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Friday, June 09, 2017

Heartstrings (9)

I entered the hotel and glanced round the reception. I not see Becky or Lanre. I moved towards one of the receptionists at the front desk.

"Good evening, sir. What can I do for you?" the young man said.

"I came to see someone here. His name's Lanre."

"He's our guest. He was here some moments ago with his wife. Is he expecting you, sir?"

"Not really. Actually I..." Then it struck.

"Did you say the lady with him is his wife?" I asked quickly, thinking perhaps I did not hear him properly.

He nodded.

"Yes. She comes here often to see him and...Sir, are you alright? " he asked, a look of concern on his face.

He must have seen the stricken look on mine and the way I gripped the desk.

 "I'm fine," I said, trying to compose myself. 'Can't fall apart now,' I thought as I turned round and walked dazedly out of the reception. My feet were leading me out of the hotel but my brain was telling me something else- to go back in there, seek out the Lanre guy, kill him and do something terrible to my wife. In fact, I was about turning round but reason prevailed and I continued walking away.

"Who will I say asked after him?" I heard the receptionist say behind me but I ignored him and walked like one drunk to my car and slumped on the driver's seat, my face flat on the steering.

'Becky! Becky! How could you do this to me? How?' I kept moaning over and over again...

My phone rang and I raised my head.

"Where are you Demola? I'm heading towards our usual 'joint' so meet me there in the next..." Kefe, my friend was saying on the phone.

"No, Kefe!" I cut in quickly. "I can't come! Something terrible has happened. Come quickly to Riverview Hotel; that's where I am. And be fast about it before I do something crazy!"

"Demola, what's up? Are you alright? You don't sound too good!" he said.

"Just come, ok?" I said earnestly.

I later tried to call Becky but her phone was switched off.

The thought of my wife with that man, all alone in the hotel was playing havoc on my mind. My head too, felt as if it would explode any minute.

At a point, I jumped down from the car and decided to take a walk away from that hotel to clear my head. Either that or I would have gone back into the hotel to cause some serious havoc.

I had walked a few metres down the street when a car stopped at the other side of the road and a man quickly stepped out.

It was Kefe.

He crossed over to join me and stood looking at me worriedly.

"What's going on Demola? What are you doing here at this time of the night?"

I gripped his arm as if for support before blurting out.

"Kefe! It's Becky! That woman has killed me! I'm finished!"

"What are you talking about? What has she done? And where is she?" he asked in quick succession.

I didn't say anything but simply pointed in the direction of the hotel....

To be continued

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