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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Tycoon's Son 7 (Finale)

Lexie transferred the bulk of the money into his offshore account, while he paid the rest into another account.

 As he left the bank with the teller, he felt a sense of satisfaction, that he had at least done something worthwhile for his community, a place that had suffered so much through the greed of people like his own father and uncaring public officials and others.

 The itinerary for their trip included a stop-over in Dubai as Selina wanted to do some shopping. 

"I want a completely new wardrobe. A total make-over," she had told Lexie. From there, they would leave for the Carribbean for a holiday before finally settling in Canada.

 Lexie looked forward to his new life with some excitement. The only downside was that he would be separated from his mother whom he loved so much.

 'Anyway, she can always come over for visits,' he reassured himself. She was unaware of what he had done to his father as he knew she would not approve of such a dubious scheme.

 He had only told her he was traveling to London to see an old school mate who had invited him over.

 The day of their trip came and Selina and Lexie were at the airport on time for their flight. 

After checking in their luggage and going through passport control, they sat chatting while waiting for their flight. Later, Lexie went to the rest room, leaving Selina by herself.

 She was checking her phone when some one tapped her on her shoulder.

 Two men she had never seen before stood, looking grimly down at her.

 "Are you Miss Selina Itua?" one of the men asked gruffly.

 "Who wants to know?" she retorted, looking at her watch. It was nearly time for their flight to be called.

 He reached into his breast pocket and brought out a card.

  "We are from the Police Headquarters. We have a warrant of arrest for you. You are under arrest for forgery, conspiracy, obtaining under false pretenses and other offenses..." the first man said while his colleague brought out a pair of handcuffs.

 "What do you think you are doing? You must be mistaken! I'm not..." Selina began to protest while fellow passengers in the lounge looked on curiously. 

Just then, Lexie, unaware of the unfolding drama came out of the restroom. Seeing the police with his cohort, he tactfully withdrew and made his escape. 

As Selina was being led by the police into a waiting vehicle, he quickly left the airport and taking a cab disappeared into the big city.

 Chief cut short his holiday and returned to Nigeria a week after Selina's arrest. Lexie, meanwhile had disappeared completely, leaving no trace behind. Chief was not bothered about his son. 

He would deal with him later whenever he showed up as he surely would one day. It was the conniving 'snake' as he now referred to Selina that he reserved all his wrath for.

 "After all I did for her, she could treat me this way. Gang up with my own son to dupe me!" he ranted when he heard about the scam. 

To think he was even planning on making her his wife! It was due to the vigilance of one of his accountants who had noticed the huge withdrawals from his personal accounts in his absence that had exposed the fraud. 

The security cameras at the bank had revealed the identities of the fraudsters.

 "Make sure she's not released from that cell until I say so," he told the police officer in charge of her case. 

The man nodded, thinking of the large envelope stuffed with Naira notes that Chief's man had given him earlier. 

He would lock her up for life if that was what Chief wanted. Though that would be such a waste as she was such a beauty...


What should Chief do to his errant son when he's caught? And Selina? Should Chief forgive her and drop the charges against her or she should be prosecuted? Your comments, contributions are welcome!

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