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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Tycoon's Son ( 4 ) the good life

Selina turned her face a bit and the kiss landed on her cheek.
He looked at her in surprise. This was a first- a woman rejecting him! 

"What's the matter? Don't you like me?" he asked in a puzzled tone.
Selina shook her head.

  "It's not that, Chief. It's just you are moving too fast for me. I need some time to..." she started to say.

"Time? What for? I like you. I liked you right from the first day I saw you at the club. And I want you. Agree to be mine and I can give you whatever you want. Just name it and..." he snapped his fingers, "It's all yours!"

"Chief, I'm sorry. Thanks for the offer. But I'm a responsible lady, properly brought up from a good Christian home. I don't mess around with men. I..."

"I know," said Chief. That's one of the things I like about you. You are not like all these cheap girls around. But consider my offer and you won't regret it. I will turn your life around for good..."

Selina pretended to consider It for a while.
"Alright. Just give me sometime to think about it. Let me go home today and I will call you in a few days."

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Tycoon's Son (3)

Selina stared in amazement at Chief, looking as if she had seen a ghost.
 "Chief! What are you doing here?" she asked in a shocked tone.

 "Is that how to welcome a guest who has come all this way to see you?" he queried, smiling genially at her.

 "Sorry. Please come in," she invited, opening the door wide.
  Inside, she introduced him to Lara who looked equally shocked at seeing Chief Agbah whom she knew by fame and reputation, in her friend's living room.

 Later, Selina went to the kitchen to get some drinks for the guest, closely followed by Lara.

  "You never told me you knew Chief Agbah! Where did you meet him? When? Is he your boyfriend? Girl, you've caught a really big fish this time o!" she said excitedly.

 "Not now Lara! I go yarn you later. Just help me get some glasses and a tray while I get the drinks," Selina said, opening the fridge.

 A short time later, after she had served him, Lara at a sign from Selina excused herself and left. 
 "I'll call you later," she said as she saw her friend to the door.

  "You were the last person I was expecting to see here today," Selina stated as she took a seat opposite her visitor who was sitting comfortably on the leather couch, looking as if he owned the place.

 "Yes. I know I must have surprised you with my visit. But you've been proving so elusive that I had to do something drastic like this. As they say, if the mountain won't go to Mohammed..." he said with a smile.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Tycoon's Son (3) Promo

In the last episode of the series, we see Chief visiting Selina at home. Seems the man got tired of waiting for her call and decided to make the first move.

Has he fallen for her? Will Selina agree to go out with him or will she continue to play hard to get as Lexie advised her to do?

These and more posers will be revealed in Part 3 coming up tomorrow! Don't miss it as it promises to be explosive!

 Do enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Tycoon's Son ( 2)

  Selina sat at a corner table, quietly sipping a cold drink. She had arrived at the country club some minutes earlier so as to be fully prepared when Chief Agbah arrived.

 "Every Friday evening at 6 pm, he comes to the club to play a game of tennis. The only time he doesn't come is when he's out of the country. So, be there this week and try to meet him," Lexie had told her a few days before. With a contact he had at the exclusive club, Lexie had arranged for admission for her.
 Selina brought out her small compact powder from her bag and studied her face in the mirror. She had taken great care with her appearance and she knew she looked really 'hot' as Lexie liked to say.

 Just then, a small group of men entered the large lounge of the club where she sat. Two of them, who looked like bodyguards, were dressed in dark suits and dark glasses.

 In their midst was a well-built, slightly tall older man wearing tennis gear- white shorts and T-shirt. Selina instantly recognised him from the pictures she had seen of him. 

Chief Agbah!

 For a man in his 60s, he looked fit, she thought.

 She watched surreptitiously as he stood talking with another man who had come up to greet him. As one of the men in his group walked towards the bar, Selina made her move. 

Picking up her drink, she went in the direction of the bar as if to order another drink.

 She met the other man who was returning to his boss and 'accidentally' bumped into him, spilling her drink on her white blouse. 

