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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (9)

"So cute! Mummy, he looks just like brother," said Onyi, Ebuka's younger sister as she stood over her mother who was carrying the sleeping, new born baby. Earlier that day, Ebuka had brought his baby and the new mother home from the hospital where she had delivered three days before.
"He has brother’s nose and mouth," Onyi added.

"I hope he doesn't take after his father in stubbornness. Ebuka never listens to anyone," said his mother.

"What has Ebuka done again?" They both turned towards the stairs, watching as he came down to join them in the living room.

He sat down on the couch by his sister who was now holding the baby.

"You know what you've done, bringing your mistress into your matrimonial home," his mother grumbled, giving him a side eye.

Ebuka, whose eyes were fixed on the sleeping baby grinned.

 "Mum, don't start. Let's not quarrel on a happy day like this."

"I hear you. When is her mother coming?" she demanded. "She should be here to help her daughter with the baby- it's her first child so she won't know much about caring for a new born."

"We are expecting her tomorrow, " Ebuka disclosed.

"Mummy, I'll stay and help Aunty Ama with the baby," Onyi chipped in.

"What do you know about babies? And what about school?" asked her mother.

"Have you forgotten, Mummy?  We are on vacation till next month!"

Her mother shrugged.

"Do whatever you like! You never listen to me, anyway," she said then turned towards Ebuka."What about the naming ceremony? Are the arrangements going well?"

"Everything is almost ready, Mum. Comfort has gone to see the caterer about the food and drinks for the day," he said.

"Hmm. Do you know how lucky you're to have an understanding wife like Comfort who overlooks your shortcomings? What girl in this day and age will tolerate what you are doing?" she said truculently.

"Comfort loves me very much, that's why."

His mother gave him a sour look and wagged a finger at him. "You had better don't take advantage of that and treat her badly. And another thing, tell that Ama or whatever you call her to behave herself in this house. I'm just tolerating her presence here because of this beautiful child she's given us. If I hear she's giving Comfort a hard time, I'll come over and kick her out! Is that clear?"

"I've heard you, Mum," he said drily.

His mother stretched out her hands towards Onyi.

"You've carried him enough. Bring him to me," she ordered.

Onyi rose and handed the baby to his grandmother. Her face softened and smiling broadly, she cooed over the baby.

"Look at his round cheeks. And he has so much hair!" she said admiringly.

"Isn't he handsome, Mum? He looks like me!" said Ebuka, beaming proudly at his son.

"He's better looking than you!" his mother retorted.

"Ah, Mum! You used to say I was the cutest baby you ever saw!" he protested.

His mother scoffed at him. "That was then. Then you grew up and turned into a stubborn goat who doesn't listen to anybody!"

Onyi burst out laughing, making Ebuka turn and raise his hand in a mock threatening manner.

"Are you laughing at me?" he asked sharply.

His sister jumped up to stand by her mother as if for protection, her slim body still shaking with laughter...

Eight months later

Ama drove through the gate and parked in her spot under the grey coloured carport at the side of the large compound.

She alighted, then picked up the many shopping bags at the back seat and walked towards the front door of the house.

She had spent the day with her friend Rosie at the Mall at the city centre, where she had done some serious shopping, had lunch snd even watched s movie.

All these had put Ama in a good mood. She whistled softly to herself as she knocked loudly on the door.

"Welcome Madam," said Ene, the new maid they had recently employed. She took the bags from Ama as she stepped into the parlour, looking around as if for something.

"Where's Nonso? " she asked after her baby.

"He's upstairs with Madam."

"What?" Ama said. "Are you telling me you left my baby alone with her?"

""Ma, I was busy in the kitchen and..."

"How dare you!" Ama screamed at her, followed by a slap that made the maid stagger backwards. "Is this how you do your job? I left my baby with you to look after and you left him with someone else? It's like you're tired of working in this house. You'd better take your job serious or I'll have you fired!"

"And why will you do that?" Comfort, who was coming down the stairs with Nonso in her arms, queried.

Ama, on seeing her baby rushed towards her and snatched him away. Perhaps, it was the forceful way she did it for he began to cry and flail in her arms.

"Shush!! Don't cry my darling! Mummy's here now!" she said soothingly. After he had quietened down a bit, she turned to Comfort.

