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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Forever (3)

Alewa drove listlessly through the streets of Lagos, not ready to go home to her empty apartment and far from ready to face her demons yet. She wanted some distractions, she wanted some peace of mind, she needed to not think or feel for some hours but just observe.

 She decided to drive down to the beach, there will be plenty to see and observe there to take her mind off her woes.

As she navigated through the Lagos traffic, she put on her car stereo and listened to some music all the while trying not to think of her life and what it could have been like if her mother had not died and if that man had not decided to make her his pseudo wife.

 Now, she’s so closed off she can’t bear to have any relationship or even make friends. She’s so terrified of forming any lasting relationship with anyone, scared that if she dared, at some point she might be asked about her past, and she could not dare to reveal that.

She finally got to the beach, found a parking space, removed her high heeled sandals and took out the slip-ons she always kept in her car for emergencies like this. 

She put them on, rummaged in her purse for a hair tie and used it to pull her hair into a ponytail when she found one. She put her phones in her jeans pocket, removed her jacket, leaving just her yellow chiffon top, rolled up her jeans, used some facial wipes to wipe her face free of all makeup and traces of tears. She then locked her car, and set off on foot towards the beckoning water.

She walked past tourists haggling over prices of adire, a particular tie and dye material specially made by the women selling them, she walked past couples strolling hand in hand too absorbed with themselves to notice anyone or anything around them, she walked past young boys with earphones glued to their ears and their head shaking as they enjoyed the music blasting in their ears, she walked past young ladies in bum shorts looking for a maga to treat them right that day, she walked past them all, oblivious to the man walking closely behind her observing all her moves.

She was focused on her goal, she walked steadily towards the water until she could feel the coldness on her feet, the cold reminded her that she was still human, it reminded her that at least for now, at this moment, she was alive.

 Alewa closed her eyes, and absorbed the feeling; she stood there and just let the water lap at her feet.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” King said beside her

Alewa almost jumped out of her skin. She started and quickly turned to the spot where the voice came from. She was surprised to see the same guy at the parking lot standing right beside her. Is he stalking me? What is he doing here?


“What am I doing here?” he looked at her and smiled

She nodded vigorously, at a loss for words.

“Same as you, just enjoying the beautiful serene atmosphere out here.”

She looked at him incredulously. “Are you not the one I saw some hours ago at the hospital?”

“King Karo at your service ma’am. My friends call me K.K.” He bowed lavishly

“You’re a king?” she stared

“No.” he laughed. “My parents just had a thing for royalty. King is my first name.”

“Oh.” She didn’t even crack a smile.

“So, what’s your name?”

She looked at him and just moved away without replying. King watched her go, wondering what her problem was. Is it that she has a thing against men or is it just me? But I can’t give her what she wants, I can’t leave her alone. Lord, is this you or just my flesh? Why do I feel so drawn to her?

Alewa walked on without looking back. She wondered what the guy’s problem was. Has he been following her all this while? What does he want with her? It is just too bizarre to contemplate and she’d rather be left in peace anyway.

I don’t need the hassle of any overzealous guy presently; no matter how good he looks.She thought.

Alewa kept observing her surroundings. She got a soda drink from a nearby vendor and then found a bench a short walk from the water and sat down. She opened her drink, took a sip and kept looking at the water. 

She thought back to all the doctor had told her earlier and wondered what her life would be like now. Her life had never been interesting anyway due to the conspicuous absence of friends and family, now it promises to get even less exciting.

King watched her some distance away, close enough to see every expression that crossed her face and far enough so as not to be construed as a voyeur or stalker. He wondered what she was thinking of as he saw the myriad of expressions go through her face.

 He was stumped, watching her, wanting to be close but having to stay back. He had never been unsure of himself around any woman in his lifetime. 

Ever since he was a baby (as told by his ever ready to exaggerate mother), women had fallen all over themselves to carry him, coo at him or just be near him.

 Since he became an adult, he had to practically fend women off with a stick (figuratively of course) and for the life of him he could not understand the seeming aversion this lady had for him. 

Nevertheless, he was determined to see this through; there was something about her that keeps calling to him, which kept him from walking away.

He saw her stand up and dust the seat of her jeans; she then started walking towards the direction of her car.

 King unconsciously started following her. He knew what he was doing was wrong, it was the highest level of privacy violation, but he could not help himself.


King stayed in his car for several minutes watching the front door, looking for any sign of life in the house. Everything was as quiet as it looked and he wondered if he was in the wrong place.

He checked the street again and saw he was actually in the right location. He watched the house again and saw the curtains were tightly drawn and the house as silent as a tomb.

He knew for a fact that she was home as her car was parked outside for everyone to see; he wondered what she could be doing alone in the house by herself all day.

He decided to find out.

The three days since he last saw her and followed her to the beach and back here to her apartment had been the most restless of his life. He had thought of her constantly and it kept coming to his mind to pray for her.

 Although he prayed and asked God questions over and over, he still had not gotten any answers to his questions. God was silent, but he knew in his heart what he had to do, hence his visit today.

Alewa stared listlessly at the TV screen. She was on her couch, still in her nightgown which she had been wearing for a week, munching on some cookies with a bottle of 1.5l of coke on the small table beside her.

 She had been perpetually in this position for a week now, ever since she got back from the hospital that terrible day that she got the news she was HIV positive.

She did not see the need to take drugs if she would still die anyway. The doctor had been calling her non-stop all week, telling her to come to the hospital for her drugs as she had not waited to get them the day she got the news, but she had refused to go.

What’s the need for drugs? Why prolong the inevitable? She planned on sitting right there waiting for death to come knocking.

Her father had left her enough money to live on for the rest of her life if she never wanted to work again and if she spent prudently. That was the only good that came out of being related to that man, the fact that he invested his money wisely and left it all to her.

The knock on her door jolted her. Could that be death? Could he be here already? And so soon? She sat there staring at the door, out of her mind with fear. Nobody came visiting her anyway, so it must be death.

Since she moved here, nobody had ever knocked on her door. She was still staring when another knock came. Alewa stood up slowly and approached the door cautiously.

“Who is there?” she whispered, but the person on the other end of the door could not possibly hear her.

“Hello. Anybody home?” a voice called out, it was a male voice.

Alewa moved away from the door towards the kitchen. She was going to get a knife or anything she can use as a defense against any intruder. The voice stopped her again.

“Hello Miss. It’s King Karo. Are you home?”