 Selina looked down at the large spill that had spread and stained her pretty blouse and glancing up furiously at the dark-goggled man exclaimed:

 "Oh my God! Look at what you have done! Why don't you look where you are going?"

 "I'm sorry, Madam. It was an accident. I didn't..." the man began to apologise.

 "You are sorry? Is that all you can say after ruining my top? You think it's any ordinary top? It's a Prada and you know how much I bought it in London? How could you..."  

She continued talking to the man in such a loud voice that it drew the attention of Chief Agbah and the others in the lounge...

 "Men! That was some good acting! You deserve an award for that!" Lexie said some days later. She had just recounted to him the incident at the club and the outcome.

 "Yes! I never knew I was such a good actress. Perhaps, I should join Nollywood and become a star like Genevieve!" she said smugly, remembering with pride her performance that day. 

Chief Agbah had come up to where she stood arguing with his man. He had settled the matter amicably, apologised on his man's behalf and even promised to pay for the ruined top. 

But Selina had graciously declined his offer of payment, insisting the apology was enough. He had looked at her with something like interest. And something else; the kind of look she had seen in most of the men she had met who wanted to possess her.

 Later, as she was getting into her car at the car park, one of Chief's men had run up to her with a card and had taken her number and contact details. 

That morning, a parcel had been delivered to her apartment. It was from Chief.

 "It's an IV for the birthday party of one of his friends," and she mentioned the name of a top politician in the country.

 "This came with it too," she announced, flashing her left hand in his face. Lexie studied the bracelet on her hand, noting the expensive-looking stones on it.

 He smiled.

 "You must have really made an impression on him for him to go to all this trouble for you," he said. "But you can't attend the party. And you have to return the gift," he stated firmly.

 "Why not? How do I get close to him if we don't meet up?" Selina protested.

 "It's like this," he said and went on to explain his father's attitude towards women. Due to his status and wealth, women were attracted to him, he said, with some even throwing themselves at him.

 "My father sees most women as playthings, to be used and discarded when he's tired of them. He keeps a string of girlfriends and mistresses whom he changes often as he soon gets bored with them. 

To keep his interest for long, you need to be different, be less easy to get. Don't make him think you will jump to attention whenever he snaps his fingers. 

And when you return his gift, you will send the message that you are not interested in his money. That will pique his interest, make him want to know you more," Lexie said.

 Selina glanced at the bracelet, feeling sad that she had to return such a nice looking piece of jewelry.

 Lexie was right. A day after she returned the bracelet, she got a call from Chief.

  "It seems you are still angry about the incident of the other day," were his first words to her. 

  "Why do you say that, Sir?" she said, smiling to herself. She felt elated that he had called her himself and not an aide. "If he calls you directly and not through a staff, it shows you've really got his attention," Lexie had said some days before.

 "You returned the gift," Chief simply stated.

 "I had to. I feel I haven't done anything to deserve such a costly present," she explained.

 "Ok, then. Can I see you this weekend? I'm having a little party at my guest house in G.R.A. I want you to come," he said.

 "Ah! I would have loved to. But I will be in Abuja this weekend. On business," she said. She was not going anywhere but it was all part of the game of being elusive, playing hard to get.

 "When will you be back?" he asked, sounding disappointed.

 "I should be back by Monday."

 He told her to call him when she arrived the city before hanging up. She smiled. She had no intention of calling.

  A week later.
Selina was at home one evening watching a movie with her friend Lara when the door bell rang.

 "Are you expecting anyone?" her friend asked as she took a sip of wine.

 Selina shook her head. Alhaji Ibrahim one of her regular boyfriends was out of the country on a business trip. He was the only one she allowed to visit her without prior notice.

 Selina opened the door and was surprised to see the man standing there.

 "Chief!" she exclaimed...

 To be continued

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Tycoon's Son 2 ( Preview)

  Selina sat at a corner table, quietly sipping a cold drink. She had arrived at the country club some minutes earlier so as to be fully prepared when Chief Agbah arrived.