"When she doesn't do her job properly, she deserves to be sacked."

"Ene didn't do anything wrong, " Comfort said patiently. "She was cooking in the kitchen and I took care of the baby while she was busy. What's wrong in that?"

"Well, if you need a baby to care for so bad, then go have your own!"

"What?" said Comfort, a shocked expression on her face. "How dare you say that to me? Am I God who gives babies?"

"I don't know about that. All I want is for you not to touch my baby especially in my absence. What if something happens to him?" Ama said.

"What are you insinuating, Ama? That I could harm the baby? A child that I love like my own?"she said in a hurt tone of voice.

Ama looked warily at her for a moment. "Whatever," she said in a dismissive manner. Then, she turned and made for the stairs, crooning to her baby all the way.

"How's my sweet baby today? You miss me? Hmm? Smile for Mummy. My darling Nonso! Nonso baby, fine baby! Sweet boy..."

Comfort stood at the foot of the stairs watching her leave, an expression of pain and sorrow on her face.

 To be continued


 Preview of Next Episode

Ama stood with her hands on her hips, her eyes shooting sparks.

"Why are you always taking sides with her anytime we have issues?" she demanded.

" I'm not taking sides with anyone. I don't just like the way you treat her afterall she's done fou you, for us. It's not right," Ebuka said firmly. "You need to change your attitude, so we can have peace in this house."

"Alright, I've heard you."

He turned as if to leave the room and she held his hand to stop him.

"Are you just going to leave? I thought you were spending the night with me."

He gazed at her without speaking.

"It's been long since you visited me in my room. Is it that you no longer find me attractive?" she said. With her fingers, she slipped the straps of her nightie off her shoulders. It fell at her feet, leaving her naked except for her panties.

He stared transfixed at her body, at her rounded boobs that had grown fuller with nursing the baby.
He stretched his right hand and...

Monday, August 21, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (8)

Ebuka paced restlessly to and fro, occasionally throwing an anxious glance at a door at the far end of the corridor.

Just then, the doctor came out of the room and walked slowly towards Ebuka.

He looked sadly at Ebuka and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, we did our best...but the baby..."

Ebuka fell on the chair, groaning, his head buried in his hands. "How could this have happened? " he mumbled. "How's my wife?" he asked softly, staring at the doctor with dazed eyes.

"She's very weak after what she's gone through. You can go see her later after she has rested a bit," the doctor said before leaving him to go back to work.

He could not believe this was happening to him. Just that morning before they left to attend a friend's wedding, Comfort had been putting finishing touches to one of the spare rooms in the house which she had converted to a nursery.

She had been so happy looking forward to the baby's arrival.

 Now this...

All because of a stupid quarrel!

 On reaching home later that evening, he met Ama in the living room watching TV.

"How's she doing?" she asked, a worried look on her face.

"She lost the baby."

"Oh my God! How did...?" she began to say.

He looked at her coldly, his mouth turned down at the corners.

"What did you expect after what you did!" he said in an angry tome. "It's all your fault! You shouldn’t have touched her no matter the provocation considering her condition. And yours!"

In all the time they had been together,  it was the first time Ebuka had spoken to her in that manner. She saw how angry he was so she bit back the retort she was about to let loose on him.

'This is no time to quarrel,' she thought.

She moved close to him and holding his hand, said in a contrite tone:

"I'm so sorry dear. Really sorry..."

"It's too late for regrets now. The damage has been done," he said, turning away from her and walking towards the staircase. "I've fought nearly everyone including my mother and Comfort to keep you in this house, by my side. But from the look of things, you can't stay here any longer."

"What do you mean, Ebuka? You want me to leave this house?"

"Do I need to spell it out to you? " he asked belligerently, turning round to face her. "You have to return to your mother's home! At least, until things cool down a bit."

"But my mother's not back from the village and...I can't stay alone in that house! I've just a over month before my due date and..."

"Well,  you should have thought about that when you were fighting with Comfort! She'll be discharged from the hospital in a few days. I doubt she will like to meet you here. So, get ready!" With that, he climbed the stairs quickly up to his room.

Ama stood scowling up at him, her arms crossed on her chest.

