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Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend ( Finale Promo)

"Your uncle seems nice. Thought he was going to be difficult,  you know make all kinds of crazy demands like some relatives do," said Jay.

Reena shrugged.

"He had no choice but cooperate. Afterall,  I'm not a little girl still living under his roof. I'm 25, a grown woman; old enough to make my own decisions. "

Jay took her hand and kissed it.

"Thanks, babe. I promise you won't regret this!"

 Watch out for the rest of the story tonight! Don't miss it!

Hope y'all have a wonderful day and may the coming year be filled with joy, laughter and abundant blessings for you and your loved ones!
Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (6)

The following weekend, Jay was at the barber's having a haircut when he got a frantic phone call from Reena.

She sounded upset as if she had been crying.
"You need to come home right now, Jay!" she said.

As he drove the short distance to his house, he wondered what could have happened.

Had the so-called 'spirit' husband suddenly showed up in the flesh or what, he wondered.

Reena was sitting on the steps of the verandah of his apartment, surrounded by suitcases and other luggage.

"What's going on here?" he asked, as he stepped out of the car.

She ran up to him.

"Your mother, Jay. She came and...and..." she said, her voice breaking.

"My mother's around? And she threw you out of the house? Where's she?" he demanded, noting her dishevelled look, her eyes dull- looking and red rimmed from weeping.

She nodded towards the house.

 "Are you ok? Come with me," he said, holding her by the shoulders.

Inside the house, his mother and Aunty Grace, her younger sister were at the dining table, eating and talking.

"Oh, Jacob, you're back. Come and join us. I brought your favourite vegetable soup and..."

Usually, Jay was always happy to see his mother whenever she came visiting from her Ikorodu home but not that day; not after what she had done to Reena.

"What's the meaning of this, Mama?
Why are you doing this to my wife? How can you just come here and throw her out like that?"

"Wife? What wife? When did you marry her? Anyway it's not going to happen as long as I'm alive!" she declared.

"That's not the issue now, Mama. She's staying with me and you can't just come and kick her out! Where do you want her to go?"

Monday, December 26, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (5)

 "Why?" What do I need to see a pastor for? Reena queried. It was Sunday morning and Jay had woken up with a hangover from all the booze he had drunk the night before at the club.

 He would have preferred to sleep for a few more hours as his head ached but this was something he needed to do.

So, he had dragged himself out of bed and made for the kitchen where Reena was preparing breakfast.

"You look like crap!" she said as he entered the kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table, his head on his forehead.
"Here, drink this. It will clear your head," said Reena, placing a glass of warm lime and ginger juice on the table.

"Thanks,  Sweet," he said. He took a sip of the drink, grimaced and drank more.

After a while, he felt clear headed enough to bring up the matter uppermost in his mind- the need to seek a solution to her problem.

 "It's for your own good Reena," he said, trying to make her see reason.
"You're going through some form of spiritual attack which needs sorting out."

She shook her head

"Nobody's attacking me. Besides, I'm not in bondage so why do you say I need to go for deliverance?"

 He really tried but she was adamant, refusing bluntly to see anyone in respect of her 'troubles'.

As she moved around the kitchen preparing the meal, he watched her keenly, his eyes settling on her rounded backside emphasised by the bum shorts she wore. He wondered if he should ask her directly if she really is what Okey thought she might be.

'But she doesn't look like one,' he thought.'But how will I recognise an 'ogbanje' when I've never seen one?' he wondered.

"What are you staring at like that?" asked Reena, turning round to gaze at him.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Season's Greetings!

 From all of us at Escapades!, we send the warmest wishes to all our visitors and fans round the world that this day be filled with joy, happiness and peace for you and your loved ones! Have a merry Christmas and a fun filled holiday!

 The next episode of our ongoing series will be posted later today. Don't miss it!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (4)

He carried her to his room and laid her on the bed.
"Put off the light, Jay."

 "Why?" he asked as he began to undress.

 But she insisted so he complied,  thinking she was shy about exposing her body as some ladies were.

By then, he was so much in the throes of desire for her, he was ready to do anything she wanted.

He quickly shed the rest of his clothes and soon, all that could be heard in the room were Reena's soft gasps as he placed light kisses all over her, her scrumptious body and butter-soft skin igniting his passion even more to feverish levels.

After that first night together, a besotted Jay, who wanted her around all the time, made her move in with him.

"I want to see you at my doorstep whenever I come home from work."

Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (3)

Jay stood at the balcony of his apartment, frowning deeply. He had known Reena was difficult.

 Look how long it took him to make her accept him, to be his girlfriend- nearly three months after he had first met her at the niteclub.

 Because of her, the club almost became his second home as that was the only place she chose to hang out with him.

Later, when she finally agreed to visit him at home, he had been elated. He felt then that he was getting somewhere with her for by this time, he had become quite obsessed with her.

He thought of her all day long even at work when he was at important meetings.

 He wanted more than anything to make her his, body and soul.
So, why was she acting this way, he wondered.

 Four months of dating, of spending time and doing things together, yet the one thing he wanted so much from her was denied him.

"You can't!" she would push him away whenever he wanted something more than a kiss.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (3) Promo

 What's next for Jay and the mysterious Reena?  Join us later tonight for the sizzling details.

Here's a peek of the next episode:

She looked at him askance, her brows raised.    

"And what's that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"It shows you don't love me. That you don't want to commit yourself to me.".

Reema sighed, and taking his hand, said:

"Is doing what you want the only way of proving my love for you? "

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (2)

"Hey , man!" I've told you all I know! I've not seen the girl here! You think I'll see someone who fits your description and I won't remember? " Victor, the barman said in an exasperated tone.

