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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (3)

"So, what will you do now? Marry both of them?" Fabian,  his friend asked.

Ebuka placed his glass of wine on the table and looked at his friend incredulously.

"Are you kidding me? Why would I do that?" he said. They were in his hotel room chilling with drinks.

 "But you say you love both women?"

 "So? Ebuka said. "That doesn't mean I should end up with both of them." He paused. "Though, if I have my way, I'll choose Ama. I like her more. There's just something about her I find irresistible..."

His friend gave him a quizzical look. "So, what's stopping you?"

"My mother," said Ebuka. "She arranged this marriage with Comfort and would not hear of my backing out now."

He could imagine his mother's reaction if he told her he was no longer keen on marrying the bride she had chosen for him and instead preferred her friend.

"Yeah," Fabian concurred. "Your Mum would have a fit for sure if she knew of your antics with Ama, who happens to be your fiance's friend!"

Ebuka smiled wryly.

"What can a man do faced with such a tempting babe as Ama?"

His friend scoffed at him.

"You could try resisting! Are you that weak? You're playing with fire, you know!"

"True talk, man! But what a sweet fire!" he said, winking at his friend as he picked up his drink...

 Three days later...

 "All these for me?" Ama said excitedly. She sat on the edge of the bed inspecting the gifts Ebuka had got for her from his trip to the mall the previous day. There were clothes, handbags, shoes, underwear, a lovely expensive looking wristwatch.

She clasped the latter on her wrist and admired it, smiling broadly.

"So pretty! Thanks sweetheart for these beautiful presents!"

Ebuka, who was lying on the bed in his boxers, smiled up at her.

"Anything for my sweet baby!" He stretched out his arms towards her.

"Is that all? What about a hug?"

 Ama climbed on the bed over her gifts and fell on him, laughing.

"You like hugging me all the time!"

He rolled her on her back, grinning down at her.

"Because I can't get enough of you,  babe! " he said. He kissed her and reached down to pull up her top. His hand slipped over her tummy, moving up to push up her bra, leaving her breasts to his eyes and caressing fingers.

"I wish I had met you before your friend," he said,  his voice deepening with desire as he stroked and caressed her warm body.

"What would you have done then?" Ama said.

"Make you my bride!"

A little smile twisted her lips.

"It's not too late for that, don't you think?"

He undressed her fully, flinging her clothes over his shoulder to the floor. He drew her to him, saying huskily:

"You're right! I'll have to do something about it. "

 Decision time
Later that night, after Ama had left for home, Ebuka stood on the small balcony of his hotel. Situated on the seventh floor, it offered a scenic view of the city,  lit up with lights that twinkled in the horizon.

He was in deep thought, thinking about the situation he had found himself. It was less than three weeks to his traditional marriage ceremony and he was in a dilemma of sorts.

He had returned to Nigeria to pick a wife but had ended up with two prospective brides. He was now caught between the two women- Comfort and Ama.

Who was he to choose now? Who would wear the engagement ring he had bought back in Canada that lay in its small case in his suitcase?

 If he had not met Ama, it would not have been a problem. He liked Comfort; she was pretty, decent and a well- behaved girl whom he knew would make a good wife for him.

 But Ama came on the scene and everything changed. From the first day she visited him with Comfort, he knew he had to have her. He knew it was a risky game he was playing, seeing Ama behind Comfort's back, but as he told Fabian, he just could not resist her.

 They had been seeing regularly for over a month and each time he saw her, he had fallen deeper and deeper for her.

He knew it was decision time, time to choose between the two ladies. Comfort?  Ama?


Ama quickly pulled on a pair of leggings and a Tshirt after her bath and turned to her mother.

 "Mama, he's so crazy about me! He says he can't do without me!" she said. She regularly briefed her mother on the progress of her relationship with Ebuka. That evening, on arriving home from visiting him, she had showed her mother Ebuka's gifts to her, including some things for the older woman.

Her mother looked pleased as she surveyed the items laid out on Ama's bed.

"I told you not to worry, that everything will work out fine. Are you not enjoying him now? See how radiant you look!"

 Ama laughed happily.

"Yes, Mama! He's so caring and can't seem to do enough for me," she said brightly. "The only problem now is the traditional engagement ceremony which comes up soon. What shall I do? I don't want to lose him now, Mama. I love him!"

"Who's losing who?" her mother scoffed. "As long as I, your mother's here, nothing like that will happen! Ebuka will be yours for life. No one will take him from you! So, my dear, don't worry. I've a plan....

 To be continued

What's Ama's mother planning? Will she succeed? And who will Ebuka give the ring to at the traditional marriage ceremony? Watch out for the details coming soon. Don't miss it!


  Preview of next episode of Two Brides And A Ring

 Comfort closely inspected the various fabrics,  noting the textures, designs and colours.

She reached for the blue lace with a floral motif and said:

 "I like this design. The colour too is cool. What do you think, Ama?"

 Her friend looked at the fabric, shook her head and picked up a wine coloured one.

"I prefer this. This matches my skin tone best," Ama said, holding up the material to her arm.

Comfort laughed.

"It looks good on you. But have you forgotten I'm the one going to wear the clothes so it's what suits me that counts?" She turned to the fabric dealer who had brought the bundles of materials to her house for inspection.

 "Madam, how much is this blue one?"

 Just then, Ama's phone rang and seeing the caller ID, excused herself and went outside to take the call.

 "Hey baby."

 "Ama, where are you? Been trying to reach you all morning," Ebuka said.

"I'm at Comfort's house," Ama said.

 "What are you doing? "

 "We're selecting materials for the engagement ceremony."

"Oh," he said. "Can you come over to the hotel?"

"Like now?"

 "Yes. I've missed you."

"But we were together two days ago," she said.

 "That's too long to be apart from you. So, when are you coming?"

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