 "He wants me to leave? Because of that stupid Comfort. And he's blaming me for everything that happened...was she not the one who started the quarrel in the first place? I'm going no where. I'll have my baby and raise it in this house whether anyone likes it or not!" she muttered to herself with a hiss.

Some days later, on the day Comfort was due home from the hospital, Ebuka prepared to take Ama to her parents place.

Early that morning, he went to her room to see if she was getting ready.

On opening the bedroom door, he saw her slumped on the floor, her hand cradling her protruding belly, and her face twisted in pain.

He ran quickly to her, his heart beating fast in fear.

"Ama, what's the matter?" he said, kneeling besides her.

 Her eyes opened slowly as she said:

"The baby. It's like it's coming..."

"But you're not due yet! Anyway, let's go to the hospital."

She could not walk properly due to the pain so with all his strength, he half- carried her downstairs and outside to his car...


It was premature labour, the doctor told an anxious Ebuka. "But her condition has stabilised with the treatment we've given her so she and the baby will be fine," he said reassuringly.

In a few days, the doctor added, she would be well enough to return home.

"This is a critical time before the baby comes. She needs plenty of rest so ensure she doesn't face situations that will give her stress or worries, " the doctor advised Ebuka the morning he came to take her home.

Back at the house, he had a long talk with Ama on the need to maintain the peace and live cordially together with Comfort.

"I don't want to hear that you two have fought again in this house. Circumstances have brought us all together so try to live like sisters. I provide enough for all of you so no need for rivalry or competition, " he said.

 She was sitting up in bed, a plate of diced watermelon and paw paw on her lap and the TV remote in her left hand.

"You should talk to Comfort too. She's always saying stuff to provoke me. She even calls me a thief, that I stole you from her!"

"Just take it easy and ignore her. Remember what the doctor said. I don't want anything to happen to this baby too," he said, stretching his hand to caress her stomach.

Then he got up from the chair and picked up his mobile phone.

"I'm going for a meeting with someone from the ministry concerning the contract I'm seeking. I'll see you later. Be a good girl now."

She smiled at him. "Ok, dear. Get me some chicken 'suya' on your way back. They should add lots of pepper."

He turned at the door.

 "Is it ok for you to eat such spicy food?" he asked.

She shrugged then said: "Why not? It will be good for the baby- it will make it grow strong and healthy!"

"Says who?"

"Says Dr Ama," she said, laughing.

"Hm. Dr my foot!" he snickered, made a face at her and left.


About six weeks later, just after midnight, Ama who was asleep, woke up to see the bed damp and feeling sharp pains in her stomach.

Her labour pains had begun...

To be continued.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (8) Preview

The doctor looked sadly at Ebuka and shook his head.

Ebuka fell on the chair, groaning, his head buried in his hands. "How could this have happened? " he mumbled. "How's my wife?" he asked softly, staring at the doctor with dazed eyes.

"She's very weak after what she's gone through. You can go see her later after she has rested a bit," the doctor said before leaving him to go back to work.

He could not believe this was happening to him. Just that morning before they left to attend a friend's wedding,  Comfort had been putting finishing touches to one of the spare rooms in the house which she had converted to a nursery.

She had been so happy looking forward to the baby's arrival.

 Now this...

 Watch out for the rest of the story coming soon!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (7)

"Ebuka, what's this? What's going on?" asked Comfort as she stood in the middle of the living room.

He moved closer and stood in front of her, taking her hand in his.

"Let's go to the room; there's something we need to discuss," he said.

She gazed at him curiously for a moment, eyed Ama, then turned and walked towards the staircase.

After they left, Ama stood up and walked round the large living room, inspecting the furnishings.

"So, this is what Comfort has been enjoying all this while?" she said to herself. "Selfish girl! Chop alone! Well, this is my husband's house and I've come to stay whether she likes it or not!"

 She sat down again and relaxed on the couch, placing a foot on a stool. Just then, a young lady that looked like the maid entered the parlour.

''What will you like to have, Madam?'' she asked Ama.

''Just water. For now,'' she said. As the maid left for the kitchen, Ama picked up the TV remote, changed the channel and sat back again with a sigh.


''Absolutely not!'' Comfort said hotly. ''There's no way she'll move into this house. Over my dead body will that happen!''