 "Every Friday evening at 6 pm, he comes to the club to play a game of tennis. The only time he doesn't come is when he's out of the country. 

So, be there this week and try to meet him," Lexie had told her a few days before. With a contact he had at the exclusive club, Lexie had arranged for admission for her.

 Selina brought out her small compact powder from her bag and studied her face in the mirror.

 She had taken great care with her appearance and she knew she looked really 'hot' as Lexie liked to say.

 Just then, a small group of men entered the large lounge of the club where she sat. Two of them, who looked like bodyguards, were dressed in dark suits and dark glasses. 

In their midst was a well-built, slightly tall older man wearing tennis gear- white shorts and T-shirt.

 Selina instantly recognised him from the pictures she had seen of him. Chief Agbah! For a man in his 60s, he looked fit, she thought.

 She watched surreptitiously as he stood talking with another man who had come up to greet him.

 As one of the men in his group walked towards the bar, Selina made her move. Picking up her drink, she went in the direction of the bar as if to order another drink.

Watch out for the rest of the story coming soon!

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Tycoon's Son 1 (the black sheep)


 Most families have a black sheep and Chief Agbah's was no exception. Lexie was his name. He was the son of Monica, the first woman Chief ever loved.

It was way back when he was a struggling young man teaching in a primary school at a village many miles from Igen, his hometown in Delta State.

Monica was the daughter of the headmaster of the school. She was 18, a great beauty and Chief who was simply known then as Johnson, was smitten. Believing he truly loved her, Monica fell for his sweet words.

 She soon got pregnant. Her father, who didn't want a bastard child in his family insisted Johnson must marry her. Johnson had other ideas though.

 One night, he packed the few belongings he had and sneaked out of the village.

Some months after Monica delivered a baby boy, her father was able to trace the runaway lover boy to his mother's village Igen.

Johnson had by this time migrated to the city of Lagos but his mother agreed to be supporting the child as best she could.

 The boy whom his mother named Alexander (but which he shortened to Lexie) did not see his father until he was 11 years old. He was about to attend secondary school then.

His mother had taken him to see his grandmother at Igen to make arrangements for his school fees and other expenses.

 Johnson had been home on a visit that day and it was then father and son set eyes on each other for the first time.

 While the boy was excited to meet his father, the latter was not.

Johnson barely acknowledged the child who looked so much like him. This first confused the boy, then he grew sad and angry with his father.

Over the years, the anger grew and festered until it became a consuming hatred, a resentment against the shabby way he had been treated by his own father throughout his young life.

  As he grew older, his hatred for his father would evolve into a desire for revenge, to hit back at the man who had all but abandoned him..

 Lexie dropped out of the university in his second year. Though brilliant, he was lazy and could not be bothered with studying or even attending lectures.

So after consistently failing nearly all his papers after each exam, he was 'advised to withdraw' from school.

 His despairing mother wanted him to continue his studies in another school but Lexie was not keen.

He told his mother, who had by then married another man and had other children, that he was sick of school. All Lexie wanted was to 'hustle' and 'make lots of money.'

  Over the years, he drifted from one dubious business venture to another and ended up with plenty of debt instead of money.

His stepfather tried to get him a job several times but he turned down the offer. He still believed he would make it big one day through one of his 'deals'.

A job would only distract him.

 Lexie's deals never made money and he was often broke. Though in his 30s, he still lived at home with his mother and had no plans to get married and 'settle down'.

 He had not had much contact with his father Chief Agbah for several years. Chief had all but disowned him, calling him a 'worthless layabout and a drop-out.

The feeling was mutual as Lexie saw his father as a 'useless, heartless' man who had abandoned him as a child.

He hardly played his role as a father to him and never gave him much money whenever he asked though he was stupendously rich.

  Lexie met Selina at a burial ceremony in Igen. It was the funeral of Madam Erhu, one of the prominent women in the community and a good friend of his grandmother.

