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Monday, May 28, 2018

Love Beyond Reason (11)

They took up the challenge and immediately began following Ikem. It was not as easy as they thought it would be though. 

They did not put into consideration other things that might put a demand on their time, and they did not figure they would have to follow him every day and all the time so as to get the exact time he went to visit his parents.

 By the time, they had followed him around Ibadan city for a whole day, amidst traffic and all, they were tired of running after him.

Ugochi finally came up with a plan. She suggested Fredrick followed for a part of the day while she did other things and she would take over at a particular time. 

Of course, she was able to do this at all because she took time off work after the altercation she had with Ikem and Fredrick also had time because he took a leave of absence from work to find out his ancestry. The second plan worked out beautifully.

It was Ugochi’s turn to follow Ikem when they finally had a break. She had followed him all afternoon, went with him to a barber to have a haircut, followed him to lunch, and followed him to what looked suspiciously like a booty call. 

She did not want to believe he had started seeing someone else already, but that was definitely what it looked like. That finally put to death whatever leftover feelings she had been harboring for him.

At about 6pm, when she was ready to quit and call it a day, he finally visited a venue that looked very promising. She remembered Ikem speaking to her about his parents one day and he had mentioned they lived at Ikolaba in Ibadan. 

His next stop was a gated house at Ikolaba and something told Ugochi they finally hit the jackpot. She quickly put a call to Fredrick.


“Hello, Fredrick. I think I’ve got the place. He’s at a house in Ikolaba and he once told me his parents have a house there. Can you come quickly?”

“I’m on my way. Where exactly are you?”

“It’s a street called Romeo Avenue. I’m parked directly across the street from the house he entered. It’s the third house on your right with a red gate.” After giving him directions, she hung up, praying he would get there in time.

She had been there for about thirty minutes when Ikem suddenly stormed out, slamming the pedestrian gate and stalking to his car. 

Before long, an older woman came out and ran towards him, pulling his arm. She was talking, but Ugochi could not make out her words.

 Ikem’s face was turned away and he finally jerked his arm free and got into his car. He started the engine and drove away, leaving her by the road looking after him.

For a split second the woman turned her face towards Ugochi and Ugochi was stunned by the resemblance between her and the twins.

 She finally wiped tears from her face, turned and walked forlornly inside her house. Ugochi knew she had just seen Fredrick and Ikem’s mother.

She dialed Fredrick’s number again. “Where are you?” she asked

“I’m almost there. I encountered a bit of traffic at Ring Road. What’s up?”

“Ikem just left now and I think I just saw your mother.”

“What? What happened?”

She gave him a brief description of what she just witnessed. “He obviously went away angry.” She concluded.

“Okay, I’m like two minutes away. You’ll see me soon.”


Ugochi kept watching the house nervously, crouched in her seat. She felt so conspicuous sitting there, furtively looking out her window. She hoped nobody would challenge her.

 Before long, she saw Fredrick’s car in her rearview mirror and got out of hers to wait for him by the side of the road.

“What’s happening now?” he asked as soon as he got out of his car. He looked anxious.

“Nothing since I spoke with you last. What do you want to do?”

“Go in there and introduce myself, of course.”

“What? Just like that?”

“Yes, Ugochi. That is what this is all about. Besides, I think my credential will speak for itself.” He indicated his face.

“Okay. What’s the plan, then?”

“No plan. I knock on the door, ask to see the people living in the house and go from there.”


“Shall we?”

“No. I don’t think I should come with you. You should do this on your own.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. I’ll wait here for you.”

“Okay.” He gave her a quick hug and kiss. “Which house?”

She pointed it out and he walked quickly to the gate and knocked. Ugochi watched as someone opened the gate, and after a while Fredrick walked in. He didn’t look back.

 To be continued

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