That stopped Alewa. Where have I heard that name before? King Karo? Oh my God!! She flung the door open before she could stop herself. This handsome devil.

“Hello miss,” King said

“What are you doing here? How did you know my house? I’m going to call the police.”

“In Nigeria? Please.” He smiled

Alewa’s hand flew to her neck while her mouth slid open. Fear suddenly came into her eyes.

To be continued

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Forever (2)

Alewa came back from school one day and met just her aunt’s husband in the house. Before she knew what was happening, he had her pinned to the floor, her skirt up and her panties off.

“Uncle, please, please.” She sobbed and screamed but he didn’t answer her.

“You’re so beautiful Alewa and don’t tell me you don’t want this cos I see the way you look at me with those sexy eyes of yours. I just want to give you what you’ve been asking for all along.” He mumbled in her ears while struggling to pull off his trousers.

Alewa was helpless and all her pleas fell on deaf ears. They were still in the damning position when her aunt walked into the house and saw her husband on top of her charge. Her husband scrambled off Alewa and quickly righted his cloth while pointing an accusing finger towards Alewa.

“She seduced me darling. She just came in and attacked me, tearing my clothes off.”

His wife looked at Alewa accusingly. “You witch.” She slapped her. “So you took my son from me and now you’re working on my husband? You are a wicked girl. After all I have done for you?”

Alewa had tried to explain what happened but her aunt didn’t give her the time. She insisted she leave her house that very moment. Alewa didn’t have anywhere else to go to; she was barely eighteen and didn’t know any other relatives in Lagos or even anywhere in the world she could run to. She had to fall on the mercy of her father’s lawyer.

She called the lawyer, explained her predicament and he came to pick her. It was then he told her about the settlement her dad provided for her in his will before he died. In fact, he left all he had in the world to her; amounting to millions of naira which she was supposed to have access to once she was eighteen.

The lawyer, who had been a close friend of her dad’s was the executor of the estate and he was to make sure everything was ready for her by the time she is of age. Alewa had been shocked and at the same time gratified to know that she had something to fall back on. The lawyer explained to her that he had sent a monthly allowance to her aunt for her upkeep; so they didn’t lose anything by taking care of her all this while.

Alewa was grateful for the money but that didn’t reduce the bitterness she felt in her heart and soul towards the man who gave her life. He had done the unthinkable to her and for that she could never forgive him.


After everything she had been through in her young life, she couldn’t believe this was where she was to end up, rotting away from a disease contracted from her father.

She guessed it was fitting though; her sin had prevented her from living a full life so why prolong the inevitable. She had shut herself from the world, could barely stand the sight of a man not to talk of his touch, could not fathom trusting a man enough to let him in her life, have children with him and then watch him molest his daughter, could not even break the chain of despair her father had wrapped around her since she was thirteen.

Better to die now, no one would miss her and she would definitely miss no one. She knew this was the last straw, this would be the straw that would break the camel’s back, this was going to be the death of her; literally.

King watched as the young lady wove her way drunkenly through the cars in the parking lot until she got to a small Toyota parked some distance from his car. It was her erratic movements that arrested his attention but it was her attire that retained it. She was dressed classically albeit casually and he couldn’t believe a woman that exudes such class would be so drunk so early in the day.

He continued watching her closely as she searched through her purse presumably for her key and eventually dumped the contents out. His curiosity was satisfied when he saw her take out a set of keys, opened the car door and quickly went in. She started the car and just sat there, not moving with the car apparently running. King wondered what was going on and he felt compelled to check up on her. He told himself he was just concerned about her, but the fact was he was undoubtedly curious about the young woman.

King approached the car cautiously, careful not to attract undue attention to himself and be mistaken for a stalker or worse. He got to her car and saw her head on the steering wheel. He gently rapped on her window to attract her attention but there was no response. He rapped harder and she raised her head abruptly, looking a bit disoriented. She looked like she didn’t know where she was, like she was trying to get her bearings. King kept a smile on his face so she wouldn’t be frightened. She looked at him questioningly and he could see tears streaming down her face but she didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she didn’t seem like she knew most of what was going on around her; she just kept staring at him, waiting for him to explain the reason for his presence.

King indicated she lower her windows so she could hear him speak. She kept looking at him morosely and he repeated his request. Her eyes finally cleared and she reached to lower her windows, all the while looking at him expectantly.

Once the windows were fully lowered, King could see her face more clearly and he saw she was even younger than he thought she was and she was incredibly beautiful. Her eyes, filled with tears, seemed like a pool he could fall into and never come out of, they had such depth and awareness, he couldn’t fathom it. He looked endlessly into her eyes until she nervously shifted her gaze. That brought King back to the present. Her beautiful face was scrunched up tight from trying to keep herself from crying, even with that it was still arresting.

“Are you alright ma’am?” King asked

“I’m fine.” She answered quietly

“Are you sure?” King was more concerned now

She frowned and closed her eyes as if to ward off an evil spirit. “Oga wetin now? I told you I’m fine. What do you want?”

King was a bit taken aback by her vehemence. “I’m just looking out for you miss. I can see you are not feeling so well.”

“I’m feeling great, thank you.” With that she rolled up her window, laid her head on the head rest and closed her eyes.

King didn’t need anyone to tell him he had been dismissed. He watched her for a few moments more before walking slowly back to his car. All along he was haunted by her beautiful face, those depthless eyes and the tears in them. He wished there was something he could do for her, he wished she would lower her guard enough to let him help her, at least cheer her up.

He leaned back on his car, still watching her car. After a few minutes of standing still, under the hot sun, looking at one spot, King was ready to throw in the towel and move on but he had a strong check in his spirit to hold on and remain where he was. Before long, he saw her reverse and drove out and he decided to follow her. After thoroughly convincing himself of the prudence and importance of following her, he put his car into gear and drove after her out of the parking lot.

 To be continued

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Forever (1)

Alewa rummaged through her purse for her car keys at the parking lot. She remembered dropping them in earlier when she got to the doctor’s office. She searched and searched as silent tears trickled down her face. 

She could not believe this was where everything led to, she could not accept this would be her punishment, her life long sentence; the result of her sin.

Frustrated, she dumped everything in her purse out so as to better look for the keys, and she finally found them encased in her handkerchief. She took them out, and quickly replaced the contents of her purse, opened her car, got in before she allowed the tears come in torrents. 