''Please dear, listen to me!''Ebuka pleaded. ''It's just for a short while till her mother returns from the village where she has gone to take care of her sick mother. Her younger sister is in school, leaving Ama alone in the house. You know it's not good for a woman in her condition to stay alone.''

Comfort turned from the window that faced the courtyard and glared at her husband.

''I've made myself clear. This is my house and I can't share it with another woman, least of all that backstabbing bitch!'' said Comfort furiously.

''Be reasonable, Comfort. Where do you want her to go? Have you forgotten it's my baby she's carrying?'' he said, his voice rising.

''And whose child is in my womb? Or did I conceive all by myself?'' she shouted at him. ''All you think and worry about is Ama! What about me and my feeling? Can't you see you're breaking my heart, Ebuka?''

''Keep your voice down! Do you want the whole neighbourhood to hear you?''

''Let them hear! So, they'll know the kind of wicked man I married; one who is always doing things to make his wife's life miserable.'' Her voice shook a bit and she sounded close to tears
''What are you talking about?'' he retorted, sounding pissed. ''What have I done to make your life a misery? Have I not been playing my role as a husband to you? Taking care of you, providing your needs...''

Her mouth twisted as if she had tasted something bitter.

''Is that all there is to being a husband? Just meeting my material needs? What about your love? I know where your love, your heart is and its definitely not with me!" She walked towards the door, stopped and said:
 ''If you insist on bringing her here, then I'm out! She and I can't stay under the same roof!''

 With that, she walked out the door, ignoring Ebuka's call for her to come back.


Later, after Ama had settled down in one of the rooms in the house, Ebuka went up to see her. She was arranging some of her clothes in the wardrobe when he came in.

 "Hope you're ok with the room. If you need anything, tell the maid," he said, sitting on the bed.

''The room is fine. I heard a bit of your argument with Comfort. So, she doesn't want me in the house. Hmm. What right does she have to kick me out? Is this her father's house?''

 He drew her down on the bed to sit beside him. ''It's been sorted out so don't bother your head about it. There are five bedrooms in this house so there's enough room for everybody,'' he said, touching her large, protruding belly. ''How's my baby doing?''

 ''Not too good," she said, a petulant note in her voice.

 "What's wrong? Are you in pain? Should we go to the hospital?'' he asked, looking alarmed.

 She laughed and hit him playfully on the chest. ''We're fine. Was just kidding. But I'll feel even better if you'll come later tonight and spend time with me. This is the time I need you most, you know.''

 ''Would have loved to do that, but...there's Comfort. She's not happy over the situation so I can't do what will make her even angrier. Hope you understand, babe.''

 She shrugged then laid on the bed and drew him to her so they lay together. ''It's ok. But tomorrow, you'll be all mine I hope,'' she said.

 ''Ok. Anything to make you happy, sweetheart,'' he said, pinching her nose and kissing her.


With Ama's arrival in the house, an uneasy calm pervaded the air. The two women, by an unspoken agreement, studiously avoided each other. Ama spent most of her time in her room browsing on her laptop or in the living room watching movies. Later, Ebuka got a TV set for her so she stayed in her room watching her favourite programmes all day and chatting on her phone.

 She still remembered her mother's words which echoed in her ears.

 ''When you get to the house, don't get into fights or quarrels with Comfort. Wait till you've delivered. Then, the real battle will start,'' her mother had advised her on the eve of her movement to Ebuka's house. She knew what she wanted so she bidded her time, waiting like a hunter to pounce on its prey.

She even ignored Comfort's often snide remarks about her, openly calling her a 'husband snatcher, thief, home breaker' and other derogatory words.

  Two weeks later...

 It was a Saturday afternoon. Ama and the maid were alone in the house as Comfort and Ebuka had gone out earlier in the morning to attend a wedding in town. Ama, who had a craving for jollof rice that day, was in the kitchen preparing it herself as she did not trust the maid to cook it the way she liked.

She stood stirring the simmering pot of rice, tasted it then added a bit more salt. She was washing her hands at the sink when Comfort came marching into the kitchen, her high heeled shoes clicking on the tiled floor.

 "Óh, you're back. Welcome,'' Ama greeted her.

Comfort ignored her greeting and stood glaring at her rival. ''What's going on here? What are you doing in my kitchen?''

