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Monday, December 04, 2017

Blues For Ruby ( 4 )


(Six weeks later)


She gazed down at the sheet of paper on the desk and glanced up at Eazzy.

"Seven cities?" she asked, an incredulous look on her face. "Is this a mistake or what, Eazzy?"

He shook his head.

"It's real, baby. Five shows in the UK, one in Dublin. Then over to Amsterdam to play at an international music festival."

"The schedule looks really packed," admitted Tega, Ruby's manager who sat on her left. They were in Eazzy's spacious office, discussing her upcoming UK tour. Her first album, released a few weeks before had been well received, leading to offers from different promoters for shows in the country and abroad.

"I trust her; she's tough and can cope with the schedule, " said Eazzy, smiling at Ruby, who frowned back at him.

"It's her first major tour outside the country,  remember?  So, it might not be that easy for her," Tega said.

"Hello, I'm still here!" said Ruby, waving her hand in their faces. "Stop talking as if I'm a ghost or something, " she said sarcastically, making Eazzy laugh.

"The schedule is not the issue here," she continued. "It's the length of time I'll be away from home that's the problem. How long are we staying? " she said, turning to her manager.

"Should be about three weeks."

Eazzy was looking at her quizzically.

"Are you worried about lover boy? That you'll be separated from him for almost a month?" he asked.

"And what if I am?" Ruby said defiantly.

"You see what I'm talking about? Why I said you should break up with that guy? He will only distract you! Disturb your career.."

"Lay off Eazzy!"she said. "It's my private business;  I'll handle it in my own way."

She glared at him for a moment, then he shrugged and moved on to the next item on the meeting agenda.

It was a video shoot for one of the popular songs on her newly released album that was scheduled for later that night.

"Hope all the arrangements are in place for the shoot?" said Eazzy to Tega.

"Yes. We start shooting the night scenes from 11pm tonight."

"Good. Be there on time because the director hates
artistes coming late for shoots! He's a difficult guy to work with; but he always shoots fantastic videos. That's why I use him for my artistes..."


She was sitting alone on a high stool by the bar of the niteclub, sipping her second drink of the night. Then a guy walks up to her and she turns to size him up, and:


The video director Rex T, walked from the TV monitor and stood in front of Ruby. He frowned as he glanced at the white blouse she wore over a mini skirt that barely covered her smooth thighs.

"Is anything the matter?" asked Ruby, looking at him in a perplexed manner.

He ignored her and turned to his assistant.

"Where's the stylist?" he asked loudly.

A tall, young lady with her hair in long, brown braids emerged from the small group of cast and crew standing nearby on the set, situated in a large warehouse in the Oregun area of Ikeja.

"Yes?" she said to the director.

"What's this?" he demanded. "Are we shooting a video about nuns in a convent or a niteclub scene? She's supposed to look sexy, hot and desirable- the one all the guys in the club are hot for. So, what's with the bottomed up look?" he said in an exasperated tone. "Fix it! And her face too! It's too shiny!"

He marched back to his seat while the stylist and the make up girl bustled around Ruby.

"Don't lower the buttons too much so my boobs don't spill all over the place!" Ruby whispered to the stylist, adding jocularly: "My parents watch my videos, you know. And my Dad is always threatening to disown me if they get too raunchy!"

The stylist gave a tired little smile as she made the necessary adjustments on the top...

Ruby relaxed back in a chair during a 30 minute break the director ordered while the next set was being prepared.

Tega soon came over with a bottle of water and her phone.

"You have a call," he said as he handed the phone to her.

"It's nearly 2 am. Who could be calling so late?" she wondered.

"Who else?" he said wryly as he walked away.

"Hey baby," she said, the phone clamped to her ear as she sipped the water. "What are you doing up so late?"

""You too! You should be in bed yourself."

"You're right," she said laughing. "But I'm working right now, so sleep has to wait..."

"I woke up and couldn't sleep. Was thinking of you, so I called to hear your sweet voice. How's the shoot going?"

"Tough. The director is very thorough and is never satisfied with a shot. Can you believe we had to shoot a scene nearly ten times before he was ok with it?"

"Sounds stressful. When will you be done?" he said.

"It's an all night shoot. We should wrap up by 5 or so."