She did not lower her car window so the animal sounds she was making wouldn’t escape; she just kept the car running with the AC on. 

She wanted no witness to her misery, she wanted to suffer alone cos she believed she deserved it; she was being punished for all those years, years of being involved in the lowest form of depravity, years of sleeping with her father.

Alewa had been feeling some symptoms of malaria and decided to visit the doctor. She had been feeling nausea and tiredness for some days and it was when it started affecting her output at work that she decided to make the trip to the hospital.

 Alewa detested hospitals and tried all her best to avoid going there, she figured she had paid her dues to the health system in general, the years she spent visiting her mother on her sick bed was entrenched in her mind, and she avoided anything hospital like the plague.

It had taken days of her health not improving to convince herself to go see her family doctor. She had finally capitulated and taken the trip this morning. Little did she know that she was signing her own death sentence? The doctor had taken one look at her and ordered various tests carried out, including pregnancy and HIV test.

 Alewa had rolled her eyes at the doctor, wondering how on earth she could have gotten pregnant or even contacted HIV. She was as clean as a whistle, she was sure of it; even Virgin Mary did not have anything on her.

Imagine her surprise when the HIV test came back positive. She was dumbfounded, speechless and very surprised. She had malaria all right but she also had something more deadly; she had HIV.

 The doctor had gone through his spiel of how HIV patients can still live full lives, and the different ways by which one can be infected by HIV apart from sexual intercourse but Alewa was not listening. She had known the source of the disease. She had known it was her father that infected her with HIV.

Alewa was barely thirteen when her mother had died. Her father had waited for just three months after the death of his wife to begin molesting his daughter. It started late one night. Alewa had just cried herself to sleep thinking on the death of her mum and missing her terribly. 

She had just lamented her heartbreak and loneliness to God asking him why he had allowed her mum to die, why he had chosen to leave her in this utter loneliness and despair. She was the only child of her parents and her mum’s long illness had not allowed them try for more children.

Her mother was a sickle cell carrier and she was always in and out of the hospital. After the birth of Alewa, the doctor had advised against more children, he said her body cannot take the stress and she would die, she had listened to him and did not have any more children, but she had died anyway.

Alewa was on her bed that night wishing desperately for a younger brother or sister to share her lonely days with when her body gave way to sleep and she dozed off.

After what seemed like minutes later, she felt her bed shift from the additional weight of someone. She had always been a very light sleeper and that little movement woke her up. Despite the low illumination in the room, she had recognized her father.

 Although it was strange to find him on bed beside her, her young mind had been grateful for the protection and companionship, and she had sleepily moved to give him space. He slept beside her that night but nothing happened.

Alewa woke up the next morning happy and rejuvenated, and the cycle had repeated itself for the whole week until the day her father decided to take it one step further. He raped her that night, all the while whispering how much he loved and missed her. 

Alewa had not understood his mumblings until years later when she was fifteen and discovered he took her to be his dead wife; in his mind, he was making love with his wife.

Alewa withdrew further into herself. She didn’t have anyone to talk to about what was happening to her. She had always been a reserved child and the situation she found herself just sent her into a deeper funk. Her teachers in school attributed her further withdrawal to the death of her mother and they did not question further. 

She had no friends or confidantes to talk to, and she had no close relatives to share what she was going through with. She was on her own and the man that was supposed to protect her abused her instead.

She endured the nightly torture and watched her dad wither away. She had assumed it was the death of his wife that was affecting him; she thought he died a year later because he could not bear to live without her anymore. Now, she knew better. He had died of AIDS.

Alewa was fourteen when her dad died. In the space of one year, she lost both her parents. Her mother’s death had really affected her but by the time her dad died, she was so embittered she could not summon any sadness or despair at his passing. 

She went to live with some distant relatives. The wife was her father’s second cousin and she had treated her well. Alewa got into the university and since she lived on campus she only went to her aunt’s house during semester breaks. 

She had formed a friendship with the second son of her aunty, Andre and she was pretty content living with them. She was with them for four years until the day everything changed.

To be continued

By Maggie Smart courtesy

Sunday, November 25, 2018

For The Love Of...Him (2)

I honestly don’t know what to do. My best friend says he doesn’t deserve me and I should break up with him, but she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand what Somto and I share. Maybe she just doesn’t know that what we feel for each other is true love. He’d never hrt me. Not without a good reason. Somto is my life. He’s my world. I can’t imagine myself without him. Somto makes me feel.  Besides, if I break up with him, who’s to say that the next guy won’t be even worse? Hell! Who can be like Somto? He’s a good guy, and I’m sure he has his reasons for wanting to be with Rahila.
I’m hurt now, and when he touches me or kisses me, I can’t help imagining his hands and mouth on Rahila’s perfect body. And I wonder, does she respond to his every touch like I do?  Does she scream his name? Does he have a pet name for her? Does she love him like I do? There are so many questions. Last night, he kissed me after we made love, and when he whispered ‘I love 
you. Only you’, I cried. I had to tell him they were tears of happiness when he asked why.  Somto, if you love me and only me, why am I not enough for you? Why are you with Rahila?
I have to find a way to make him happy. If I can do that, I’m sure he’ll leave her and stay with me. I can’t lose him.  I don’t care, and I won’t mind if he beats me and is a bit mean, as far as I have him, and he loves me. I’ll do whatever it takes to not lose him. I’m going to try my best to win him back, but if I have to share him to have him, then so be it. Nobody will ever be able to make me feel the way he makes me feel I only hope he’s been using protection. I’m sure She is a slut, and I don’t want my baby to catch any nasty infection. I know now that I will never be able to confront him about Her, but maybe, just maybe one day I’ll realize she’s just been a very vivid bad dream. Somto, you and I were made for each other. Don’t let this other woman come between us. I need you to love ME.
  Only me.

   The End

                             Five tips To Reignite A Waning Relationship


Remember those early days in your relationship? The time when you and your partner could not keep your hands off each other, when you called each other constantly, stayed on the phone for hours and talked all night? Now time has passed and the spark is gone. While the lovey-dovey feeling of the early days are not sustainable over time especially in a long term relationship, a total lack of passionate love in a committed union could be harmful to the relationship.

 So, how do you get the spark back in order to save your relationship?
 Relationship experts often believe that a total lack of passion in a relationship could be caused by certain factors some of which are lifestyle related.

Our modern lifestyles can be serious relationship dampeners. Work and other commitments can lead to stress and exhaustion while childcare, finances or other factors can further create strains on your health, wellbeing and relationship, including sexual intimacy.

