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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blues For Ruby (6)

Some days after the outing with Kingsley, I decided to call Ruby.

Truth was, I missed her too much. Being apart from her was torture and I wanted her back. In my life and in my arms.

That was the reason I had gone to the airport on the day of her trip to the UK for her tour.

I had wanted to see her and talk to her but I had lost my nerve at the last minute.

So, late at night, I decided to call when I felt she would be done with her show for the day. I was a bit worried she might not pick my call as I had refused to talk to her when she called me several times after our break- up...


I listened to the phone ring then as I was about to hang up, to dial again, someone answered. At first, I thought it was her manager who often had her phone especially when she was busy. But it was...


What was Ruby's producer doing with her phone? Where was she anyway?


"Can I speak with Ruby?" I said shortly.

"Who's this?"

What kind of dumb question is that, I thought angrily. Did he not see the caller ID or had she deleted my number already? Kingsley had told me she would be roaming while abroad so...

''Tobi, right?'' he said.

''Yes. I want to speak with Ruby.''

 ''She can't speak right now.'' he said. ''She's taking her bath. Call back later.''

 And the line went dead.

 I stared at the phone with irritation, unable to believe what I had just heard. 

What was Eazzy doing in my Ruby's hotel room, at past 10 pm at night anyway. Were they...?

I shook my head, quickly dismissing the terrible thought that had just sneaked into it. No. Not Ruby.

She would not do that to me. Or would she? Afterall, I had walked out on her, told her it was over between us...


I called again the following morning and this time, she picked the call.

She sounded surprised to hear my voice.

"I can't believe this! I thought I'll never hear from you again."

"I called last night. Eazzy picked the call," I said.

"Eazzy? He didn't tell me about the call."

"I wanted to ask her what Eazzy was doing in her room so late at night but felt it was not the right time. I could always do that later. First, I had to win her back.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"Stressed!" she said, with a short laugh. She talked about the shows she had had so far and the response from her fans.

"It's been amazing! So much love from my fans here! It's been stressful but worth all the trouble."

I did not want to hear about her fans. I wanted to talk us.

"I miss you, Ruby!" I said abruptly, tired of pretending that all was well when I was going crazy with longing for her.

She was silent for a moment and I thought she had hung up on me.

Then: "I miss you too, Tobi!" I thought she would be cold and indifferent to me, so her words warmed my heart. I smiled to myself when she added:
"Not having you here to share in my success has been...difficult, Tobi."

"So, do you want me to come over?" I asked quickly. I could call a friend of mine who worked in an airline who could book me on the next available flight to the UK.

"No need Tobi. I'm almost done here. We should be back in Nigeria in about ten days."

Ok, then. I'll be counting the days till your return," I said.

After that day, we spoke nearly everyday for the rest of her tour.

We kind of made up, with me apologising for the things I had said to her, blaming it on anger.

"It's ok," she said. "You know, I've been thinking a lot about what happened and I think you have a point. I got so immersed in the music, every other other almost became unimportant. I shouldn't have neglected you the way I did."

I was glad she was being so understanding about it and even ready to talk to straighten out our differences.

"I'm happy to hear that, Ruby. We have a lot to talk about when you come back home."

I waited impatiently for the day of her arrival back to Nigeria.
On the morning she and her entourage were to return, I was at the airport to pick her, though her management had arranged transportation from the airport for the group.

She looked excited to see me and it was like the break up had never happened.

From the international airport,  I drove straight to my home in Maryland,  where she would spend the next few days with me.

I grabbed her from behind as soon as we stepped through my front door.

She laughed and tried to wriggle out of my embrace.

"Stop it, Tobi! I need to clean up, take a shower..." Ruby protested.

"You can shower later. I've missed you, babe," I said, my lips nuzzling her neck, inhaling her scent.

But she managed to escape from me and laughing, ran to my bedroom.

"Ruby, come here!" I called after her, my hands raised in frustration.

By the time, I got to the room, she was already in the shower.

I stood by the bathroom door, watching her.
 Her head was turned up to the shower head to receive the spray of water on her face.

Her back was turned towards me so she did see me when I stepped inside.

I slipped my arms round her waist and drew her to me.

"Tobi!" she said, clearly startled.

I took the bar of soap from the soap case and said:

"Let me soap your body."

"I can do that, Tobi. I'm not a baby."

"But you are," I rejoined. "You're my baby!" I said, beginning to soap her back. Then, I turned her round to face me, her eyes gazing steadily at me. I soaped her neck and arms, which foamed as the warm water cascaded over her body.

I cupped her breasts, caressing them gently, my thumbs rubbing her nipples till they hardened and her breath quickened.

"Tobi," she said softly, drawing my face down to hers and kissing me. The water poured over us as our bodies merged, it's sound muting the gasps and groans that escaped from us...


Soft light filtered in through the curtains on the windows in the room.

I turned to see Ruby curled up by my side, breathing softly. I smiled, thinking of the previous day.

We had been so 'busy' trying to make up for the time we were apart, we had not thought about anything else, including food.

Feeling a bit hungry, I decided to see if I could put something together in the kitchen for our breakfast. I got up and pulled on my boxers.

"Where are you going?"

Her eyes were looking drowsily up at me, her braided hair, a dishevelled brown wavy mass on the pillow.

She had never looked sexier to me. Her hand snaked out and drew me on the bed.

"Don't go, Tobi. Stay with me," she said, cradling my head in her arms.

"I want to get some breakfast. Won't stay long."

"I don't want you to ever leave me again," she said softly. "I couldn't bear it if we were separated again."

"We won't, babe. I promise. I'll always be here for you."

I could feel her hands caressing my body, from my chest down to my waist and below.

"Hey, babe! If you go any further, we won't be able to leave this bed today," I said teasingly.

She laughed shortly. "That's the idea. I've missed you so much, I just want to be with you like this all day," she stated, kissing me.

"Ok, sweetie. Let's get something to eat first. Then...."

I straightened up and made for the door.

"Get me some orange juice. And some toast..."

"Ok, madam," I said, giving a mock salute which made her laugh...

To be continued

 Preview of 'Blues For Ruby' (7)

I sat alone at a small table, sipping a cold glass of stout and watching the action around me. My eyes kept wandering to a table a short distance away by the poolside.

Ruby was sitting there with some friends and staff from her management company. She looked particularly radiant that night , her luminous eyes sparkling as she chatted animatedly with her group.

"Lovely, isn't she?" a voice said close to me.

I turned round to see Eazzy, a drink in his right hand, standing by me. I had not seen him walk up.

I knew who he was referring to so I shrugged and said:

"She is."

"I hear you two are back together." he said, sitting by me.

"Something like that," I said, wondering what he was driving at.

"Lucky you, to have such a passionate woman like her."

"Thank you," I said, my eyes seeking her out again. She saw me then and gave a little wave. I smiled at her and we gazed at each other for a minute before something Eazzy said drew my attention.

"And so sweet. Very,  very sweet," he said, smacking his lips like one licking some delicious ice cream.

Something in the way he spoke made me look at him sharply.

"What are you talking about, Eazzy? Sweet as in...?"

"Well, how do you describe a woman you've tasted and found delicious?" He must have seen the stunned look on my face for he got up, picked his drink and said:

"Oh, my bad! I forgot that what happens in Rome stays in Rome! Ha! Ha!"

He walked away, laughing to himself, leaving me boiling with anger...

 The rest of the story will be published later this week. Don't miss it! Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas holiday! Remember to drink responsibly though!

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