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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tomorrow Never Ends (Book excerpts) 3

"What did you do that for?" she demanded. At other times, she would have argued with him but she was just too tired for that now.

"Because I see how exhausted you look... like someone who would drop down any minute. I don't want to be accused of working you into a state of fatigue that you'll end up in the hospital.
I've been called all kinds of names, some unprintable. I don't want 'client abuse' or 'slave master' to join the long list."

A little smile curved her lips before she broke out laughing.

"Now that's better!" he remarked, smiling at her, the corners of his eyes crinkling in amusement.
"You can be funny, you know," Oma said when she stopped laughing. 

They sat chatting and drinking for sometime till the bottle was empty. He was about ordering another one but she had had enough.

"I really need to go. There are a few things that need tidying up, people to see..." 

"Alright. But there's something I want you to do for me. A group of friends and I are heading to the beach at Ibeshe on Saturday to unwind. You need to come too to check out the ambience of the place. It might be suitable for the other ad left to be shot," he said.

She thought about it. Since it was work-related, why not?

 "Fine with me. What time will we leave?"

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tomorrow Never Ends (Excerpts) 2- Valentine Special

"He said that for real? What does he take you for?" Emily asked angrily. Oma had just narrated to her what had transpired between her and the CEO of GMK Holdings.

"I wonder," Oma said peevishly. She was still angry at him, at his words and attitude...

"I've this invitation to attend a conference in Port-Harcourt in three days. It's one of these industry get-togethers, usually boring stuff that I hate," he had said. 

"Anyway, I can't avoid this one; a friend is one of the organisers. This is where you come in. I need someone to pass the time with, to keep boredom at bay. I want you to attend the conference with me," he said, looking at her.

"I don't understand what you mean, sir? You want me to go to Port-Harcourt with you? As what?" She was no fool. She knew where he was going but she pretended ignorance.

"As a date, kind of. We'll stay together in the same hotel room, you keep me company and once we return, the company account is all yours.” 

He looked at her in an assessing way. “You are a big girl. You should get my drift by now. Scratch my back, I scratch yours, you know! That kind of thing!"

She did alright. And what he meant, his indecent proposal got her so angry, she rose to her feet furiously. 

She glared at him, looking at him in the same disdainful way she had done earlier in the day in the traffic. 

"God knows I need this job," she said clearly. "But I would rather starve than do what you want! I thought you were different from all these horny men around who always demand favours from ladies before they can get a job or contract or anything at all. Well, Mr Daniel, you can take your stupid account and go jump in the Atlantic ocean for all I care. Bastard!" She hissed at him.

And with that, she marched out of his office, her head held high, her high heeled shoes clicking on the tiled floor in tune with her fast beating heart flooded with anger and resentment.

"Hey, Oma! I was just... My God, what a temper!" he said, his hand rubbing his chin thoughtfully, a little smile curving his mouth. But she had gone before he finished speaking.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tomorrow Never Ends (Book Excerpts) 1

 Launching of 'The Prince's Bride- Sequel to 'Tomorrow Never Ends'

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that the much-anticipated sequel to our ebook 'Tomorrow Never Ends' will be launched soon. The ebook titled 'The Prince's Bride' has taken a long time to come out due to certain commitments which made working on it difficult.

Anyway,  what matters is that it's finally here and as a build-up to the launch date, we are serialising some parts of 'Tomorrow Never Ends' so readers who have not read the book can have a little taste of it.

Both the old book and the sequel will be available for downloads on and other platforms once we are ready.

So, readers should get ready to get their copies!

In the meantime,  our ongoing series 'Blues for Ruby' will be concluded sometime this week. Watch out!


  Excerpts from ebook 'Tomorrow Never Ends'

Oma took the lift to the fifth floor of the building where Mr Kadiri, Head of Media Communications of the company, GMK Holdings had his office.

 His secretary gave her a seat, informing her that his boss had been summoned by the M.D a few minutes before.

 "He'll soon be back. Can I get you anything? Water, a drink perhaps?" he asked solicitously.

Oma declined with thanks. 

She spent the time carefully going over her pitch once more. Her firm was small and young barely five years old. She needed the company's account badly to grow her client base and her business.

 She had put in a lot of effort in the proposal, a lot of hard work that she prayed and hoped would pay off.

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