So how do you fix this?


 One way is through communication. Clear and effective communication – both verbal and nonverbal – is a very important factor in restoring emotional and sexual intimacy.

Talk out your issues, schedule some play time together, or have a once a week 'date night.' All can help bring you back together as a couple.

Emotional intimacy, which is closely tied to sexual intimacy, is important as it is the glue that holds relationships together. Excessive conflict or emotional disconnect in the relationship can move a couple apart, in bed and out of bed.

. Nurture

Remember what brought you together as a couple in the first place. Was it your attentiveness and sweetness, his openness and sense of humor, or the way you held hands and gazed at one other?

These are the nutrients essential for a healthy and passionate relationship. In dealing with the demands of life, you may have kept the beauty and tenderness of romance as a distant memory, thinking of it as a passing dream.
This need not be. It can be a part of your reality if you bring it out and nurture it on a daily basis. Infuse your relationship with plenty of attention, appreciation and affection.

 Do something together with your partner

To reignite your relationship, you want to mimic when you first started dating. One way to do that is by engaging 'in a new activity or interest with your partner. Doing novel activities with your partner enables you to reexperience the original emotional state at the beginning of your relationship'
In other words, trying something new sparks excitement, producing passion. You can do anything from deep-sea fishing to salsa dancing to hiking a mountain to eating at a different restaurant.

Add the element of mystery or surprise.

Both mystery and surprise also mimic the emotional state of a new romance.
Here, little gestures also go a long way such as surprising your wife at work and whisking her away for lunch or sending a greeting card in the mail.

Do something that kicks up your adrenaline and arousal

Young relationships start out with an adrenaline rush. Your heart races, you get giddy, you’re alert, awake and excited. Studies show that the arousal that’s created through an adrenaline-producing activity can get transferred to your partner and your relationship.
Arousal-generating activities can include exercising, going on a vigorous hike or a roller-coaster ride.

 Take a mini-vacation just the two of you
Get out of the house for “at least one night and two days…somewhere that interests both of you and creates new memories together. Somewhere you can spend unpressured time, so you can truly relax. And the good thing is you don’t have to go far from home or spend a lot of money.
The key is to spend quality time together away from home. Studies show that for women, in particular, getting away is important as they feel more passionate when they’re away from the pressures of their lives especially home and work related pressures.
Even if you have young kids or are super-swamped with work or other responsibilities, getting some 'alone time' is vital to reigniting the waning sparks in a relationship. t

Touch more often
Touch produces arousal, comfort and support both physiologically and psychologically, according to experts. It could be something as simple as holding hands on a walk, a hug, kiss or embrace daily- this reminds you that you are bonded with each other.

In the midst of busy lives, financial responsibilities, kids and holding down a household, couples can easily forget to have fun. Couples can play in many ways, too which need not cost anything like just chasing each other round the house in a pretense fight or even pillow fights like you did in the early days of the relationship.
When reigniting your relationship, the key is to shake things up consistently. So the next time you plan date night, think about the elements of newness, novelty and the element of surprise.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

For The Love Of...Him (1)

It all feels so unreal. Somto is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I met him just two years ago, and it’s been heaven since then. Tall and handsome, with a body the men on the covers of romance books would kill for, and a smile that could turn Medusa to butter, he is the stuff of fantasies. Have I mentioned his eyes? Those toffee-brown pools that turn me to jelly and weaken my resolve… mmmm. I’m going on and on, right? Well, don’t blame me. I’m just a girl in love, and I consider myself very lucky to have him.
I’m not ‘very’ anything, you see. I’m not very pretty or very curvaceous or very bold, but Somto makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world.  We’ve been dating for 18 months, and I fall deeper in love with him every day. He shows me off to all his friends and even random strangers, and is the most romantic guy ever. I especially love it when he sends  those little cards with cute messages to me when I’m at work, and how he winks and mouths ‘I love you’ from across the room. His friends ask me what ‘Calabar jazz’ I give him to eat that has made him practically blind to other women, and that question makes me laugh every time.
What we share transcends desire, lust, or even love. Do you know what it feels like to be so in tune with someone that you complete each other’s sentences and know what the person is thinking at that point in time? And this, without being a twin or using 'jazz?' Of course, we have our little quarrels like any normal couple, but getting to make up makes up for everything (pun intended). Yeah, we have great sex and great conversation. Somto became my best friend, my lover, and my confidant.  My mum and sisters adore him, all my friends like him, and even my granny has proclaimed that she is not going to the other side until we get married and give her a baby to name. He is perfect. So perfect I should have known before now, that something was wrong.
Yeah. My darling Somto, my nwokeoma, is cheating on me. Apparently, it’s been going on for almost 6 months. I know, because I read the Facebook messages between him and Rahila (beautiful name, isn’t it?). I am now a strong believer of the saying: “curiosity killed the cat”. I had never suspected Somto of infidelity, not even when I went through his Facebook, and not until I started reading those messages. I found out about Rahila when I went over to his place to see him 3 weeks ago. He gave me his laptop to surf the net with, but went out to drop his clothes off at the drycleaner’s, and when I tried to open Facebook, it was his profile that showed up. I guess he didn’t bother signing out since he’s usually the only one to use it. Anyway, I read his friends’ posts, and even laughed at the funny ones. Unfortunately, my finger clicked on the ‘messages’ link after a brief internal war. Curiosity!

From what I read (I started from the top after seeing the thumbnail of her sexy profile picture), they met on a flight from Lagos to Benin, and had a conversation so good that they decided to exchange contact information. Of course, the ‘friendship’ developed into something else, and God knows, after seeing her photos for myself, I do not blame him. If I were a guy, or even a lesbian, I’d hit that. It hurts, though. I read messages he sent to her on our anniversary, telling her how ‘last night was amazing’, and ‘you are a naughty, naughty girl, and I’m going to punish you tomorrow’, and when Rahila asked about ‘miss goody two-shoes’, and ‘can you put her to bed and come over?’, his reply was about how he would have loved to be with her, but had to ‘stay with Her, so she won’t feel bad’.  You said you liked that I am homely and not so bold. Do you want a naughty girl, Somto? I can be a naughty girl for you.
That was three weeks ago, and since then, my life has been miserable. I know I should confront him about it, but somehow, I can’t bring myself to. What if I do it and he agrees he cheated, but is not remorseful? What if he decides to break up with me? Maybe I did something wrong and it is his way of punishing me. Maybe if I dress more provocatively, or change my hairstyle, or….. Somto, whatever I did to deserve this, please forgive me. Love me again, Somto. Love ME.
 To be continued
By Ms Sarah courtesy

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

It's A Love Story (9)

All the while, my search for Cindy had yielded nothing. I had gone through our yearbook and found the contact details she put up there. I found only a house address. I went there and found that they had moved out a long time ago. They didn’t have any idea where they had moved to. They said Cindy and her mum moved out after her father died and Brian went to jail. Brian Sullivan in jail? I was shocked to hear that. 

