked “Oh don’t mind the guy. He was just being a nuisance.”

Alewa sat down and King joined her. It was then she looked at him properly and his beauty took her breath away. He smiled and her hear skipped ten beats. What is going on here? She wondered.

 “I bet he couldn’t resist the beauty he saw.” 
 Alewa just rolled her eyes.
 “I’m serious. You look really beautiful tonight. That color suits you well.”
“Thank you.” she smiled shyly. “You look handsome too.” 

 King watched Alewa as she sat across him smiling shyly and prettily. She was so unaware of the effect she had on the opposite sex. Every guy in this restaurant is probably thinking how lucky he was to have such a beauty seated opposite him. He had a feeling that if she could shed the tight cloak of invisibility she had enveloped herself in, she would end up shinning brighter than a diamond.

 Is that the part I’m supposed to play in her life, Lord? He asked thoughtfully. She shifted in her seat and King knew she was squirming because of his scrutiny. He could not help but stare at her though. There was a luster on her skin he hadn’t noticed before; it was as if she was shining inside out. King couldn’t take his eyes off her but he knew he had to break the silence.

 “I see you’ve ordered some wine,” he finally ventured.
 “Yeah, I took the liberty while waiting. You don’t mind, do you?”
 “Not at all. I didn’t come late, did I?” he took a sip of wine. 
 “No, I came early. I was trying to beat the traffic.” 
 “Traffic was a bit light tonight.” He felt like a tongue-tied teenager, spouting inanities.
 “Hmm hmm.”

 “How was work today?” he asked.

 “It was good. I gave Sandra a piece of my mind,” she smiled thinly.  “Sandra? Who might that be again?” 
“My colleague who invited me to hang out last Friday.”
 “Oh, that Sandra.” 

 She laughed. “Yes, that Sandra.” 

 “Thank God I came to your rescue on time.”
 “Came to my rescue?” she arched her brows playfully. “You were just my ride.”
“No, I wasn’t. I was your knight in shining armor.”

  She laughed. “Arrogant much?” 
 “Not arrogant, never arrogant; just confident.”
 “More like over-confident,” she countered. 

 He smiled. “Alewa, I need to be honest with you,” he began. “When I told you I wanted you to go out more, I meant with me. I was thinking of myself when I said that. I never imagined you’ll go off by yourself and almost get into trouble.”

 Her eyes widened. “Really? You wanted to hang out with me?”
“Yeah. Does that surprise you?”
 “Yes. I don’t see myself as very entertaining or a good company.”
“Well true, but you just need the right kind of technique to bring you out of your shell. I believe I’m the right man for the job.” He smiled.
 She laughed softly. “Careful. That arrogance is peeking out again.”

“Still confidence my dear.”
“Whatever you say, your highness.”
He rolled his eyes. “So, can you see yourself hanging out with me, more than we do now?”
 “I’ll love that King but…”she looked down.
“I know, I know we have a lot to talk about.”
 “Yeah.” King glimpsed a very sad look on her face and wondered what that was about.
 “Can we eat first and talk later? I’m very hungry and I don’t want to be thinking about food when you’re talking to me.”

“That’s okay. Although, I might have lost my nerve by then.”
“Don’t worry I’ll go first. By the time I’m done, I’m sure you would have found your nerve back.”
She smiled. “Okay, let’s order then.”

 Forty five minutes later, they were done eating. Alewa had coconut rice garnished with shrimps and a nice slice of grilled beef by the side. King decided to go for a local delicacy and opted for semovita and egusi soup with innards, ponmo and smoked fish fighting for attention in the soup.
After an enjoyable meal, they both settled back to enjoy their wine.

King looked at Alewa and smiled when he caught her watching him. She hurriedly diverted her gaze and looked out the window. King cleared his throat to get her attention. “Can we talk now? Are you ready?” 

 Alewa sighed visibly. “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.” she said quietly.

 “I promised to share my story with you. Maybe after you hear what I have to say, you’ll be more inclined to tell me your story.”

 “I’m all ears.” She turned back so as to see him better. 
 “Okay. Where do I start from? My parents got divorced when I was very young, I think I was about ten and all I could remember was my life became a downward spiral after the divorce. My mum moved away and my dad married another wife. We kids were not allowed to leave with our mum; African culture dictates the kids are for the man and not the woman so my sister and I remained with our father. 

 My stepmom was not all that. She could not care less about us kids and my dad was rarely around, consequently, we were mostly left to our own devices. I fell in with a very bad group and everything just went to hell from there. Before you know it, I was in a cult, inhaling Indian hemp like air and committing all sorts of atrocities.

 It all came to a head one day in the university. I got shot by a rival gang member during one of our raids and it was only the grace of God that saved me. My roommate then was a very spiritual person, a fervent Christian and he was the one that led me to Christ. I almost lost my life in the struggle that ensued for my soul. My cult members were not ready to let me go, they were not prepared to lose a vital member of their club. God prevailed on my behalf though and I was able to pull free.” 
He looked in her eyes so his next words would register properly.

 Alewa was watching him intently.
“Alewa, I believe if God can save me then there’s nothing impossible for him to do. I have killed, I have maimed innocent people, I was the worst sinner on earth but I found mercy in his loving arms. Nothing is impossible for God.” He took her hand and gave it a squeeze.    

Alewa did not even flinch; she just kept watching him steadily. “Why was God silent when my father was molesting me at a tender age? Why didn’t God strike him dead that first night he crawled into my bed?” she asked quietly, still watching him steadily, waiting for the answer he could never give. Alewa sat patiently waiting for King to answer her question. He seemed at a loss for words, he was looking everywhere but directly at her. He refused to meet her unflinching gaze. Finally, he sighed and looked at her.

 “Alewa, what happened?” he asked with a tortured look on his face. She had already made up her mind to tell him all about herself. She just needed to unburden herself to someone. The pain she had been carrying all these years threatened to consume her and she needed an outlet. She felt a strong urge to unburden herself to this man, and despite her fears and misgivings, she decided to go ahead with it.

 “My mother died when I was very young,” she began. “I was no older than ten when she passed on from a strange disease which I later recognized as sickle cell anemia when I got older. She was in and out of hospitals throughout, and she suffered a lot.

She finally gave up the fight when she could not live with the pain anymore. I was thirteen when she died. “Due to her many frailties, she didn’t have any more kids, so I was left in this world with no mother, no siblings, an only child. It didn’t take long for my dad to start molesting me. It started when I was too young to fully understand what was happening and by the time I was old enough, he was dead. I had no one to confide in, only distant relations whom I barely knew.”

Alewa went ahead to talk of her brief stay at her aunt’s and eventually moving in with her dad’s lawyer. She told King of the inheritance her dad left her and how rich she was.
“Now to the most difficult part,” she continued. “I recently had a discovery that changed my whole world. I learnt about it the day we met at the parking lot of the hospital.” She paused a while to gather her strength. King extended his hand to take hers on the table. 

He covered both her hands with his to encourage her to go on. Alewa sighed deeply. “I discovered I am HIV positive,” she said in a barely audible voice. King let go of her hand in shock and Alewa drew back as if she was bitten.

 It’s happening already, she thought...

 To be continued

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