He had gone to visit his aged grandma that weekend and had attended the party with some friends.

 The first time he saw Selina, Lexie could not keep his eyes off her. Most men reacted that way to her.

With her milky chocolate-brown skin that glowed as if rubbed with oil, dark-brown sparkling eyes, perfect set of white teeth and a figure to die for, she was really lovely.

 She made it clear to him though, that she was not interested when he approached her.

 Her attitude however changed and she became friendlier when she heard his last name.

 "Agbah? Are you related to Chief Agbah, the business tycoon?" she quickly asked.

 "Yes. I'm his first son," he disclosed. Her eyes registered surprise, then admiration.

He was always amused by most people's reaction to that info.

Some would look at him in wonder while others found it hard to believe that the slim looking, casually dressed guy who was often seen in jeans and T-shirts could be related in any way to Chief Agbah, one of the richest men in the country whose business empire spread far and wide.

 After Selina confirmed he was truly Chief's son from the friend she attended the party with, she stuck to his side for the rest of the night.

 By the end of the party, they had become friends. They exchanged phone numbers before parting, with Lexie promising to call as soon he returned from a 'business trip to Port-Harcourt' as he put it.

 Selina waited for a week for his call and when she did not hear from him, she decided to make the first move if he did not call her soon.

Though with a good degree from a top university, Selina had not worked for a single day since she left school several years before. It wasn't that there were no job offers.

 She was just not interested.

 "Why stress myself working for peanuts when I can make more money through hustling," she used to say whenever any of her school mates, some of whom were working in different organisations, wondered why she was still jobless.

 She believed that her passport to the 'good life' lay in her looks and she was determined to get whatever she wanted in life with her youth and beauty.

 So she dated mostly rich men who had the means to give her what she wanted like a posh car, nicely furnished apartment, trips abroad for holidays and shopping and a fat bank account.

 But like a bottomless pit, Selina wanted more. Her dream was to marry well, preferably into a wealthy family so she could be financially secure for life.

Through Lexie, she believed she could get her heart's desire. Lexie would be her 'jackpot', the road to the good, easy life she craved.

Lexie could not believe his luck at meeting Selina.

'Just perfect!' he kept repeating to himself after they parted. Because of the strong attraction he felt for her, he initially thought of dating her but he changed his mind later.

 'She will be more useful as my secret weapon,' he told himself about a week after they met.

 The following day, he contacted Selina and invited her for lunch.

 He took her to a nice restaurant at Ikeja. That day, Selina looked even prettier than she did at the party and he (with some of the men around) just kept staring at her.

 "You look hot enough to eat," he said teasingly as she sat down opposite him. She smiled coyly at him.

 "Well, I'm starving so can we order? Maybe you can have me for dessert later," she stated coyly. She put it like a joke but the look in her eyes said she meant it.
 After the meal, Lexie got down to business.

  He spoke earnestly while she listened. But as he continued talking about what he wanted from her, her look changed to one of surprise then disbelief.

 "Are you really sure about this, or you are just kidding me?" she asked with raised brows.

 He shook his head, pointing out that he had never been more serious in his life.

 "But what's the reason? Why do you want to do that to your own father?" she asked again.

 He then told her about his birth, childhood and being abandoned by the man he could barely bring himself to call father.

 "I'm his first child but he doesn't even acknowledge me or do anything for me, despite being so wealthy," he grumbled bitterly.

 Selina sympathized with him, but was his grudge against his father enough justification for what he planned doing? According to him, he wanted Selina to 'seduce' Chief Agbah.

 "After you've succeeded, then I will come in and we will be able to extract a very huge sum of money from him. Others might call it stealing. But to me, I'm getting my inheritance in advance. I doubt if I'm in his Will anyway," he stated.

 Selina was still sceptical.

  "But what makes you think I could seduce your father so easily?" she enquired, frowning.
  He gave her an assessing look.

 "You could seduce even a priest with little effort with your looks," he said reassuringly, adding: "Don't worry. I know my father very well. He's a womaniser with an eye for pretty, young ladies like you.

