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Friday, August 04, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (5) consequences

Two months later...

Comfort stood in front of the full length mirror in her panties and nothing else and gazed at her body critically.

'Had she put on weight?' she wondered silently. Her stomach looked more rounded and her breasts felt fuller when she touched them.

"Must be all the delicious food Ebuka's Mummy has been stuffing me with, " she said softly to herself, smiling a little.

Since their marriage over two months before, Comfort had been living in her in-laws' house pending when Ebuka's house that was under construction, would be ready.

He had left Nigeria for his base abroad a week after the ceremony and she missed him terribly.

She smiled again, remembering their wedding night. It was the first time they had slept together for through out their courtship, she had told him she wanted to wait till after their marriage ceremony.

He had respected her wishes and not pressed her for sex. That was one of the things she loved about her new husband; he was so considerate and caring.

Thinking about their wedding night made her pause in her inspection of her body.

She counted quickly on her fingers and a wondering look came into her eyes. Her monthly period was a few days late in coming so...

Could she be....? The thought got her all excited, that she would have great news for her husband when he arrived Nigeria in a few weeks time.

As she headed for the bathroom to take a bath, her mobile phone rang.

Her eyes glowed when she saw the caller ID.

"Hey sweetheart!"

"How are you doing, dear?" said Ebuka.

"Cool! Was just thinking of you."

"Good things, I hope."

She laughed, as she sat on the bed.

 "Yeah! Seems I'll have a surprise for you when you come," she said, her hand stroking her tummy.

"What's it? Tell me! You know I hate surprises!"

"Sorry, you'll have to wait!"

"Ok. How's Mum and everyone at home?"

"Fine. Your mother has gone to visit Aunty Amaka who's not well and is in the hospital. Seems many people are falling sick these days. Even Ama is not feeling fine..." she said.

A slight pause then: "Ama? What's wrong with her?" he asked.

"Don't know. When I spoke with her last night, she said she had a fever and had been vomiting."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Maybe it's malaria. I was about getting ready to visit her at home when you called."

"My regards to her."

"Ok. So, when are you coming home? I've missed you so much sweetie."

"You know I'm trying to organise things here for my final relocation back home. And these things take time," he explained.

"I hear you! Anyway, come soon or I'll jump on a plane and come meet you over there," she said half jokingly...

New life
Ama was in her room resting, her mother told Comfort on arriving at her friend's house later that afternoon. The woman was in the kitchen preparing lunch.

"How's she doing now?" Comfort asked.

She shrugged before saying: "Not too bad. At least for a pregnant woman!"

Comfort, who was about moving towards the door to go to Ama's room, turned round sharply.

She stared at the plump woman in surprise.

"Pregnant? Who?"

"Who else? Your friend! We're just from the hospital where it was confirmed. About three months."

"Waoh! For real?" Comfort exclaimed. "This is a big surprise!  I didn't know she had a new boyfriend after breaking up with Preye."

Her friend and Preye, a medical doctor at the university teaching hospital in the city had been together for three years before they broke up over eight months earlier. Since then, Ama had not had any serious relationship to her knowledge.

'Must be the result of a fling or something,' she thought.

"So, who's this new guy she's been seeing that I didn't know existed. This girl is really deep!"

Just then, Ama walked slowly into the kitchen. Her face looked pale and drawn and she was wrapped up in an old coat for warmth though the sun was shining brightly outside.

"Ama! What am I hearing? You're pregnant? For who? So, you had a secret boyfriend I knew nothing about! I thought we were friends who shared everything but I guess I was wrong, "she said in an accusing tone.

Ama sat on a high kitchen stool, her hand pressed on her head, not looking at her friend.

"I'm so sorry, Comfort. Things just happened. It wasn't planned..."

Comfort held her close and patted her on the shoulder.
"It's alright," she said. "That means you will soon be married like me. I mean with the baby coming and everything,  he'll have to marry you if he really cares for you."

"He certainly will!" said Ama's mother in a menacing voice.

Ama looked up surreptitiously at her mother, shaking her head a little, a pleading look in her eyes that seemed to say: 'Not now, Mama!"

"So, tell me Ama, who's this mystery guy you've been hiding from me? I'll like to meet him. Where does he work? Is he as handsome and cool like my Ebuka? Gist me na!" said Comfort excitedly.

Ama smiled wanly at her. "Don't worry. You will meet him soon."

 She got up and taking Comfort's hand led her out of the kitchen. The smell from the beef stew her mother was cooking was making her feel nauseous.

"Let me have the tea when it's ready, Mama," she said at the door. "No sugar or milk o!"

"Ok, my dear. Go rest and take it easy."


"I heard you were sick, Ama What's wrong with you? Have you gone to the hospital for treatment?" Ebuka asked worriedly over the phone.

He had called earlier while Comfort was still with her so they could not talk then.

"I'm better now," she said. A pause. "It's just that...something happened." she added hesitantly, unsure of his reaction when she broke the news to him.

To her mother, it was a simple matter. "He has no choice now. He'll have to marry you! I told you everything will work out fine in the end!" she had said earlier that day at the hospital when the test result came out.

Ama was more sceptical. She knew he loved her and would do anything for her. But would he stand by her at a time like this? What if he insisted she had an abortion? What if....

 "Baby, what happened? Talk to me!"

She took a deep breath then blurted out: "I... I'm pregnant!"

"There was silence for a while on the other end and for a moment, she thought the connection had broken.

Then he spoke and what he said made her forehead crease in a frown...

To be continued

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