I knew Cindy had a lot of explaining to do, but that would happen only if I found her. But I did not. The social network, ‘Facebook’, did not help either. Entering ‘Cindy Sullivan’ in the search box came back with no results found. Entering ‘Cindy’ alone came back with about five thousand search results. Perhaps she used another name that I did not know, I thought to myself.

I had not seen Tony since I returned, Martha said I shouldn’t contact him in anyway, she said it would spoil the plan. Her reason made sense to me then, “We don’t want him linking you with what happens to Seun, do we?”

Martha came to visit me in my office; she came often but this time was different. “I have the items” she said, “All that’s left is for you to make up your mind.” Then she showed me the drugs and the gun. I couldn’t hide my surprise, even though we had talked about the plan severally.

 “This weekend would be perfect. We would strike as early as possible. Her security guard will let us in, I have settled him.” Martha made it seem like a covert operation not a fight for love. She made it look so easy, but I was clearly scared. I had not handled a gun before, not to talk of pointing it at someone. I wonder why I ever listened to her.

It was all like a dream to me, one moment I was standing in Seun’s living room pointing a gun at her, and the next I’m in the defendant stand of a high court in Lagos. I was charged with attempted murder and drug trafficking. I was even more shocked when they called the first witness.
“The court now calls the first witness, Martha Okorie”. I almost fainted, matter of fact, I think I did. But that wasn’t the end. The evidence brought forward was incredible; there were death threats from me to Seun in form of text-messages and e-mails, and the police confirmed Martha’s statement that she saw me pointing the gun at Seun when the police came in to save the day.

I had no case, plus my lawyer was such a bloody greenhorn. He couldn’t tell that everything was a set-up. I had fallen into a trap from day one. From my meeting Martha on the plane to her assistance, everything was a hoax and I was far too dumb to see otherwise. I realised later that everything was staged by Seun. 

Martha was like her ‘Operations Officer’ or something like that. She tracked my progress all through my stay in London and all the way back to Nigeria. A file on me was opened the day I accepted Seun’s offer in my living room, and my whole life was being watched on a big screen. That day at the eatery, it was Seun that Martha had met with before I came in. The death threats were sent from Martha to Seun to implicate me. She made sure to leave my initials, M.A, at the end of every text-message, and the e-mails were sent from an address, ‘’. I noticed the dates on the threats too, they started coming in two days after my meeting with Martha in the eatery.

The so called plan Martha had, was the final spell. I was to point the gun at Seun and make her scared and submissive, and then give her a piece of my mind, while she, Martha, went in and planted the drugs. Then we would call the police in to search and find the drugs, and arrest Seun for drug trafficking. There was never a plan to kill her, the gun wasn’t even loaded. The plan was intended to set Seun up, not me. I was arrested by the same officers we had brought to arrest Seun. Martha had been to the police before then to tell them that she was being coerced to be an accomplice to murder, but that she had a plan. I walked into a well laid plan that I had thought I was in control of.

This morning, I overheard two warders as they walked past my cell; they were talking about the governor of Lagos State granting pardon to some criminals, they mentioned a name, I heard one say “…Brian Sullivan, dem say im kill im papa wey rape im sister. How person go rape im on daughter sef, na wa o”. Brian? That’s Cindy’s brother, I remember. I remember Cindy’s story again, the one she told me the night before graduation. I wish someone had fought my course for me, like Brian did for Cindy. I wouldn’t be here now.

I don’t blame Seun anymore, for anything. She did give me an opportunity that I willingly accepted, and I had the opportunity to refuse. She gave me a good education, a chance for a good and perhaps happy life; but I wanted to eat my cake and have it.

I remember the last thing my brother told me before he died, I didn’t think then that it was a warning to me, he said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Now I guess I fully understood what he meant. Today it rained for the first time since I’ve been here; I guess that’s a good sign.

 I am hopeful.


Thursday, October 25, 2018

It's A Love Story (8)

My name is Margaret Alozie, and this is neither the beginning nor the end of my story. I came back in search of redemption, but I ended up in a dungeon. The whole place smells of sweat, shit, urine and blood. I am used to this exposure already. 

Four months in this dump can get any being unhinged. My desire was the bait and my desperation was the line that pulled me by the neck, to the place where I am. I was guided by ignorance through this path. If only I had done things a bit differently.

Where I am, the light is dim all day long; I can only merely tell if it is night or day by sounds and smell around me. The room is dim because the walls are so high and there is only very little opening in it. The opening is a little square in the wall with four vertical iron bars just a little longer than my arm.

 The wall of the room is so high that the sun needs to climb to get in. The rays trickle into the room in tiny details, like unending chains of yellow droplets.

As I sit here on the bare, cold floor, I reminisce on the moments that led to me being here. I remember Martha and our plans. The plans we made to get my Tony back, and make Seun pay for all she did to both of us.

After the plane landed in Lagos we parted ways, but not before we exchanged contacts; house address and e-mail mostly, and then I left for home. At home it was just my mum around; Juliet, my younger sister was not on vacation yet so she was still in school. 

She was due to return in about two weeks. I had really missed her and I could not wait to see her. I had decided to go see her in school that weekend, after my first meeting with Martha. My mum put together a little welcome home party for me. The house was filled with plenty people that I did not know. 

Not like I expected anything less, I mean, a party organised by my mum? It was the last thing I wanted. I just wanted to rest and prepare for my mission ahead. To find Cindy and get Tony back.

I was up and about early the next day. I had to set myself up properly in Nigeria; get a new phone and network provider too, and other things I had to take care of. I had to also scout for a new place to locate my outfit that I started back in London. 

Martha promised to help me with that. It was the main reason we were meeting that day. We agreed to meet by 1pm in one of the eateries along Bode Thomas in Surulere. Martha was already waiting by the time I got there. She seemed to have been there quite a while. They were two empty bottles on the table she was at. It seemed like she had been with someone before I got there. I did not bother her about that, it did not seem necessary.

