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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It's A Love Story (4)

Sometimes I think he’s in the trees, just hiding, waiting to come out. If there’s anything I want most, it is that I wake up the next morning and find it was all just a dream; that none of it ever happened. 

That Seun never came to my house that evening; that I was not hungry when I was, that Saturday when we met Seun; that we never even met her anywhere and our paths never crossed.

After our experience at the eatery, it was about two weeks later that Tony saw her again. She came to the branch where he worked; she came to open an account for her eatery. 

She said it was the least she could do to make up for the embarrassment at her eatery. I should have seen beyond that act and noticed that she specifically asked for Tony to be the account officer. 

She lodged a sum of N20 million in the account. That was close to half of the target set for Tony by his branch. He was excited and he could not wait to break the news to me. He came by my house that evening so excited and full of smiles.

“I’m gonna break even soon," he said.

“Calm down Tony, tell me what happened.”

“You remember Seun?”

“Seun? Who’ s that?”

“C’ mon, you remember Seun from the eatery a few weeks back…”

“O, Seun, the minister’s daughter.”


 “So, what about her?”

“Well, she came around today at the office.”

“I see. What did she want?”

“To change my life baby!” he said with all the excitement in his being.

There, that was the sign, but I did not see it. That was the point I started drifting, but I did not feel it. I just let things slip by gradually. 

The account officer stunt was just a ploy by Seun to have reasons to contact and spend time with Tony and not give away her ulterior motives until that point when she would not need to.

 Well, I guess it worked after all. There were dinners and parties, meetings and hook-ups.

“All of this is just to make more contacts Maggie. I’ m doing this for us," he always said. I should have believed him after I asked him about his relationship with Seun, and he replied, “It’ s just business baby, seriously.”

It took me a while, after I got to London to realise why Seun- a lady who had everything to get any man she wanted- was so desperate to have Tony, even when she knew that we were together.

 I guess you never really know what you have got until you lose it. Tony is the most adorable man I have known yet. He loved me deeply and I threw it all away for a few pieces of silver. 

I betrayed our love and I did it without having to battle myself. But would you blame me much? How many ladies can stand their man getting so close to another lady who is definitely more equipped (if you know what I mean) than they are? I did what I did and nothing can change that, I only hope I have not strayed too far from redemption.

To be continued

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