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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Love Affair (2)

The guys congratulated Samson for making an honest woman out of Bolanle. Everyone’s attention drifted to the newly engaged couple. Just when I thought I was let off the hook, Sade said:

“I’m so happy one of us is out of the market now oo, Lola you’re next.” She winked at me. I smiled back.

“Do you guys remember how they met?” Everyone except the victims nodded.

Samson answered, “This goat here was dating that other girl… what was her name again?”

“Vera… Cynthia… Charity or Chasity? Which one na?”

They all bust out laughing.

I noticed Dele hadn’t said a word since our friends started patronizing us. I feared he would think I put them up to this.

“Since Dele doesn’t want to man up and take you off the market, I will gladly accept you. You know I’ve always had a thing for—”

“Nah… shes fine.” Dele cut in. Shaking his head, he sipped from his glass of wine. Everyone’s attention fell on him.

“What do you mean nah? Oh na now you wan speak up?”

“Babe like I was saying,” Philip continued, “we could go on a date some time next week, what do you say?” Before I could respond, Dele spoke again. His voice this time held annoyance.

“Lola will be busy with me in the office next week so I don’t think you guys can do that; am I right?” He asked me, looking straight into my eyes. We stayed like that, eyes caught in each others as if the world stood still for us only.

“Hey she can speak for herself joor. Are you her husband? Sheybi you said you guys are not dating?” Sade broke the connection. I blinked and looked down on my food, embarrassed at Sade’s questions.

He scoffed and a smiled followed, a smile I knew too well.

“I think its time I take my leave.” He got up.

“Hey, hey it hasn’t come to that Dele. Guy where is your fun bone at?” They tried getting him to stay but he wasn’t having it. He began walking towards where I was sitting. My heart began to beat really fast as he came closer. The suspense on everyone’s eyes made the room hotter.

“Goodnight Lola.” He whispered so close to my ears. His hot breath I felt close to my lips. He was gone before I or the rest of our friends could even blink.

Sade with her big mouth hissed. “Let him go joor. I don’t know why Dele is always grumpy. The poor boy needs some servicing oo.” She laughed.  His seat was empty, but his presence although missed, we continued with our meal.

After dinner, Sade wanted to stay for a movie night.

“Babe, I’m very tired ehn, and I got a lot of work to finish up at the office…”I lied. ” maybe some other time?”

She hugged me and followed along side Philip and the rest who were waiting for her. They all came in the same car. After seeing them off, I came back into my house and crawled into my bed.

Holding my pillows dear I sighed. I was frustrated. I realized if it wasn’t going to be Dele then it would never be anyone else. A text message came in just as I was about beating myself up. I stretched my hand for my phone which I had thrown at the other end of my bed.

“Lola I’m outside your door.”

I jumped out of my bed. I began to quickly place things back in order after the tossing and turning I had been doing. After I made sure the bed was set, I went into my closet and brought out my red lingerie; Dele’s favorite one.

I cat walked to my door and opened.

He smiled when he saw me.

“You didn’t waste your time honey.” He picked me up and the rest is our secret.


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