"Can I come pick you?" he said. "I've missed you, babe."

"Missed you more. Tega will take me home after we're done. We're not shooting tomorrow so I guess I'll rest all day at home."

"Ok. I'll come over then."

"Cool. See ya!"



I arrived her house at around 2 pm, thinking she would be up and about then after sleeping all morning.

Her sister, Rume, who let me in, nodded towards the staircase when I asked after her

"She's still in bed," she stated. "And she said I should not wake her..."

..." Unless the house was on fire!" I concluded for her, grinning.

She laughed and waved me to a seat.

"Let me get you a drink. Beer, whisky?"

I told her beer and picked up a magazine from the centre table.

"What took you so long to arrive? I've been waiting all day!"

I turned towards the voice and smiled. I watched as she walked slowly down the stairs in a white sleep Tshirt with 'Hot Chocolate' imprinted on it in bold red colour.

"Isn't it a bit late in the day to be wearing that?" I said teasingly.

She stood still a few steps to the foot of the staircase and struck a pose.

"I was waiting for you to come take it off but you were so slow in coming. So..."

"Well, here I am now!"

With a few quick strides, I was on the stairs and she swayed into my arms and I held her tight to me then kissed her.

A cough behind us made us pull apart.

"I see you don't need the drink anymore," Rume said drily, turning away to head back to the kitchen.

"He never said so," said Ruby. "And I need one too. Bring it up to my room. Let's go, baby." She took my hand and we walked hand in hand up the stairs. ..


Seven hours later...

They sat, cuddled up on the couch in Ruby's living room,  watching a movie and eating pop corn Rume had made.

"Honey, can you get me some water?" Ruby asked.

Tobi went to the fridge by the dining table and took a bottle of water and handed it to her.

"So, how long are you staying in the UK? "he asked her, sitting by her.

She drank some of the water, then said:

"Two weeks. Three weeks tops."

"So long?" he exclaimed. "What am I supposed to do while you are away?"

"What you've always done- work, eat, sleep, play. And wait for me!"she said half- jokingly.

He was not amused.

"You see, Ruby, that's the problem. All I seem to do these days is wait! For you to finish with one engagement or the other, before we can see."

"But Tobi, it's my job, it's work."

"What about me? Or us?"

"What's wrong with us? We're doing ok, as far as I'm concerned."

"That's where you're wrong," he said vehemently. "Since we returned from the resort at Epe, how many times have we spent quality time together? Today's the first time we've been together like this in over a month! A relationship can't work well when the people involved hardly see each other!"

She shrugged.

"Well, you know I've been busy with so much stuff; the new album, shows here and there, promos. You've always been very understanding, Tobi about my tight schedule. Why the complaints now?" she wondered.

"Because, I'm getting sick and tired of having to beg to spend time with my own girlfriend!"

"What?"she said, a shocked expression on her face as she stared at him. "I know you don't mean It,  Tobi!"

He shook his head. "I mean every word," he said and stood up to gaze down at her. "I can't go on this way, Ruby. You really need to create more time for us."

"You know I can't do that, Tobi. My schedule is beyond my control. Eazzy handles everything and..."

"In that case, since you can't make a little sacrifice for our relationship, maybe we should do as Eazzy suggested."

"What are you talking about, Tobi?" she said, a scared look in the eyes she turned up to him.

"You told me Eazzy has been pestering you to break up with me; that I'm nothing but a distraction to you, to your career...."

"I told him that's impossible because I love you and..." she cut in.

He took a deep breath and said: "Maybe he's right. Because sometimes, I feel you don't need me anymore, that I'm the one hanging on to this relationship,  holding, clinging onto you. And a time may come in the near future,  as your fame grows when you'll see me as a nothing but a nuisance, who's too needy, clingy. Before, we reach that stage, I think it's best we end things cleanly here," he said and turned away from her. "I'm going upstairs to dress up and leave."

Ruby jumped up from the couch, her right hand stretched towards him as he headed towards the staircase.

"Wait, Tobi! You can't leave me! I can't live without you, baby! Come back let's talk things over! Please,  listen to me, baby. I beg you!" she pleaded as she ran up the stairs after him...

 To be continued

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