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Monday, January 30, 2017

Nene's Choice (9)

Nene woke up to find herself in a hospital bed, the doctor smiled warmly at her…

”Ah madam Nene, you are up. What happened this time now. Did you fall down the stairs or run into another door?” Dr Omawunmi bent gently over her to look at the swelling at the back of her head.

 It felt huge and Nene started to cry. "Now dear, pull yourself together. We are all clumsy sometimes and you have only a slight concussion. 

You were very lucky not to have broken your neck but you know you can’t keep having these sort of accidents. This is the fourth time I have had you brought in unconscious by your husband,” she pointed out trying not to look like she was prying

“Do your parents know you are prone to having such “accidents”? the elderly doctor continued kindly

“Someone like yourself must surely be aware of the risks of having these many “accidents. I'm worried that one day you may not be so lucky to escape with only a mild concussion and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news to your parents. 

So, please try to take care of whatever appears to be leading to these unfortunate incidents."

Nene’s tears became a torrent and she found herself confiding in the kind elderly doctor.

“Doctor, it’s my husband, I think he wants to kill me so he can inherit my property and marry another wife. 

He beats me at the slightest opportunity and I overhead him plotting to get rid of me with his mistress.

  I even made a video diary of his activities and I have taken steps to protect my assets in the event of anything happening to me but he doesn’t know.

 I'm just afraid to give up on my marriage and to bear the stigma of having failed as a wife and to also not have been able to have even one child to call my own. I don’t care too much about the money but I don’t want to be a divorcee.

“There, there my child,” Dr. Omawunmi said soothingly

“What is more relevant for you?" Dr Omawunmi asked “To bear the stigma of being a barren divorcee or for you to end up dead in a mortuary ehn?”

I too, have been through a divorce as I was in a similar position like yours. But I did not want to die at the hands of the unfortunate man I called my husband. So, after six years of abuse and three children I calmly packed myself and my kids and I left the man.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Nene's Choice ( 8 )

Next day she threw herself into finding another job, firing off applications for suitable roles and sending an updated CV to a few headhunters she knew.

She also took up the role of playing the doting wife to Zel with great zeal, cooking cleaning, fussing over him when he was running late, popping into the office from time to time to drop of lovely packed lunches, and generally making sure she did nothing to provoke him so that there was a window of calm in the turbulent sea that was their marriage.

Whilst Zel was blissfully unaware of his wife’s knowledge of his affair he continued to cavort with the delectable Jumobi, congratulating himself for finally putting his wife exactly where he wanted her as a docile submissive housewife.

Meanwhile Nene managed to convince him that her joblessness had presented them with the perfect opportunity to renovate some of their properties, she would do the running around and manage the projects while he focused on his job.

Under the pretext of project renovations, Nene quietly started to syphon money out of their joint account, inflating the price of contractors’ estimates and bringing in several different documents for her husband: Zelinjo to sign. 

He happily signed them without reading through any of the documentation, such was the level of trust he had for her.

Eventually the projects were finished and Nene had all the relevant documentation to hand and signed in her name as her lawyer had instructed her to do.

 *** Nene then went into phase two of her action plan; she took to trailing her husband from a distance.

Making a note of the places he visited frequently and who he was meeting with. She made a video recording of all such movements and managed to catch a few good shots of her own husband smooching his mistress in public, sometimes in the company of his good for nothing friends.

All this time she remained cool and calmly played the doting wife, which soon began to irritate her husband, as he could not find the usual excuses to beat her to a pulp.

He still continued looking for a pretext to pick quarrels but Nene often maintained a stony silence where in the past she would have maybe tried to proffer an explanation for the latest sin.

Eventually Zel finally told Nene he was no longer interested in the marriage as she was yet to give him a baby after eight years of marriage.

“Frankly, I am tired of the societal stigma of remaining childless after so many years of wedlock,” he explained one day.

 “We always seem to fight and these days all you do is just laze around the house!”

“I really do not see the point of this so called union and it will be better if we go and try our luck with other people” he said

“It’s easy for you to say, you know what it is like to be with other people but I cannot say the same for me,” Nene responded

“What are you implying?” Zel demanded

“I am not implying anything oh, I am just saying I have only been with one man and I don’t want to try another one!” she responded quietly.

