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Monday, September 11, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (11)

"How long are they staying in South Africa?" asked Rosie, Ama's friend. She had arrived the house a short while before and they were upstairs in Ama's bedroom, chilling with drinks, fruits and roasted  groundnuts.

Ama shrugged and threw some nuts in her mouth.

"About a week."

"Hmm. It's like you are slacking. You should be the one with him not Comfort," she said.

"I tried making him take me along but he refused. You don't know Ebuka- he can be very stubborn," said Ama.

"His preferance for her company shows his affection for her is growing while yours may be waning," Rosie pointed out.

Ama shook her head. "That's not true!" she said hotly. "Ebuka loves me very much!"

"For now, yes. But what about tomorrow? In this game, you have to do whatever it takes to keep his love and affection. You can't afford to lose out."

"What do you suggest I should do then?" she asked a bit sarcastically.

Rosie was silent for a moment, then she opened up.

Ama looked at her sceptically.

"Are you sure he's genuine?" said Ama. "I've heard all kinds of horror stories about some of these so called spiritualists or prophets."

"He's one of the best around now," Rosie affirmed. "I know several people who have consulted him and they got good results. Even top politicians and business people visit him regularly. He's not a fake."

"So, how do we meet him? Where's his place?"

"It's outside Port Harcourt. But we can't go now because of your condition." Rosie said.

"Why not? I'm only pregnant, not sick!"

"Baba lives in a village some distance away from the city. The road to the place is bad especially during the rainy season. I don't want Ebuka's trouble if anything happens to you or the baby."

Ama grudgingly agreed to wait till after she had the baby.

"It's just three months left anyway," she said, picking a banana from the plate on a stool by the bed.

Rosie's eyes were glued to the TV, watching a music video of Wizkid cavorting with a group of voluptuous, half clad girls on a yacht.

"This Wizkid sef. The guy too like woman," she remarked in pidgin English.

Ama scoffed at her.

"Which man no like woman?"she retorted. She drank some water then relaxed back against the pillows on the bed.


"How do you like the shoes? Is the colour ok?"asked Ebuka as he watched Ama do a mini catwalk in a pair of pink and black high heeled shoes. They were among the gifts he had brought for her from his trip to Joburg.

"They fit well."

"Yes. And they look sexy on you," said Ebuka admiringly. "But you can't wear such high heels now- you have to think of the baby."

Ama sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the shoes off. "Thanks honey. For all these," she said. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Comfort picked the shoes, bags, clothes and the other items. You know I don't know much about buying ladies stuff," he said with a wry grin.

'Thank her for what?' Ama thought. That scheming bitch! By the time I'm through with her, she will know who's the 'madam' of this house.

Aloud, she said: "That's so sweet of her. I'll see her later."

"Do that. And try and be nicer to her. She has accepted you as an important part of my life. You should reciprocate her kind gesture so we all can live in peace and love in this house. Promise?" he implored.

Ama nodded.
"I'm tired of all the fighting and quarrels too. I'm for peace," she said reassuringly.

"That's my girl!" he said, beaming at her. "Come here!" And he hugged her so tightly that she wriggled out of his embrace, protesting.

"Easy, dear so you don't push the baby out before its time!"


Seven months later...

The car parked under a large almond tree and they got out. Ama stood surveying the premises, noting  the several buildings in the expansive compound. Opposite them was a cream coloured storey building; besides that was a large hall roofed with zinc with no walls.

She saw a few people sitting in the hall, patiently waiting as if for someone.

"Let's go," said Rosie, walking towards the main building.


The spiritualist studied the two young women for a moment then said:

"So, what's your heart's desire, my dear?" he said, his dark, inscrutable eyes on Ama.

Ama hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to state her innermost thoughts to this man with eyes that seemed to see into her very soul.

Then, taking a deep breath, she began to speak.

"Sir, it's like this. It's about my husband, Ebuka...."


The man reached into a drawer on his desk and brought out a small shopping bag with something inside she could not see.

He pushed it across thd table towards her.

"In there's all you need to achieve your aim," the man said.

Ama looked at the package, then at thd man, her brows raised questioningly.

"Open it," he commanded.

Inside was a tub of what looked like body cream.

"It's a special cream which contains powerful qualities especially the power of attraction," he explained. "You should apply it to your body anytime you want to sleep with your man."


Back home some hours later, Ama stood naked in her bedroom after a shower, the tub of cream in her hand.  She gazed at it in a quizzical way,  remembering the spiritualist's words.

"With this cream , your husband will love only you and won't desire another woman. Meaning, there will be no room for a rival. You'll be the only one in his heart and mind. The woman competing with you for him now will be chased out soon. I assure you so let your mind be at rest, young lady."

Ama pursed her lips thoughtfully, hoping and praying that the cream will work as touted to justify the large amount of money (N30,000), it had cost.

Sighing, she opened the wardrobe and placed it inside.

She wanted to wait for the right time to test its efficacy....

To be continued

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