 It will be like dangling a piece of juicy bone before a hungry dog!"

 Selina thought about the plan for days before making up her mind. It was a very tempting offer.

 If the 'job' succeeded, Lexie promised she would get 30 percent of the amount they would make from Chief Agbah.

From her calculations, that was a very large amount of money. She could do a lot with that; even retire from 'hustling' and maybe relocate abroad and live well for a long time without having to do any work.

 She was already twenty nine years old and she knew she could not live off her beauty for ever.

 With age, even the greatest beauty loses her looks as her mother often pointed out whenever the issue of marriage cropped up.

 But Selina was not keen on marriage, at least not just yet. She wanted to enjoy her life first before being saddled with a husband and kids.

She had had so many suitors in her life and broken so many hearts, she had lost count. But she didn't care. All she wanted was to make money, lots of it so she could live in luxury for life.

 Later, she called Lexie and agreed to do the 'job'.

 "Wise decision. You won't regret it," he stated happily.

  They met up the following day at the same restaurant to work out a good plan on how she would meet his father so their 'operation' could begin...

To be continued

What happened when Selina met Lexie's Dad? Details coming soon! Don't miss it!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Tycoon's Son (Promo)

He's the wayward son of a very wealthy business tycoon who has a huge grudge against his father.

She's a beautiful girl with the burning ambition to hook a rich man who will become her 'paymaster' so she won't need to work or struggle ever again.

When the two meet, a secret plot is hatched that will have dire consequences for all concerned.

Our brand new series 'The tycoon's Son' begins this week. It promises to be explosive so don't miss it!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Heartstrings (10) Finale



     A fight in the night

  Kefe turned in the direction Demola indicated-the Riverview Hotel a short distance away; its many bright lights twinkled back invitingly like stars in the night sky.
 “What’s she doing there? And who’s she with?” Kefe asked quickly.

 “Her ex-fiance!” Demola replied in a dull voice.
 “What?” Kefe exclaimed, looking shocked. “For real? Is this a joke or what?”
 Demola did not reply but simply took his friend’s hand and they crossed the road to the car.

 On the short drive to the hotel, Demola briefed him on what he had seen.
“My God! I can’t believe this! How could Becky do this? I thought she had gotten over that guy before you married her. I guess I was wrong,” said Kefe.

As he parked the car, he turned to Demola. From the light from a lamppost nearby, he could see how gloomy and distressed his friend looked.

“We can’t let them get away with this! Let’s march into the hotel and deal with the bastard!” Kefe said hotly.

“I did that earlier but something stopped me or that guy would have been dead by now!” Demola said. “Let’s wait for them to come out then we take it from there.”

“I’m so sorry, man!” Kefe said soothingly. “I can imagine how you’re feeling. I’m shocked too! To think Becky could do this to you, after all the love you showered on her all these years!”

   Demola shook his head.
 “That’s women for you! You can never trust them!” he said bitterly.

“It’s the reason I’m still single. My mother has nagged me about it till she’s fed up with me. She says if I don’t bring a girl home to Warri this year as my potential bride, she’ll marry someone from the village for me! Me, Kefe marry a village girl! No way. I would rather…”

 “Here they come!” Demola said, pointing through the windscreen of the car. Sure enough, there was Becky and Lanre coming out of the hotel entrance.

 Lanre’s arm was draped round her waist and he was gazing lovingly down at her. They looked like a couple on honeymoon. 

Kefe’s blood boiled at the sight and he had a mind to rush out and punch the smug look off the man’s face.

“My God! This is crazy!” he said. Then he turned to Demola.
“Just take it easy man and don’t do something crazy. I’ll handle this. Let’s go!”
They got down from the car and walked purposely towards the lovers.

The car park was brightly lit so Demola could see clearly the look on Becky’s face when she saw him- surprise, shock, confusion and something else he could not fathom.
She was the first to speak.