 “Besides what will people say, and I don’t want the stigma of being called a barren divorcee and for people to be looking at me in pity.”

“Well suit yourself, but going forward let it be known that I do not consider you to be useful as a wife to me, since you have shown yourself to be incapable of having even one child for me,” he said cruelly.

“Zel, but is it my fault, why does the blame reside only with me, when the doctor said we were both able to bear children?" she said. 

“Shut up, are you saying I should blame myself?” he said striking her hard across the mouth.

“If I ever hear that crap coming out of your cake hole, I will strangle you do you hear me?” he shouted angrily.

 “What intelligent person has not figured out it is because your eggs have become old and shrivelled that we are in this sorry situation all in the name of you becoming a career woman!” 

Slap, he hit her again with such force that she felt herself flying across the room, banging her head against the wall with a loud thud, she became unconsciousness

  To be continued

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nene's Choice ( 7 )


To think she had foolishly clung on to him for the fear of what people would say about the respectable Engineer Nene having a failed marriage.

 For fear of the stigma of being a divorcee or worse still being a barren divorcee in the Nigerian society where all of one’s personal achievements were insignificant as long as you did not have a husband and kids to show for it.

Nene thought about going back to the office to ask for her old job back but she felt it would lead to lots of questions from her colleagues about her sudden change of heart.

 Instead, she decided she would stick to her original plan of getting another job somewhere else and keep up the pretext with her husband to find out more about his game plan and about this Jumobi mistress of his.

She got home and prepared a delicious meal, had a bath and got dressed in a nice figure hugging gown taking her time to apply some perfume and fresh make up.  

Zel got home shortly after 10pm and was surprised to find his wife waiting for him.

She got up and embraced him briefly trying her best not to strangle him, even managing to flash him a smile.

“Welcome home, darling!” she said taking in the look on his face

“What is the meaning of all this?” he asked suspiciously

“Ah, ah, can’t a lady make a nice meal for her husband? I know we’ve had our ups and downs but now I no longer have a job, I want to spend every single minute of the day taking care of you,” Nene continued, taking his coat from him, folding it and placing it carefully on the back of a chair.

“From now on, I have undertaken to make sure I am looking after you properly, cleaning after you, cooking all your meals including lunch and generally playing the doting wife. 

I just want to show you how much you mean to me and how I really appreciate the man that you are!” 

She nearly bit her tongue as the lies rolled off smoothly thinking in her mind how good it would feel to scream at him and call him the cheat she had found him out to be but she knew that would only give him another excuse to pounce on her.

“Hmm Nene, this is a serious turnaround and I am glad you have seen sense. I told you that job was the reason you had been abdicating your duties as a humble wife, see now not even 24 hours and you’ve realised what I have been trying to beat into your thick skull!” he posited.

“But thank you for taking the trouble to do all this on my behalf. I will just have a small bite as I am not really hungry and then I am off to bed I am afraid as unlike you some of us have to go to work”

“I understand,” Nene responded in what she hoped was a meek enough voice whilst fighting the rising bile in the pit of her stomach. 

“Eat what you can oh!" she said, thinking what a callous pig her husband was. She knew he had been out with his mistress, probably eating at her flat then exhausting himself with the vigorous copulation they must have been engaged in before dragging his sorry self back to their home to continue the charade.

Well, two can play that game, she thought as she watched him chewing softly on the food in front of him.

 To be continued

Monday, January 23, 2017

Nene's Choice (6)

Four weeks later, Nene packed her things from the office and left the job she loved and had so excelled at. 

Everyone was shocked to see her give up such a promising job where they all thought she had been pencilled in for a future as the youngest CEO of the company.

 The only plausible reason they could see for her abrupt departure was if she was already pregnant.

Nene was a bit forlorn at being forced out of a job she had loved but she looked on the bright side, telling herself she would spend this time between jobs to work on her marriage.

 She vowed to try to rekindle the romance and on the spur of the moment decided to head off into the town mall to look for a nice present for her man.

