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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (12) Promo

The two women returned home that evening tired but happy. The day had gone wonderfully well. For the first time since they had started living together, they had had a nice family outing with the children.

"I think we should be doing this more often. What do you say to that?" asked Comfort as Ama parked the car in the compound.

Ama shrugged, turned and smiled at Comfort who was in the passenger seat with Ama's four month old baby Muna in her arms. At the back seat was little Nonso who was sleeping peacefully, watched over by the maid.

"Cool by me," she said as she cut the engine and got out of the car. "I've had fun today with you and the kids."

Inside the house, Ama went up to her and flopped on the bed. Her mind went to the cream inside her wardrobe and her mouth twisted in a sardonic smile.

'Soon. Very soon, he'll be all mine!'she thought happily.

It was about nine o'clock the following morning and Comfort was getting ready for church when the phone call came.

A smile split her face when she saw the caller ID.

"Morning dear. How was the ceremony?  Are you on your way home now?" she said.

But it was not her husband on the line but a voice she did not recognise.

"Hello? Is this Madam Comfort, Mr Ebuka's wife?" asked the voice on the other end.

Comfort frowned.

"Who's this? And what are you doing with my husband's phone?"

"Madam, you need to come right away," the man said urgently. As he continued to speak, her heart froze with fear and she felt suddenly dizzy...

What has happened to make Comfort so worried? Details coming soon! Don't miss it!

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