Jay had been pestering him all night over the mystery lady he was looking for. It had been the same the weekend before, and the one before that. He was getting sick of it all.

He dragged his eyes from the picture of a sexy Nollywood actress he had been ogling on his phone, to look at Jay who sat dejectedly on a stool by the bar, nursing a drink.

 He had been sitting there for most of the evening,  just drinking, sighing and gazing around as
if expecting someone.

 He had known Jay for about a year since he started patronising the club and they had become quite friendly. He was a cheerful, friendly, fun loving young man who loved life.

He had never seen him look so dull before and all because of a woman!

Who was she anyway, and why was he searching so frantically for her, Victor wondered.

Maybe a girlfriend who he did something really bad to, to make her dump his sorry ass. Yes, that must it, he thought with a smirk.

He felt sorry for him though, so he said:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (1)

They parted once they entered the niteclub, with Jay making his way upstairs, while Okey, his friend and colleague headed for the restroom.

To Okey, a night of heavy drinking began with an empty stomach so 'there'll be enough room for all the booze I want,' he often said.

"See you," said Jay. At the bar, he ordered a bottle of beer and stood, chatting with Victor, who managed the bar.

"Busy night," Jay said, his eyes roving round.
 "More than usual," said Victor. " My feet are killing me."

 "Maybe you should take me as your assistant to help out," said Jay.

"And have you and that drunk of a friend of yours drink up all my booze? No way!" he said, reaching for a glass to pour a shot of brandy for a customer. 

Jay laughed and picking up his beer, climbed the few steps that led up to the platform which overlooked the dance floor. 

 It was full, with pulsating music throbbing at deafening levels, the dancers moving to the beats.

Jay stood at the edge of the platform, leaning on the railings, observing the scene. That evening he was not in the mood to dance; all he wanted was drink,  chill out with Okey and other friends.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Mammy Water Girlfriend (Promo)

Our new series 'My *Mammy Water Girlfriend' will begin running this weekend. Don't miss this exciting tale of love, obsession, romance and intrigue with a mix of mystery and the exotic.
 Here's an excerpt of the story:

 The dance floor was full, with pulsating music throbbing at deafening levels, the figures moving to the beats.

Jay stood at the edge, observing the scene, a bottle of beer in his hand. That evening he was not in the mood to dance; he just came to chill out with Okey, his friend and colleague at the office.

 He took a swig of his drink and was about turning away when he saw her.

 She stood a few feet away, dancing alone, separate from everyone on the dance floor,  as if in that throng of bodies, she was in a world of her own...

Note: 'Mammy Water' is a local term for mermaid

Friday, December 09, 2016

The Television Show (3)

  Days before the taping of the show, Jolomi watched as Claudine worked, ate, talked and even slept with excitement. She called friends and family telling them that she and her 'mari' will be appearing on National TV. For sure, many of their friends would be watching that day.

 So, unsurprisingly, on the day of the show’s taping, a large company of friends accompanied them to the studio.

The journey to the studio was a long one for Jolomi; he kept thinking, as he felt the show would expose his fa├žade and his inability to integrate with the French culture. He imagined how tough the questions would be, how he will mumble helplessly, and maybe eventually snap out in anger.

He imagined he’ll be asked Claudine’s favourite brand of cigarette and he would not know, be asked his favourite French dish and he’ll not have one. He wished there were better ways to be exposed rather than on National TV; how he hated Patrice for giving this 'special gift.'

There were bright lights, huge cameras and attendants carrying all kinds of gadgets. It was twenty minutes before the taping of the show, and Claudine and Jolomi were in the studio, on stage, ready. The multitude of friends who followed them was seated in the live audience section, waving and smiling.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Television Show (2)

Like every typical Nigerian child, Jolomi grew up associating cigarettes with hooliganism and irresponsibility. But when he arrived in France, he saw that smoking was a fashion statement rather than a rebellious act.

 He observed that it was an activity enjoyed by responsible-looking people, business men, teenagers, and celebrities.

And even his chain-smoking significant other, Claudine was not left out. The bed, the sofas and sometimes even their baby’s toys smelt of cigarette smoke. It was Claudine’s signature in the house.

  Three years ago, when Jolomi ate pounded yam and banga soup at an African restaurant in Chateau Rouge, Paris, he did not know that it would be his last African meal. His marriage to Claudine had introduced him to an array of French cuisine he could not understand.

He knew he had lost a lot of weight since their marriage- all those vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables seemed to be doing him no good, but how could he complain? After all you’re supposed to “do like the Romans  when in Rome”…and also eat like them.

  Even, Claudine’s show of affection in public seemed to concern him. When he first arrived in France and saw teenagers kissing on the street, Jolomi was quick to condemn such “despicable” act. But today, he had to cope with Claudine snuggles in public places, and pretend to enjoy them.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Television Show ( 1)

Marrying an 'oyibo' woman has its advantages. First, anytime you go back home with your wife, to visit your loved ones back in Naija, you get uncommon respect from the airport to your destination, everyone wants to say hello to your wife, everyone respects the man who was able to get a “white babe”.

 Second, you are likely to become an automatic citizen of your wife’s country — naturalization by marriage, as they call it. 

But for Jolomi, after three years of his marriage to his oyibo, he was yet to see these benefits.

Each time Jolomi remembered his reasons for coming to France five years ago, he always laughed at himself.

 Like some Nigerians, rich or poor, he longed for “greener pastures” in the West. On coming to France, his main priority was to get a Masters degree, get a good job, and then naturalize and become a French Citizen. 

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