At the mall, she went to the men’s shop where she hoped to find a nice suit.

Nene was still browsing when she overheard a couple having a heated exchange, the female voice sounded upset.

“I don’t know for how long I can wait;  you promised to put things in place for us to be together permanently” …

“Jumobi, I know what I promised. Have I not shown you how serious I am

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nene's Choice (5)

Nene crawled to the en-suite bathroom, whimpering in pain as she spat one front tooth and salivary blood out of her mouth. 

She sat under the hot shower for a long time, letting the warm water soothe her bruised body.

This was another one of many vicious attacks Nene had come to expect from Zel. Any little argument often escalated to the point of violence mostly without warning and mostly with Zel doing the beating.

Nene felt a lot less bruised when she stepped out of the bathroom. She thought long and hard about where her marriage was heading. 

 Her husband seemed to become more and more irate by the minute. She rationalized that he had always been a moody and sometimes verbally abusive person for as long as she could remember.

 He had always been very cutting and brusque with his immediate family and never seemed to have much patience with his mother and sisters.

 He was always very patronizing to them but she always felt she had a special bond with him and she was the only one who could help him find peace and calm.

She had tried her best to be the best wife she could to him and had gone over and above the call of duty but nothing ever seemed to be enough. 

Maybe if she did as he wanted and settled into a different job then things could get better. After all, it was just a job he was asking her to give up and not her career.

If he felt threatened with her presence in that office then she could always leave and get another similar job elsewhere.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nene's Choice (4)

Rather than congratulate and support his wife in her climb up the career ladder, Zel took great pleasure in humiliating her behind closed doors.

 He often reminded her not to forget he got her the job in the first place and that she may be the boss of all those nonentities at the office but at home he was still the man and her boss. 

So, she had to remember to climb down her high house and attend to his every beck and call.

Nene did everything to compensate at home, contributing her lion’s share to household expenses, making sure all their property and investments were in joint names, letting him have full control of their finances.

But no matter what she did, it was never enough.

 He was not getting promoted as quickly as he felt he deserved and decided the only justification for Nene’s climb up the ladder must have been as a result of some effective 'bottom power' movement and illicit liaisons with her line manager.

‘”One day you will confess and say the truth about your affairs with your boss," he said after she informed him of yet another award, refusing to even acknowledge her achievement. 

 “Are you the only one in that office? Why must it always be you getting this and that? There is no logical reason why out of almost two hundred engineers you keep getting all the awards!

 I am sick of your pretentious behaviour and I do not trust you, so I am going to give you a simple ultimatum. You either leave that job or I leave that office for you.”

“Everybody is gossiping about how I am the 'mugu' in the love triangle whilst you are having a cosy time with your boss," he said.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nene's Choice (3)

They spent every spare moment they could together during this time and Zel soon graduated and got a job working for olan oil company whilst she continued with her studies. 

She lived for the love they shared and counted each moment until they were together again.

Even after the blissful years of dating she could hardly believe her luck that out of all the 'correct' girls on campus, he had chosen her. 

Nene, the campus loner, the shy and retiring wallflower who never hung out with anybody to be reckoned with and yet somehow she had managed to bag herself one of the hot happening club boys who had gone on to become one of the most eligible bachelors in town working as a manager at a renowned Oil and Gas Company.

 Most people wondered what he saw in her and secretly she wandered the same as their affair had since become a constant feature in most of the gossip rags around town.

 Nene took it all in stride and eventually finished her course at University and having served the mandatory youth service, with Zel’s connection she managed to get a job working in the same company.

Soon after, they got married and the future looked very promising for the young couple.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nene's Choice (2)

She had never felt so irrelevant in all her life. One minute he was being friendly and chatty then the next minute he had switched into this incredibly arrogant person. 

Who the hell did he think he was? She thought fuming silently but in time she would come to know more about this Jekyll and Hyde character that would be a hallmark for Zelinjo.

She walked briskly to the Library and hoped she never ever had the bad fortune of setting eyes on that creepy guy ever again.

But as fate would have it over the next few weeks, she seemed to always run into him loitering around as usual in front of her girls hostel, chatting up a number of random girls but never giving her a second glance or even acknowledging her as though he was doing his best to ignore her.

