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Monday, December 26, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (5)

 "Why?" What do I need to see a pastor for? Reena queried. It was Sunday morning and Jay had woken up with a hangover from all the booze he had drunk the night before at the club.

 He would have preferred to sleep for a few more hours as his head ached but this was something he needed to do.

So, he had dragged himself out of bed and made for the kitchen where Reena was preparing breakfast.

"You look like crap!" she said as he entered the kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table, his head on his forehead.
"Here, drink this. It will clear your head," said Reena, placing a glass of warm lime and ginger juice on the table.

"Thanks,  Sweet," he said. He took a sip of the drink, grimaced and drank more.

After a while, he felt clear headed enough to bring up the matter uppermost in his mind- the need to seek a solution to her problem.

 "It's for your own good Reena," he said, trying to make her see reason.
"You're going through some form of spiritual attack which needs sorting out."

She shook her head

"Nobody's attacking me. Besides, I'm not in bondage so why do you say I need to go for deliverance?"

 He really tried but she was adamant, refusing bluntly to see anyone in respect of her 'troubles'.

As she moved around the kitchen preparing the meal, he watched her keenly, his eyes settling on her rounded backside emphasised by the bum shorts she wore. He wondered if he should ask her directly if she really is what Okey thought she might be.

'But she doesn't look like one,' he thought.'But how will I recognise an 'ogbanje' when I've never seen one?' he wondered.

"What are you staring at like that?" asked Reena, turning round to gaze at him.

He went to her at the sink and held her by the waist.

"Have I told you how sexy you look in these shorts?"

He turned her round and began to kiss her on the neck, moving up to her lips.

"Jay! What are you doing? Breakfast's almost ready. Let's..."

"This," he murmured as his lips trailed down her chest, "is sweeter than breakfast!"

 The story continues tomorrow. Here's a peek of the next episode:


"Wife? What wife? When did you marry her? Anyway it's not going to happen as long as I'm alive!" she declared.

"That's not the issue now. She's staying with me and you can't just come and kick her out! Where do you want her to go?"

"She should go back to where she came from or did she fall from the sky?" the woman retorted, not ready to budge from her hard line posture..

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