 “De..Demola!” she stammered. “What’re you doing here?”
 He stood still, his eyes shooting daggers, first at her then at Lanre, who had a puzzled look on his handsome face.

“I should be asking you that question, woman! What are you doing in a hotel with a strange man at (a glance at his wrist), nearly 10 pm?” he said, his voice rising with each word.
 “I…I came to…” her voice faltered.

 “Honey, who’s this?” asked Lanre, giving Demola a head to toe look over.
 Becky found her voice. “He’s my husband,” she said quietly.
 “Oh,” he said. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re here. It’s time you knew the truth, anyway!”

 “What bloody truth are you talking about?” Kefe said angrily. “You should be ashamed of yourself! Messing around with another man’s wife…”
 Demola raised his hand in an authoritative manner.

 “Kefe, I’ve got this!” he said testily, his voice brimming with the anger he was struggling to suppress, but which seemed to boil over at Lanre’s next remark.
“Becky was mine before you took her away. I’m back to take back what originally belonged to me,’ he said firmly.

 Demola took a step forward till he was standing quite close to Lanre.
“How dare you?” he screamed at his rival. “After being caught in the act, you dare open that hole you call a mouth to sprout such rubbish! You bastard!” With that, he threw a powerful punch on Lanre’s face. 
The latter staggered back like one drunk and Demola quickly followed up with another blow that fell him flat on the ground. Becky screamed, shouting on Demola not to kill him.
 But her husband was beyond reason.
Like one possessed, he pounced on Lanre and rained heavy blows and punches on him. When Kefe tried to pry him away from the now prone Lanre, he pushed him furiously away.

 “Let me be! I’ll kill him today! Bastard! You dare mess with me! Next time, you’ll stay off other people’s property,” Demola kept shouting as he beat Lanre up. He tried fighting back but he was no match for the heavier built Demola.

 It took the combined effort of two men, attracted by the screams and shouting, and Kefe to get the enraged Demola off Lanre. By then, Lanre’s face was a bloody mess, his shirt torn and rumpled and he had become unconscious…

 That night at the hotel went by like a blur and I can’t remember all that went down.
 But I remember being lifted off Lanre, then the police arrived and I was taken to the police station within the estate. There I was locked up on charges of assault, battery, harassment, disturbance of the peace and other charges.

 The following morning, Kefe came with a lawyer and arranged bail for me.

 He took me to his house at Gbagada where I stayed for nearly a month. I was reluctant to return home as I did not want to see Becky. I was unsure of the way I would react if I laid eyes on her in my state of mind then. Having an affair with her ex behind my back while pregnant for me! What kind of woman does that?

 Anyway, I should not have worried. Kefe informed me some days after the fracas at the hotel that she had moved out of our marital home.
 “I heard she’s now living with Lanre and they are planning to leave the country soon,” he disclosed.

 I could not be bothered with whatever she did. My concern was for my baby she was carrying. The child was mine and I was determined to fight for its custody whenever she delivered.

 All our friends and family are shocked at the turn of events. Becky’s mother even went to plead with her to return to me but she was adamant. She said she could not live without Lanre, that marrying me was a mistake.

 It was all stated in the letter she wrote to me which I could not bear to read, but which Kefe read to me anyway.

 “God knows I tried loving you, Demola but it was simply impossible. I just can’t forget Lanre and without him, my life will be meaningless. I’m sorry things did not work out for us. But, I believe it’s better I leave now rather than spend the rest of my life in regret and longing for another man. You’ll have access to the baby when it’s born as you are the father. Hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me...”

 Forgive. She wants me to forgive her! The bitch! After all the pain and heartache she caused me! It will take me time and effort to recover from what she did to me but I’ll survive. All I want is my baby. She can go wherever she likes but I will never give up on my baby!

  The End

 Did Demola do the right thing by beating Lanre up? Your comments are welcome!


