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Monday, September 18, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring ( Summary)

Before we draw the curtain on the ongoing series 'Two Brides And A Ring' which ends this week, here's a brief summary of the  story so far.

Ebuka, a young man in his early thirties, relocates back to Nigeria from Canada where he had been living for some years.
His mother, in her eagerness to see him settle down with a wife, picks a bride for him- Comfort, the daughter of a close friend of hers.

Before the marriage however, Ebuka meets and falls in love with Ama who is Comfort's very good friend.

Ebuka goes ahead with his marriage plans with Comfort so as not to displease his parents. But he continues with his relationship with Ama, unknown to his wife and parents.

His secret affair comes to light when Ama gets pregnant. His wife and parents insist he breaks up with Ama but he refuses and even brings her to his marital home where they all live in a kind of polygamous arrangement.

Rivalry between the two women lead to constant quarrels, arguments and even fights. With time, Ama had two boys for Ebuka while Comfort was still to have a child after she suffered a miscarriage months after the wedding.

Ama, who feels she should be the only woman in Ebuka's life, begins to scheme on how to chase Comfort out of the house.

She visits a spiritualist who gives her a magic cream that will make Ebuka love only her and hate Comfort.

Before she could carry out her plans, a disaster befalls the family. Ebuka is involved in a car accident on his way from a trip and becomes paralysed, unable to walk...

What next in their story?

Details coming shortly. Stay tuned!

Do have a blessed day!

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