We sat and talked for quite a while. She told me that Lagos Island was where all the hot spots were, and if I wanted my clientele to consist of the rich and glamorous, and if I wanted to make a lot of profit, I had to locate my outfit there. 

Then we talked about Seun and Tony. She gave me full gist on them. She said they were getting married in four months. I screamed when I heard that. It meant I had only a short while to work my magic.

Then we revisited our plan, her plan mostly. She told me that if I wanted to get Tony back, then I had to get Seun out of the way for good. I did not quite understand what she meant by that, “for good”. Then she explained to me that the two of them had gotten so close and it would be difficult for Tony to leave her for anyone.

Not even me. Seun had him by the balls. She was his life support, the air that he took in. Without Seun, Tony only had enough money to be broke. Seun was the key to his wealth and position in the financial industry.

 Martha made it clear to me that, no man would leave all that Tony was gaining from Seun, to go back to someone who dumped him three years ago and ran off, after receiving a few pieces of silver.

She was right on that one.

After that, what was left was how best to execute Martha’s plan. “You have to get rid of her”, Martha said. I looked at her face from across the table as she said those words.

 I had not gotten rid of anyone before, so I did not know how to go about that. I asked her to give me some time to think about things. I needed to focus on establishing myself in Lagos first of all. I asked her for a month to really make up my mind.

 She reminded me that Tony and Seun would be getting married in a couple of months, and so I needed to work fast.

“Three weeks,” she said finally. “You must be ready in three weeks, that is, if you still want my help. Otherwise, be ready to catch the bouquet when Seun throws it at her wedding. And you can kiss Tony goodbye forever.”

I reluctantly agreed. I did not think too much about why she was in such a hurry to have me get rid of Seun.

I had done a lot of background work on the Nigerian fashion market before I left London. My feasibility study was complete and so was my market penetration strategy. I just needed a physical space to set up, and then I could start recruiting and open for business in a month. That was my plan. Martha helped me get a suitable place somewhere in Victoria Island. That reassured me of her loyalty. But I never saw past her actions...

 Watch out for the concluding part of this story coming soon!

Monday, October 15, 2018

It's A Love Story (7)

When I was little, my elder brother told me that the world would come to an end some day; that life and death as we know it will have a different meaning entirely. 

I asked him what would happen after the end comes. He replied, “I guess in the end we’ll start to think of the beginning; a new beginning.” I never quite understood what he meant; I don’t think I really understood many of the things he said to me while he was alive. 

I was really young. He was clearly a different being; one with a profound insight into affairs pertaining to life, humanity and existence. I was nothing like him. He had all the answers, I asked all the questions; his state of mind was almost perfect, and I made all the mistakes. Perhaps that’s why he died at such a young age, because his mind had lived a hundred years already, or more.

I’ve made mistakes, like leaving Tony, and I still make mistakes. I guess that’s part of what makes me human. I wish my brother was alive, he would have surely been able to advice me on what to do now, on how to go about things. He always had the answers.

Two days before my trip back home, I went through some of my old stuffs. I found a picture of Cindy and I back in high school. We lost contact almost as soon as we left high school. 

Life was different for me after my father died. A lot of things changed afterwards and our friendship suffered. In all, I guess life took its toll on both of us, and we just went our separate ways, dealing with our individual predicament. 

I still remember the night before our graduation; she shared with me her deepest secret. She cried as she explained to me in details, about the pain and agony she endured that night. 

That was the night her father raped her. We both cried as she told me what happened. When I saw the picture again, that night before graduation was the first thing I remembered. I cried again. How can a man be so cruel as to rape his own daughter? I don’t think even my late brother would have been able to answer that question.

I set out on the path of recovery. To get back all that I have lost- my friendship with Cindy and more importantly, my relationship with Tony. But as they say, hope for the best, but expect the worst; either way, it’s a risk I am willing to take. And so I walked on; inspired by my desire, but blinded by my desperation.

On the plane back to Nigeria, I sat next to this young lady; she said her name was Martha. We got talking and I spilled a lot about myself, including my relationship with Tony and the awkward scenario that led to my departure, and also about my desire to have him back at any cost. 

Along the course of our discussion, we got really close, and I found out she knew Seun. I believed her. She said she was the daughter to the Commissioner of Agriculture for Ondo state, the same state Seun was from. 

They used to be good friends, thanks to their fathers’ political relationship. Their friendship lasted, until Seun betrayed her. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the crux of the matter was a guy. At least that was what she told me. They had both met the dude at the same time. Seun seemed uninterested, but Martha made it clear to Seun that she was interested in the fellow.

 To cut long story short, she said she dated the guy for about three months, till she found out that he had been cheating on her with Seun. She confronted Seun and they had a fight. When they could not resolve their issues, they went their separate ways.

There was no way I could’ve verified her story, my desperation made me very gullible. I believed her wholly, so that by the time we landed at the Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos, we had already formulated a plan to get back at Seun. I was happy. I was sure of victory, seeing that I had an edge, an old enemy who had become my good and trusted friend.

To be continued

Friday, October 05, 2018

It's A Love Story (6)

My mother started appreciating me again after I started sending money home. She began to respect me and seek my opinion on various issues.

We stopped depending on my father’ s people to cater for our needs. I put my sister back in the school I finished from and I opened a small store for my mum where she sold provisions amongst other things.

Initially my mum was curious about how I was getting the money I had. She calmed down when she saw a few of the clothes I designed for some clients in Nigeria that I asked my sister to help me deliver.

For once things were working out for my family, and I was happy about that. I heard my mum laugh along with me again after a long while, when I told her about a certain guy I met at the train station on my way home from campus one evening. 

I might have liked him still if he had not spoken at all. He was dark skinned, handsome and quite macho too. He walked up to me and said, “Excuse me miss, have we met before, cos you look quite ‘ similar’?” 

I did well to hold my laughter by pretending not to hear him, and I replied, “I beg your pardon?"
I had hoped that it was a mistake and he had realised it, but he went again:

 “I said you look quite ‘ similar’. Have we met before?” 

“No, I don’ t think so," I replied and then walked away very quickly. My mum just kept laughing and I knew for sure that all was well between us.

But all was not well with me and myself. I dated a few guys after Tony, but none proved worthy. The white guys I dated just wanted to score a black chick and the black guys just needed company till they returned home to marry a virgin from their village. 

