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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Heartstrings (8) Preview

It had been long I took my wife out so that Friday, I decided to close early from work so I could drive over to her office and surprise her. I arrived shortly before 7pm and after parking, I dialled her number. It rang but she didn't pick.

After trying a number of times with no success, I decided to go meet her in her office. I was about stepping out of the car when I looked through the windscreen and something caught my eye.

I saw Becky walk out of the building talking and laughing with a tall, slim man. Initially, I thought it was a colleague of hers but on a closer look, he seemed vaguely familiar.

They headed towards the other side of the car park, and as he turned to look at Becky, I got a closer look at his face. It was then I realised who he was and my heart froze....

Watch out for the rest of the story coming soon!

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