''As you can see, I'm cooking. It's jollof rice; its almost done in case you're hungry."

''How dare you? Who gave you permission to cook here! This is my house and my kitchen and you can't just stroll in here whenever you like. Get that into your thick skull!'' she said furiously.

''And who are you to tell me what I can or can't do in this house?'' Ama countered angrily. ''This is my man's house too. I've every right to be here.''

 Óh, you do? Shameless she goat like you! A thief who won't go look for her own husband but wants to snatch someone's own. Let's see if you'll eat this food today!'' She marched angrily to the stove and picking up the pot of cooked rice, emptied the whole content in the dustbin nearby.

Ama stood, staring stupefied at the food she had taken so much effort and time preparing, now a messy slop in the bin.

She turned, her eyes spitting fire as she faced Comfort. '' threw my food in the dustbin? You evil witch!'' In a swift movement, she reached up and grabbed Comfort by the arms and pushed her violently back. She staggered in her heels then fell with a thud on the floor. The maid, who had stood by watching the two women as they argued, ran to the fallen woman.

 "Madam, are you alright?" she said, looking worried as she shook Comfort lightly on the shoulder. She lay still like one dead, her arms spread out wide on the floor.

''Aunty,' she said to Ama, ''Maybe, you should call Oga to come home o! What if she's dead?''

''Stop talking nonsense! How can she die like that? It was just a little push, nothing much,'' she said quickly. She bent down to examine her closely, to determine if she was still breathing. She felt some relief when she felt her heartbeat, then she almost fell herself when she heard the maid scream.

''What's it now?'' asked Ama.

Her eyes strayed to where the maid was pointing at Comfort's slightly parted legs. A thin trickle of blood flowed down her legs, staining the blue outfit she wore.

''Madam is bleeding o!''

To be continued

What next? What will happen to Comfort and her six months old pregnancy? Details will be revealed later this week. Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience in following the story so far. Your feedback especially criticisms of our stories is welcome so don't hesitate to drop a comment for us.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (6)


"What?"  Ebuka said. "Is this a joke or what?

Ama felt suddenly dizzy and she sat down on her bed, the hand holding the phone to her ear shaking slightly. What did he mean by
that? Why would she joke with something life changing as this, she thought sullenly.

 "I'm serious Ebuka! Mama and I went to the hospital this morning where it was confirmed..."

A brief pause from the other end. Then:

"My God! For real, Ama? You're really going to have my baby?"

 "Yes! It's almost three months old," she said, with some relief.

 "This is great news, babe! I'm going to be a father! I feel like flying back home right now!"

 She laughed softly at his words.

 "You sound so happy! I thought you'll be mad at me. Maybe, even tell me to abort or something..."

 "What? Why would I do that?" he said in a surprised tone. "I can never ask you to abort my baby!" he said vehemently.

Ama smiled, her hand touching her stomach protectively. "Ok. But what about Comfort? And your parents especially your mother. I can't see them jumping for joy at this news."

"You're right. There'll definitely be opposition to this. But don't worry. I'm responsible for this situation so I'll take care of it," he said.

She felt reassured by his words and felt less apprehensive about the future especially about the fate of her unborn child.

'Are you still coming home next month?" she asked.

"Yes. I can't wait to see you again! Is your tummy already big? Are you showing yet?"

 She laughed again.

 "It's too soon! Still have some time to go before I grow fat like a pig!"

He chuckled softly then said: "Take care of yourself, baby and our baby. Love you!" he said.

 "Love you too, Ebuka!"


A month later

''How was your trip, dear?'' asked Mummy Ebuka, embracing him warmly on his arrival home from the airport. "You look tired."

 He smiled warmly down at his mother. "It's a long way from Toronto, Mum! Comfort, how are you doing?" he said turning to his wife and holding her close.

"Am good!"

"She should be since her husband is home now!" his father quipped, eliciting laughter from everyone.

 "You should be hungry. We've prepared your favourite food," said Comfort, looking up at him lovingly.

 Later, after freshening up and eating, Ebuka picked up his car keys and said:

 "I'm going out Mum, to see a couple of friends."

 His mother looked at him in surprise.

 "But you just arrived home! At least rest a bit and spend some time with your wife before going out!"

