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Monday, May 08, 2017

Heartstrings (3)

"Welcome brother," Shalewa, my younger sister who lived with me, said. She had just come out of the kitchen where she must have been cooking for I could perceive the smell of fried chicken and jollof rice.

I responded to her greeting then turned my attention to Jemi who had uncurled herself from the couch.

 "Hi, baby! I've been waiting for you for so long!" she said. She tried to embrace me but I fended her off and moved towards the dining table where my laptop was. She followed me, drew up a chair and sat down.

"Should I bring your food now, brother?"Shalewa, who was standing by the kitchen door, said.

 "I'll eat later," I told her and turned to Jemi.

"What are you doing here, Jemi? I can't remember inviting you over!"

"That's your problem,, Demola! You never want me to come over to your only see me when it suits you. And..." she said, pausing.

"Yes?: I prompted.

"I'm getting sick of it!"

I looked quickly at her.

"You are?"

"Yes," she said, a defiant note in her voice. "This wasn't what I bargained for. I thought..."

"And what were you expecting?" I asked sarcastically. "That I would be with you all day, holding your hand, buying you flowers and chocolates like in the movies?"

She got up then and stood with her hands on her hips, in a kind of combative mode.

"And what's wrong with that? I'm your girlfriend but you're so cold to me. The only time you show any emotions is when we are in bed. Is sex the only thing between us?" she asked, her voice rising.

"What else is there?" I countered. "You knew what to expect when we started this. So, what's with this attitude? "

 "Look Demola," she said in a softer tone of voice. "I thought I would be ok with just what we had. But...Truth is, I'm in love with you!"

I gave her a searching look.

 "You are what"? I asked.

She drew close and  placed her hand on my shoulder.

"I love you! I tried fighting it but it's just not working. I want you for real, not just as a fling but a real relationship. Can we have that baby?" she cajoled. She bent as if to kiss me but I pushed her away and stood up abruptly.

"What's wrong with you, Jemi? Control yourself! I told you right from the beginning that I could never love you. So, what's all this bullshit you're sprouting?"

"Is it because she's back?" she said petulantly

"What are you talking about?" I demanded.

"Your precious Becky! You're acting this way because she's back in the country. Let me give you a word of advice. She'll never love you! That bitch will keep stringing you along till eternity because her heart belongs to some one else. So just..."

I lost my cool then.

"Shut the f...k up!" I shouted at her. "How dare you!"
I slapped her then. The force must have been much because she staggered and fell, her face twisted up in pain. My wrist was bunched up as if to hit her again when my sister rushed into the room.

"Brother Demola, what's going on here?"

To be continued

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