Dear all,
Thanks for your comments and observations on the blog especially your complaints about the posting of stories. You are right that the posting has not been as regular as it should be and it’s due to my tight work schedule and the other stuff contending for my attention.
 I sincerely apologise for this and plan to remedy the situation as soon as possible. One of these is to have freelance writers as contributors to the blog to reduce the pressure on me. An announcement on this will be made soon.  
In the meantime, please stay tuned and don’t leave your favourite blog. We appreciate your support and loyalty since we started this over a year ago. And we promise to serve you better in the future.
 Thanks and stay blessed!
 Patience (blog Author)

Friday, June 09, 2017

Heartstrings (9)

I entered the hotel and glanced round the reception. I not see Becky or Lanre. I moved towards one of the receptionists at the front desk.

"Good evening, sir. What can I do for you?" the young man said.

"I came to see someone here. His name's Lanre."

"He's our guest. He was here some moments ago with his wife. Is he expecting you, sir?"

"Not really. Actually I..." Then it struck.

"Did you say the lady with him is his wife?" I asked quickly, thinking perhaps I did not hear him properly.

He nodded.

"Yes. She comes here often to see him and...Sir, are you alright? " he asked, a look of concern on his face.

He must have seen the stricken look on mine and the way I gripped the desk.

 "I'm fine," I said, trying to compose myself. 'Can't fall apart now,' I thought as I turned round and walked dazedly out of the reception. My feet were leading me out of the hotel but my brain was telling me something else- to go back in there, seek out the Lanre guy, kill him and do something terrible to my wife. In fact, I was about turning round but reason prevailed and I continued walking away.

"Who will I say asked after him?" I heard the receptionist say behind me but I ignored him and walked like one drunk to my car and slumped on the driver's seat, my face flat on the steering.

'Becky! Becky! How could you do this to me? How?' I kept moaning over and over again...

My phone rang and I raised my head.

"Where are you Demola? I'm heading towards our usual 'joint' so meet me there in the next..." Kefe, my friend was saying on the phone.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Heartstrings (8)

"Lanre who?" I asked sharply. "Where are you calling from?" I added, different thoughts going through my mind. 'It couldn't be that Lanre, could it? He was supposed to be abroad so when did he come back to Nigeria and why's he calling my wife now...'

"Who's it, sweetheart?" said Becky, coming up to stand by me.

I handed the phone to her.

"He said Lanre or something."

"Hello!" she said, then stared at the phone, a thoughtful look on her face. "The call ended before I could speak. That must be Lanre Johnson. He's from the company that wants to sponsor my TV show."

Just then, the phone rang again.

"Hello!" said Becky as she walked towards the kitchen. "Oh, Lanre! How' re you doing? Sorry, I was busy when you called earlier and it was my husband that picked the call..."

I walked slowly towards the couch and sat down, staring blankly at the TV.

"What am I thinking?" I said to myself. I shook my head, picked up the remote and changed the channel.

I don't know how it started. But I noticed that I began to pay more attention whenever Becky was on the phone, something I never did before.

She too was acting weird.

Sometimes, when her phone rang and we were together, she would get up and move away to answer the call.

Maybe I was being too sensitive but I had the distinct feeling my wife was hiding something from me.

One night, in our bedroom, I was lying in bed when she came in from the bathroom after taking a shower.

As she slipped in besides me, I turned and reached for her.


Sunday, June 04, 2017

Heartstrings (8) Preview

It had been long I took my wife out so that Friday, I decided to close early from work so I could drive over to her office and surprise her. I arrived shortly before 7pm and after parking, I dialled her number. It rang but she didn't pick.

After trying a number of times with no success, I decided to go meet her in her office. I was about stepping out of the car when I looked through the windscreen and something caught my eye.

I saw Becky walk out of the building talking and laughing with a tall, slim man. Initially, I thought it was a colleague of hers but on a closer look, he seemed vaguely familiar.

They headed towards the other side of the car park, and as he turned to look at Becky, I got a closer look at his face. It was then I realised who he was and my heart froze....

Watch out for the rest of the story coming soon!
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