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Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (Promo)

Our new series 'My *Mammy Water Girlfriend' will begin running this weekend. Don't miss this exciting tale of love, obsession, romance and intrigue with a mix of mystery and the exotic.
 Here's an excerpt of the story:

 The dance floor was full, with pulsating music throbbing at deafening levels, the figures moving to the beats.

Jay stood at the edge, observing the scene, a bottle of beer in his hand. That evening he was not in the mood to dance; he just came to chill out with Okey, his friend and colleague at the office.

 He took a swig of his drink and was about turning away when he saw her.

 She stood a few feet away, dancing alone, separate from everyone on the dance floor,  as if in that throng of bodies, she was in a world of her own...

Note: 'Mammy Water' is a local term for mermaid

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