"There will be lots of time to do that later, Mum. I gotta go. It's very important, " he said.

His mother and wife stood at the door watching as he got into the car and quickly drove out of the compound.

"He looks very excited. Have you told him? About the baby?" the older woman asked.

Comfort shook her head. "Not yet. Am keeping it as a surprise for him when he returns," she said. She smiled a little, thinking of the look on his face when she told him the good news- that he was going to be a father.

She patted her still flat stomach, wondering what their baby would look like and the name they would give the child...


 "Have you told them?"

 "Not yet," said Ebuka, rolling on his back on the bed, his hands behind his head,

 "You have to do it soon," insisted Ama. "You know soon, the pregnancy will start showing and people will start talking, that I got pregnant, without a husband. You know how our people love to talk and gossip." 

He turned to face her on the bed, cradling her head on his chest.

 ''I've told you not to worry about it. I'll take care of it at the right time."


 He kissed her softly on the mouth. "Yep. You know I'll do anything for you. I rushed here to come see you as soon as I arrived though my Mum wanted me to spend the day with them at home."

 His hand moved down to her stomach and stroked the slight bump, then moved up to cup her breast.
 "Glad you came, darling. I missed you so much!"

 "Missed you more" he said. He drew her close and kissed her mouth then buried his face in her chest.


Ebuka knew what he would be up against when he told his parents about Ama and the baby. So, he was prepared when he sat them down on his return home later that day and began to speak. They all listened, including Comfort, in disbelief and shock as he spoke.

There was silence for a while and a tensed atmosphere pervaded the living room when he stopped speaking.

His mother was the first to break the silence.

"Ëbuka, what have you been drinking because what you're saying doesn't make sense at all to me. Who did you say is pregnant for you?"she queried sharply.

 He breathed deeply, glanced quickly at his wife who was staring at him strangely, then said:

 "It's Ama!"
 A look of shock appeared on Comfort's face and for a moment, he thought she was going to faint.

 "My God! You mean, you're the 'mystery' man she has refused to disclose the identity, who's responsible for her pregnancy?" she cried in disbelief.

"Ïs it the same Ama that comes here often, your wife's best friend?"asked his father, looking perplexed.

"Yes, Dad!"

"Son, you've really messed up this time. Do you know the enormity of what you've done? How do you plan to handle this?"

 His mother was shaking her head.

 "Daddy Ebuka, there must be a mistake somewhere,'' the woman said. ''This can't be true. Ebuka will never do such a stupid thing!''

 ''It's the truth Mum!'' he cut in. In a clear voice, he told them about his relationship with Ama which began during his last visit home.

''So, all the time, we were planning our wedding, you were secretly seeing my friend behind my back. How could you do that to me, Ebuka?'' Comfort said, close to tears.

 ''I'm sorry, dear.''

 ''Sorry? Is that all you can say?'' she screamed at him.

 ''Ebuka, you can apologise all you want, but you can't have anything more to do with that girl. You have a wife here, Comfort. She's the only one we know or want to see you with,'' insisted his mother.

 ''That's not possible, Mum. I love Ama and I'm...I'm going to take care of her and the baby she's carrying.''

 ''Oh God! Ebuka has killed me. I'm finished!'' Comfort said and slumped on the floor in a dead faint...


The bedroom was softly lit by a lamp by the bedside which cast soft shadows on the wall.  He stood by the door observing for a while the lone figure that lay curled on the bed. 

 Then he sat down and touched her face, his fingers softly stroking her cheek.

 Her eyes opened slowly at his touch, then on seeing him turned round to face the wall.

"How are you feeling now, dear?" he asked drawing close to her.

"What are you doing here? Go away and leave me alone!"

 "Comfort, please! We need to talk, sort things out!"

 She sat up abruptly and glared at him. "I've made my stand clear on this matter. I'm your wife and I'm not sharing you with anyone, least of all that conniving little bitch! So, if you keep insisting on keeping her , then I'm done with this marriage! I'll pack and leave so you can have your precious Ama with you!"

"Ah! You can't do that Comfort! We've barely been married for three months! What will people say?"

"Who cares what they say?"she said hotly. "You didn't think of that when you were busy screwing my best friend. Now, see the mess you've caused!"

