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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Blues For Ruby (3) Preview

  Next on 'Blues For Ruby'

"You can't possibly be serious, Eazzy," Ruby said, a deep frown creasing her smooth brow.

He looked up at her from the laptop where he was working on his desk and said shortly.:

"I mean every word, Ruby!  What ever you have with that man must stop!"

"But Eazzy, that's my private life...or am I not entitled to one?" she argued.

"Not when it's interfering with your career."

"And how's my love life interfering with my career?" she said in a sarcastic tone.

He brought out a soft sell magazine, 'City People' and waved it at her.

"I suppose you've seen this?"

Ruby eyed the magazine, a look of irritation on her face.

"So?" she retorted. "It's a bunch of lies and you know it!"

"But the public doesn't think so! They believe whatever they read."

"Too bad! There's nothing I can do about it!"

"Of course there is! And you'll do exactly as I say!"

"Says who?" she said defiantly, glaring at him...

 Watch out for the rest of the story coming soon!

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