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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nene's Choice ( 7 )


To think she had foolishly clung on to him for the fear of what people would say about the respectable Engineer Nene having a failed marriage.

 For fear of the stigma of being a divorcee or worse still being a barren divorcee in the Nigerian society where all of one’s personal achievements were insignificant as long as you did not have a husband and kids to show for it.

Nene thought about going back to the office to ask for her old job back but she felt it would lead to lots of questions from her colleagues about her sudden change of heart.

 Instead, she decided she would stick to her original plan of getting another job somewhere else and keep up the pretext with her husband to find out more about his game plan and about this Jumobi mistress of his.

She got home and prepared a delicious meal, had a bath and got dressed in a nice figure hugging gown taking her time to apply some perfume and fresh make up.  

Zel got home shortly after 10pm and was surprised to find his wife waiting for him.

She got up and embraced him briefly trying her best not to strangle him, even managing to flash him a smile.

“Welcome home, darling!” she said taking in the look on his face

“What is the meaning of all this?” he asked suspiciously

“Ah, ah, can’t a lady make a nice meal for her husband? I know we’ve had our ups and downs but now I no longer have a job, I want to spend every single minute of the day taking care of you,” Nene continued, taking his coat from him, folding it and placing it carefully on the back of a chair.

“From now on, I have undertaken to make sure I am looking after you properly, cleaning after you, cooking all your meals including lunch and generally playing the doting wife. 

I just want to show you how much you mean to me and how I really appreciate the man that you are!” 

She nearly bit her tongue as the lies rolled off smoothly thinking in her mind how good it would feel to scream at him and call him the cheat she had found him out to be but she knew that would only give him another excuse to pounce on her.

“Hmm Nene, this is a serious turnaround and I am glad you have seen sense. I told you that job was the reason you had been abdicating your duties as a humble wife, see now not even 24 hours and you’ve realised what I have been trying to beat into your thick skull!” he posited.

“But thank you for taking the trouble to do all this on my behalf. I will just have a small bite as I am not really hungry and then I am off to bed I am afraid as unlike you some of us have to go to work”

“I understand,” Nene responded in what she hoped was a meek enough voice whilst fighting the rising bile in the pit of her stomach. 

“Eat what you can oh!" she said, thinking what a callous pig her husband was. She knew he had been out with his mistress, probably eating at her flat then exhausting himself with the vigorous copulation they must have been engaged in before dragging his sorry self back to their home to continue the charade.

Well, two can play that game, she thought as she watched him chewing softly on the food in front of him.

 To be continued

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