"I'm really sorry things turned out this way. You were my choice from the beginning but things later happened I didn't plan. Now, she's carrying my baby. I can't abandon her in her condition. It won't be fair to her."

"And what about me?" said Comfort angrily. "I'm pregnant too. Or don't my baby and I mean anything to you?"

"Of course you do! I care for you very much, Comfort. You know that!"

She laid back on the pillow and turned away from him.

 'I'm tired and need to rest. so, just go! Leave me alone!"


The following day, Comfort was ready to carry out her threat of leaving Ebuka but his parents prevailed on her to reconsider.

 "How can you leave in your condition? Who will look after you and the baby? Forgive him this once and don't leave. Please..."so they pleaded with her.

 So, she remained with him and tried to work on the unforeseen problem facing their new union. A few weeks later, they moved to his newly completed building in one of the GRAs in the city. They settled down in their new home and she did her best to play the role of a loving wife to him. But always at the back of her mind was the thought of how he had betrayed her with her best friend.

 She knew he was still seeing Ama; some of her friends had reported seeing them together in town, acting all lovey dovey like newly weds. Such stories often made her blood boil and she often thought of different things she would do to her erstwhile friend to make her feel some of the pain she was going through.

 All the thinking and worrying was however, affecting her peace of mind and health.

 "Your blood pressure is a bit high, Madam. You need to rest more and take things easy. Is there anything in particular that's bothering you?" her doctor had said during her last ante-natal class.

 Ama was what was disturbing her and would not let her rest or enjoy her marriage. She knew she could not do much in her condition but she vowed to herself that after she gave birth, she would deal decisively with the 'two-faced bitch'.

Then one day, Ebuka, who had gone out earlier in the day, had returned that evening dragging a large suitcase into the house

Standing behind him, was a heavily pregnant Ama, who looked as if she would pop out her baby any minute.

 Comfort looked enquiringly at her husband then glared at Ama.

 ''What's going on here!'' she demanded...

To be continued

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (6) Preview

"How was your trip, dear?" asked Mummy Ebuka, embracing him warmly on his arrival home from the airport. "You look tired."

 He smiled down at his mother. "It's a long way from Toronto, Mum! Comfort, how are you doing?" he said turning to his wife and holding her close.

"Am good!"

"She should be since her husband is home now!" his father quipped, patting him on the shoulder.

 "You should be hungry. We've prepared your favourite food," said Comfort.

 Later, after freshening up and eating, Ebuka picked up his car keys and said:

 "I'm going out Mum, to see a couple of friends."

 His mother looked at him in surprise.

 "But you just arrived home! At least rest a bit and spend some time with your wife before going out."

  Watch out for the rest of the story coming your way soon!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (5) consequences

Two months later...

Comfort stood in front of the full length mirror in her panties and nothing else and gazed at her body critically.

'Had she put on weight?' she wondered silently. Her stomach looked more rounded and her breasts felt fuller when she touched them.

"Must be all the delicious food Ebuka's Mummy has been stuffing me with, " she said softly to herself, smiling a little.

Since their marriage over two months before, Comfort had been living in her in-laws' house pending when Ebuka's house that was under construction, would be ready.

He had left Nigeria for his base abroad a week after the ceremony and she missed him terribly.

She smiled again, remembering their wedding night. It was the first time they had slept together for through out their courtship, she had told him she wanted to wait till after their marriage ceremony.

He had respected her wishes and not pressed her for sex. That was one of the things she loved about her new husband; he was so considerate and caring.

Thinking about their wedding night made her pause in her inspection of her body.

She counted quickly on her fingers and a wondering look came into her eyes. Her monthly period was a few days late in coming so...

Could she be....? The thought got her all excited, that she would have great news for her husband when he arrived Nigeria in a few weeks time.

As she headed for the bathroom to take a bath, her mobile phone rang.

Her eyes glowed when she saw the caller ID.

"Hey sweetheart!"

"How are you doing, dear?" said Ebuka.

"Cool! Was just thinking of you."

"Good things, I hope."

She laughed, as she sat on the bed.

 "Yeah! Seems I'll have a surprise for you when you come," she said, her hand stroking her tummy.

"What's it? Tell me! You know I hate surprises!"

"Sorry, you'll have to wait!"