She too did the same and avoided any form of eye contact with him, especially as she had now decided after their brief encounter that she did not particularly like him or any of his stupid lay about friends.

They always seemed to move through a constant supply off fawning moronic girls and it never failed to amaze Nene how the stupid girls happily waited in turn to be asked out by any of those shady guys knowing they would be dumped for the next bimbo. 

Why were these girls forever stupid, she mused.

“Hey, watch it!" she heard what seemed like a frantic call. She had been lost in her musings and had not taken any notice of the white BMW heading in her direction. 

“I’m sorry,” she said on autopilot before turning around to see his face looking mildly irritated at her. 
“Why don’t you look where you’re going? I could have run you over just now and nothing would have happened remember this is Naija! Better pay attention! Next time you might not be so lucky, stupid jambite girl” he mouthed off rudely at her.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Nene's Choice (1)

Zelinjo had once been the man of her dreams who had now turned out to be her worst nightmare.
They had met at the University; he had been a year four student, a 'happening' campus dude normally referred to as an 'omo-boy' and she was a year one fresher or jambito as was the normal slang around campus. 

He and his friends were well known on campus and were to be seen hanging around the girls’ hostel 'razzling' and ferrying girls around campus, feeling cool and always seemingly idle.

Nene was terrified of campus life, as she did not seem to fit in with the happening crowd there. She had been lucky to have passed her JAMB exams on her first attempt and gotten into Uni straight after secondary school, spending only the mandatory nine months waiting for SSCE / WAEC and JAMB results.

This meant she was one of the youngest girls in her set who didn’t seem to know anyone unlike most of the other girls in her year who were fairly acquainted with each other having attended different JAMB classes around town in their quest to pass the gruelling Uni entrance exams.

 She never got any invites to parties nor did she have any of the million 'razzlers' (admirers) the other Jambites seemed to have. 
Apart from being a petite and shy person, Nene was the only daughter and last child of her parents who had led a very conservative and cosseted lifestyle until getting into University. 

The only people she got to hang out with were the handful of very dry engineering girls in her year that would not have recognized what it meant to be bubbly even if it hit them between the eyes.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (7) back home

 "You see, Jay. I'm...Truth is, I don't belong here. I..."

I know, babe," Jay cut in quickly. "That's the more reason why I need to do this. So, you can have a sense of belonging. So, my family can accept you."

Taking her hand, he said: "Baby, will you marry me?"

Conflicting emotions - joy,  excitement,  sorrow, despair- flashed through her expressive eyes for a moment as she gazed silently at him.

Thinking she was disappointed due to the absence of a ring, Jay said:

"Sorry there's no ring. I planned getting one so I could do things properly but there's been no time and..."

"It's not that Jay! I'm afraid, marriage between us won't work. Your mother and family members all hate me. How can we marry under such circumstances? "

"Shush, babe! Don't worry about my mother. She'll come round. I'm her darling and favourite child, you know.She won't stay angry with me for long. So?" he asked, his right brow raised.

"You really want to do this? With all my baggage?  With what people say about me? Being an 'ogbanje' and all?"

He smiled at her, pinching her smooth cheek.

"I don't care what people say! What matters is how we feel about each other. I love you, babe. You've brought so much joy and order into my life. You know what I was like when we first met.
 I was a wild club freak- hanging out most weekends at the club, getting drunk and ending up in bed with a different girl each night. With you Reena, it's different. You made me think of the future for the first time. And that future can't be complete without you."

"Oh, Jay," she said, flinging herself into his arms.

He grinned at her.  "Is that a yes then?"

She nodded.

"Yes, Jay. I want to be your wife!"

He held her face close to his, looking into her sparkling eyes, then kissed her on the nose.

"This calls for a celebration!," said Jay excitedly. "Where do you want to go, babe? Club? Restaurant?  Anywhere you want even if it's the moon, I'm game!"

"For real? You really can take me to the moon?" she asked.

He got up, bowed and spreading his arms wide,  said:

"This is Jay, the 'Superman' at your service, my queen!"

She laughed and jumped up from the couch.
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