I am tired of being sick and tired. I know what I want and I know that I had it once in my arms, but I gave it all away for next to nothing. Once I had silver in my possession, but I let it slip because I sought gold.

My brother said to me once, “What is worth the price is always worth the fight.” Seun made me understand this advice fully. 

She saw the deal in Tony and she wanted to have him by all means, because he was worth it. I did not recognise this initially and now I’ m paying for it in full measure. But for how long?

How much must one endure before it becomes enough? This is the question I’ ve been asking myself of recent. Last night I picked up the phone and I called Tony,

 “Hello” said the voice from the other end. It was Tony. Damn! I missed that voice. 

I was just too overwhelmed to respond, my tongue clove to the upper part of my mouth and I froze where I stood. I remained in that position even after he had hung up when I did not respond. I knew immediately that I needed to get him back and I was going to do that at all cost.

Thanks to Seun and my selfish heart, I am now in final year of studying business administration at the Imperial College here in London. In a few weeks I would be done and I would return home. I am more equipped now to fight for what rightfully belongs to me. I am coming and Seun had better prepare...

To be continued

Thursday, September 27, 2018

It's A Love Story (5)

Once upon a time, when stories still began with ‘once upon a time’, my mother told me of a lady who set out looking for gold for a husband, and then she ended up missing the silver lining in the one guy who truly loved her.

Now I remember that story every time I lay my head down to sleep. I think about how it happened that someone would sacrifice happiness for next to nothing. 

My elder brother also told me, “Never leave a place you are having fun to a place you think you will have more fun”.

I wonder why I ended up going against everything my brother taught me. Sometimes I feel it’s my stubbornness and incorrigibility that killed him. 

And I also think sometimes that it was his death that killed my father and makes my mum hate me so much. Nedu was our father’s favourite till he died, and maybe even afterwards considering that they are perhaps together in heaven. 

Nedu died when I was fourteen years old. I was in S.S.2 then. I was home for the mid-term break. Doctor said he died of a bad heart. “Bad heart?!” My father was puzzled and he could not understand how a child so smart and gifted and good in every aspect would have a bad heart.

 “You see Mr. Alozie, the lining around your son’s heart was very thin and weak. Those things are not easy to detect, some people never know about it till they are dead. 

Some others get to know before then, but even so, there would still be hardly anything that can be done to fix the heart. The best we can do is buy more time for such people with diet and control”, that was what the doctor told my father.

My father found it hard bearing the loss of his first child, his only son. He died a year later in a car accident. He was drunk and was speeding down the third-mainland bridge on his way back from work. 

He lost control and could not stop the vehicle from running into the trailer ahead of him when he did realize it. He never made it to the hospital.

A lot of things changed after that. My father did not leave a will and so his people- brothers and the rest of the family, came and took away most of what my father left behind. 

They only let me finish from my secondary school where the school fees for a term was N150,000 because I was in my last year there. My sister had to go to another school that paid much less because they said they would not pay for her to finish from that school.

My mum is a strong lady but she always liked to have someone to blame for all her misfortunes. She blamed me because she felt I was not as smart and productive as my brother was. 

She simply blamed me for being a lady basically. Traditionally, the ladies don’t get any share of her father’s property, except that which is given to her by her brother(s). My brother was dead and so my father’s family took possession of almost everything.

The money we received from my father’s people reduced with time and my mum did not like the fact that we had to go to them to ask for money and things that belonged to us. 

She dreamt of a breakthrough and I just wanted to make her happy. I wanted her to see that I could be better than the son that she loved but lost.

When Seun came to my house that evening with her offer, a lot of calculations were done in record time in my head.

 I saw my opportunity to make my mum love me again like she used to when Nedu was around. I used to be her favourite then, or so I thought, until Nedu died and everything changed.

I accepted the offer hoping that there would be other men out there, even better than Tony. I was mistaken. I miss Tony and I want him back.

 To be continued

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It's A Love Story (4)

Sometimes I think he’s in the trees, just hiding, waiting to come out. If there’s anything I want most, it is that I wake up the next morning and find it was all just a dream; that none of it ever happened. 

That Seun never came to my house that evening; that I was not hungry when I was, that Saturday when we met Seun; that we never even met her anywhere and our paths never crossed.

After our experience at the eatery, it was about two weeks later that Tony saw her again. She came to the branch where he worked; she came to open an account for her eatery. 

She said it was the least she could do to make up for the embarrassment at her eatery. I should have seen beyond that act and noticed that she specifically asked for Tony to be the account officer. 

She lodged a sum of N20 million in the account. That was close to half of the target set for Tony by his branch. He was excited and he could not wait to break the news to me. He came by my house that evening so excited and full of smiles.

“I’m gonna break even soon," he said.

“Calm down Tony, tell me what happened.”

“You remember Seun?”

“Seun? Who’ s that?”

“C’ mon, you remember Seun from the eatery a few weeks back…”

“O, Seun, the minister’s daughter.”


 “So, what about her?”

“Well, she came around today at the office.”

“I see. What did she want?”

“To change my life baby!” he said with all the excitement in his being.

There, that was the sign, but I did not see it. That was the point I started drifting, but I did not feel it. I just let things slip by gradually. 

The account officer stunt was just a ploy by Seun to have reasons to contact and spend time with Tony and not give away her ulterior motives until that point when she would not need to.

 Well, I guess it worked after all. There were dinners and parties, meetings and hook-ups.

“All of this is just to make more contacts Maggie. I’ m doing this for us," he always said. I should have believed him after I asked him about his relationship with Seun, and he replied, “It’ s just business baby, seriously.”

It took me a while, after I got to London to realise why Seun- a lady who had everything to get any man she wanted- was so desperate to have Tony, even when she knew that we were together.

 I guess you never really know what you have got until you lose it. Tony is the most adorable man I have known yet. He loved me deeply and I threw it all away for a few pieces of silver. 

I betrayed our love and I did it without having to battle myself. But would you blame me much? How many ladies can stand their man getting so close to another lady who is definitely more equipped (if you know what I mean) than they are? I did what I did and nothing can change that, I only hope I have not strayed too far from redemption.

To be continued

Sunday, September 09, 2018

It's A Love Story (3)

Anger widened over his black, sweat-dripping face. “How long must we wait before we get our meals, until hell freezes over?!” he asked as calmly as he could. 