"Ok. How's Mum and everyone at home?"

"Fine. Your mother has gone to visit Aunty Amaka who's not well and is in the hospital. Seems many people are falling sick these days. Even Ama is not feeling fine..." she said.

A slight pause then: "Ama? What's wrong with her?" he asked.

"Don't know. When I spoke with her last night, she said she had a fever and had been vomiting."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Maybe it's malaria. I was about getting ready to visit her at home when you called."

"My regards to her."

"Ok. So, when are you coming home? I've missed you so much sweetie."

"You know I'm trying to organise things here for my final relocation back home. And these things take time," he explained.

"I hear you! Anyway, come soon or I'll jump on a plane and come meet you over there," she said half jokingly...

New life
Ama was in her room resting, her mother told Comfort on arriving at her friend's house later that afternoon. The woman was in the kitchen preparing lunch.

"How's she doing now?" Comfort asked.

She shrugged before saying: "Not too bad. At least for a pregnant woman!"

Comfort, who was about moving towards the door to go to Ama's room, turned round sharply.

She stared at the plump woman in surprise.

"Pregnant? Who?"

"Who else? Your friend! We're just from the hospital where it was confirmed. About three months."

"Waoh! For real?" Comfort exclaimed. "This is a big surprise!  I didn't know she had a new boyfriend after breaking up with Preye."

Her friend and Preye, a medical doctor at the university teaching hospital in the city had been together for three years before they broke up over eight months earlier. Since then, Ama had not had any serious relationship to her knowledge.

'Must be the result of a fling or something,' she thought.

"So, who's this new guy she's been seeing that I didn't know existed. This girl is really deep!"

Just then, Ama walked slowly into the kitchen. Her face looked pale and drawn and she was wrapped up in an old coat for warmth though the sun was shining brightly outside.

"Ama! What am I hearing? You're pregnant? For who? So, you had a secret boyfriend I knew nothing about! I thought we were friends who shared everything but I guess I was wrong, "she said in an accusing tone.

Ama sat on a high kitchen stool, her hand pressed on her head, not looking at her friend.

"I'm so sorry, Comfort. Things just happened. It wasn't planned..."

Comfort held her close and patted her on the shoulder.
"It's alright," she said. "That means you will soon be married like me. I mean with the baby coming and everything,  he'll have to marry you if he really cares for you."

"He certainly will!" said Ama's mother in a menacing voice.

Ama looked up surreptitiously at her mother, shaking her head a little, a pleading look in her eyes that seemed to say: 'Not now, Mama!"

"So, tell me Ama, who's this mystery guy you've been hiding from me? I'll like to meet him. Where does he work? Is he as handsome and cool like my Ebuka? Gist me na!" said Comfort excitedly.

Ama smiled wanly at her. "Don't worry. You will meet him soon."

 She got up and taking Comfort's hand led her out of the kitchen. The smell from the beef stew her mother was cooking was making her feel nauseous.

"Let me have the tea when it's ready, Mama," she said at the door. "No sugar or milk o!"

"Ok, my dear. Go rest and take it easy."


"I heard you were sick, Ama What's wrong with you? Have you gone to the hospital for treatment?" Ebuka asked worriedly over the phone.

He had called earlier while Comfort was still with her so they could not talk then.

"I'm better now," she said. A pause. "It's just that...something happened." she added hesitantly, unsure of his reaction when she broke the news to him.

To her mother, it was a simple matter. "He has no choice now. He'll have to marry you! I told you everything will work out fine in the end!" she had said earlier that day at the hospital when the test result came out.

Ama was more sceptical. She knew he loved her and would do anything for her. But would he stand by her at a time like this? What if he insisted she had an abortion? What if....

 "Baby, what happened? Talk to me!"

She took a deep breath then blurted out: "I... I'm pregnant!"

"There was silence for a while on the other end and for a moment, she thought the connection had broken.

Then he spoke and what he said made her forehead crease in a frown...

To be continued

Two Brides And A Ring (5) Promo

Now that Ebuka and Comfort are married, what's next in the ongoing drama between him and the two women in his life? Ama, who's unwilling to remain a 'side-chic' comes up with news that shocks everyone involved...
 What is it? These and more will be revealed in Episode 5 coming up later today! Stay tuned!
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