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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Two Brides And A Ring (1)

The weekly Oil Mill market was in full swing when Madam Ogechi arrived. She passed through the meat section where slabs of fresh beef lay on wooden tables, the meat sellers standing close wielding sharp knives that glinted softly in the morning sun.

"Come buy fresh meat, Madam! I go give you better price," one of the men beckoned on her.

She stopped and gave a cursory look at the meat, cut into different sized portions. Then she shook her head and began walking away.

"Customer, come now! Na better meat o!" the seller cajoled.

"I go come back," the woman said as she headed towards the vegetable section. She wanted to begin her shopping there so she could buy the most fresh vegetables before they were all gone.

She smiled to herself, thinking of the special dish she planned preparing for her son, Ebuka.

"I'm sick of this hotel food, Mama," he had grumbled on the phone the previous evening. "I want something home made, like your special vegetable soup..."

About an hour later, Madam Ogechi was standing  at the bus top waiting for a bus, her shopping bags by her feet, when she heard her name.

It was her friend Mummy Comfort. They lived on the same street in the Woji area of Port Harcourt and were quite close.

 "You're just coming to the market when it's about closing?" she said teasingly.

The other woman smiled, her round cheeks looking like a couple of buns stuck on her fleshy face.

"Don't mind me o! You know me na and my usual lateness! How's the market? Hope things are not too costly today o! My husband did not give me much money for shopping, saying they've not been paid in the office..."

Madam Ogechi shrugged. "It's the same old story: they complain dollar is high as if ugwu (pumpkin leaf) sellers buy their vegetables with foreign exchange!" she quipped.
"Anyway, she added, "It's a good thing we met here. There's something important I want to discuss with you. I'll come to your house this evening. Hope you'll be home."

"I dey na! Where housewife like me wan go? Hope there's no problem?"

 Madam Ogechi shook her head and smiled a little.
 "It's good news," she said and paused. "You know my son Ebuka is on a visit to Nigeria presently. He came for a very important purpose. And your family is connected to it..."


The sound of running water woke Ebuka up from a dreamless sleep. He rolled over on his back and glanced towards the bathroom, wondering who was using it so early in the morning. His head felt fuzzy and he felt a slight headache.

Then the door opened and a slim figure emerged, a small towel tied round her middle.

He remembered then.


She was a friend to Ibiwari, Fabian, his friend's fiance. They had all gone out last night to a fun spot in the city and he had ended up back at the hotel with her.

He looked up at her, noting how different she looked with her face bare of the make up she had plastered on the night before: softer, sweet looking and sexy.

"I thought you had gone back to school. Don't you have lectures today?" he asked. Tina was a student at the University of Port Harcourt.

She smiled. "It's Sunday! No classes!"

"Oh!" he intoned.

"Besides,  I can't leave yet as we still have some unfinished business to do," she said softly.

The towel slipped off her body and she stood there naked, striking a seductive pose with one hand on her slim waist, her full breasts with the erect nipples pointing enticingly at him...

Ebuka felt a stirring in his boxers, his full erection straining against the thin fabric.

 She saw it too and walking to the bed, straddled him. She quickly removed the boxers and expertly mounted him, sliding down on him till he was fully inside her then she began to move, first slowly then more energetically. He cupped her breasts in his hands, fondling them, his hips jerking up in rhythm with her frantic moves.

As the sweet sensations washed over him, Ebuka forgot everything, including the reason for his visit home.

 To find a bride....

 To be continued

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