The lady over the counter just stared back at him, not knowing how to respond to his legitimate complaints. We had been at the eatery for about forty-five minutes, and still we had not been served our meals. 

We could have easily gone somewhere else to have lunch that Saturday afternoon, but Tony had already paid for the meal that we were yet to eat. It was how they operated there, customers paid before they ate, and we understood that, I mean, that’s how it was done in other over-the-counter kind of eateries.

Tony was losing his patience with the lady over the counter, who tried to fake a smile as she said “Your meal will be ready shortly Sir; we are processing a lot of orders from other tables too”. 

Tony looked behind him and did a quick count of the tables that were occupied in the eatery. Of course her excuse was inappropriate as there were only four tables occupied and two of them had already received their orders of snacks and drinks that were readily available and on display at the sales point.

 We later discovered that they were out of the dish  we had ordered for, but instead of letting us know about the situation, they collected payment and kept us waiting till cocks grew teeth for them to prepare the meal we had ordered for.

“I want a refund,” Tony said to the lady over the counter.

 “Please wait…” she implored. 

“I am not waiting one minute longer here, give me my money back,!” he cut her off before she could finish her statement.
“I’m sorry but I am not permitted to do that, Sir!”

“Young lady, don’t try my patience. I’ve been very calm with you all along, but don’t push it okay. Give me my money back!”

“Please understand, it’s company policy.”
At this point I sensed things were ready to blow out ot of control

 I got up from from the table where I had been all along watching things play out. I walked up to him, grabbed him by the hand and said: “It’s okay honey, lets go.”

“No way Maggie, I’m not leaving here without my money.” 

He turned back to face the lady over the counter and said, “I want to see the manager in charge of this place.”

“But Sir, that won’t be necessary.”
“Don’t tell me what is or what isn’t necessary! I want to see your manager!”

I wish we had left at this point. Tony and I. We, perhaps, would still be together now. But we did not leave and we are not together right now.

The manager obviously heard Tony demanding to see who was in charge. Tony was really pissed off and was raising his voice at the lady over the counter.

 I had not seen him like that before, this was surely a first. I’m sure if he had not come along with me, he would have walked out of the eatery without asking for a refund or the food.

 He was such a gentleman and did not like unnecessary confrontation. But that day at the eatery was different. 

He knew I was really hungry and trust Tony to do everything to make me comfortable. He did not have much cash on him left at that point. He had spent so much at the boutique where he bought some really beautiful clothes for me.

A door opened at the left side behind the counter and a young lady walked out. She looked very beautiful in her black skirt suit and high heeled shoes. 

She did not have much make-up on yet she was very attractive. She was about my height and had black hair that rested on her shoulders. “What’s the problem Angela?” she asked the lady over the counter.

“Everything is the problem, everything. From your company’s service delivery to your customer relations,” Tony cut in.

“Would you mind coming into my office so we could straighten things out?” she said. I noticed how Tony seemed to calm down as soon as we stepped into her office but I did not take that seriously.

 “My name is Seun and I own this place. Please sit down.” 

We talked for a while and we realised that she was the daughter to the Minister of Agriculture. The eatery was just one of her several business outfits that she was in charge of.

 She was in Lagos for the weekend and she decided to come check up on her eatery. After chatting for a while, we left there with several take away packs and her contact details. 

Tony was particularly excited about this, he understood how the encounter would improve his business chances. He worked in the marketing department of a bank and needed as many political contacts as possible, so that they could help him meet the target set for him by his bank.

That was how she came into our lives. How was I to know that that was just the beginning of the end of Tony and I...

To be continued

Saturday, September 01, 2018

It's A Love Story (2)

Should I be thankful to Seun for giving me this new life or should I hate her for taking Tony away from me? I may never find an answer to this question. I like my life right now. 

Why not? I am studying business administration in one of the most prestigious schools on earth. I earn much more than what many graduates in Nigeria earn, even as an undergraduate. What can I say, my life is just sweet.

But that’s all that it is- just sweet. Perhaps it could’ve been more, maybe it still can, my God I want it to be more. Surely, I like the parties, the clubs, the girls night-outs, the shopping and all the other things that come with my status now. 

But I want much more. Maybe I don’t deserve it, may be I do, but it doesn’t cost anything to desire it.

Like hell I miss Tony. So many times I’ve thought of picking up the phone to call him, I still have his number on speed dial even though he’s changed his number twice. I’ve been keeping an eye or two on him since I left. I always never have enough courage to call him. What would I say?

He probably thinks I’m dead. Maybe I am, the way I feel right now I probably am dead. It was cruel the way I left him. He did not deserve to be treated that way. He was a great guy, nice, caring and always very sweet. He never forgot my birthday nor anyone else’s in my family. 

He took me out on weekends and took me shopping severally. He even bought me my first laptop. I remember very vividly. It was valentine’s day and I was feeling very unlike myself, getting all cranky and touchy. 

He sent me his usual rise and shine text message by 7 a.m, ending it with words I knew he meant, ‘I love you’. I did not reply. He called me a few hours later and I did not spare him from my misdemeanor. I so wanted to be mad with him even when he did nothing wrong. I guess I disliked the fact that he was such a great guy. I wanted him to err a little, he didn’t have to be so perfect.

That evening, after I had turned down his invitation to dinner, a parcel came in for me. I knew immediately it was from him, but I was not expecting it. ‘A parcel for Miss Maggie’, I heard the mail man’s voice from the living room where I was seated watching my favourite TV program. I had calmed down by then, so I received the parcel from my younger sister. ‘Here, this just came in for you’, she said.
‘Thanks dear’, I replied.
‘It’s quite heavy, she continued, ‘What’s inside?’
‘I don’t know’.
‘It’s from Tony right?’
‘Yes, I think so’.
‘Well then, go ahead, open it’. I tore at the beautiful paper wrap that covered a big rectangular box. ‘It’s a laptop!’ I exclaimed with much joy. My phone rang before I was even done unpacking the content of the parcel. It was Tony. ‘I hope you like it’, he said.
‘Yes I do. I love it and I love you too. Thank you’.

That was three years ago. I have changed laptop twice since then, but I still remember how I cherished the one he got for me then. It really meant a lot to me then.

I’ve been away for two years now and I have had enough time to consider many things. My choices and my actions most especially. I now see that it was all my fault. I am not talking about taking Seun’s offer, no, I’m talking about the day she came into our lives and tore us apart.

 To be continued

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