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Monday, January 23, 2017

Nene's Choice (6)

Four weeks later, Nene packed her things from the office and left the job she loved and had so excelled at. 

Everyone was shocked to see her give up such a promising job where they all thought she had been pencilled in for a future as the youngest CEO of the company.

 The only plausible reason they could see for her abrupt departure was if she was already pregnant.

Nene was a bit forlorn at being forced out of a job she had loved but she looked on the bright side, telling herself she would spend this time between jobs to work on her marriage.

 She vowed to try to rekindle the romance and on the spur of the moment decided to head off into the town mall to look for a nice present for her man.

At the mall, she went to the men’s shop where she hoped to find a nice suit.

Nene was still browsing when she overheard a couple having a heated exchange, the female voice sounded upset.

“I don’t know for how long I can wait;  you promised to put things in place for us to be together permanently” …

“Jumobi, I know what I promised. Have I not shown you how serious I am

 I got you the flat and that nice car you love. I spend all my spare time with you… and as you know I have been making life a living hell for my wife, up to the extent where I have forced her to give up her job.” came the male voice, trying to soothe his female companion.

“I am telling you that I have it all in hand. If I divorce her, she will wreck my chances of progressing in the oil and gas industry.

 She is well known and respected and a lot of key industry players are bound to side with her and take it out on me for treating her badly,” he said.

“So, does that mean I have to keep hanging on in limbo, waiting for this plan to come together?” the lady replied

“Sweetheart, it is only for a short while. I want to totally make sure she is destroyed in her career and other areas. 

Once I make sure she has no income, I will seize all our assets and send her packing, then she will not have the financial backing to fight me and we will be rid of her for good.”

“After all, I have managed to stop myself from getting her pregnant. 

I rarely sleep with her, making sure I pick fights whenever it looks like she is ovulating and I stop myself from releasing by pretending I am there long before I feel myself coming,” he said.

 “That way the bitch does not use the excuse of a baby to tie me down.”

Nene inched closer to get a glimpse of this treacherous couple and nearly fainted when she realised it was her own husband, her very own Zel who had been plotting with this strange woman to destroy her. 

She quickly regained her composure and retreated behind a row of shirts, hoping she had become inconspicuous to the two of them.

Edging slowly towards the exit of the shop, she calmly walked out trying not to call attention to herself. 

So this explained a lot of mysteries in her so called marriage! The realisation cut her to the bone and Nene wound down the glass as she sat in her car, trying to catch her breathe.

Her husband had a mistress and was doing his best to slowly and systematically destroy her all because he did not want the stigma of failing as a big boy in his career and marriage.

   To be continued

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