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Saturday, November 26, 2016

After The Wedding (6) special gift

He began his speech by thanking all the guests " who had come from far and near even from outside the country to celebrate with me and my family on this joyous occasion.

"This is a great day for me particularly as a father because it's every parent's desire to see his children grow to adulthood, get good partners and settle down to marital life.

Tare is now off the 'market' but I still have one daughter who's yet to marry so any young man in this hall who's interested in her should meet me after this ceremony!" he said amidst laughter from the amused guests.

He paused briefly before continuing his speech.

"When my oldest daughter had her wedding a few years ago, I gave the new couple some wedding gifts to help them start off their new life together.
 Today, I'm going to do the same for Tare and my new son-in- law, Edward."

A pause then:

"First, I'm sponsoring their honeymoon to any location in the world they want. But my second and greatest gift though is prayers- prayers for them that their union will be richly blessed especially with children so that by this time next year,  I'll be carrying my grandchild in my arms! "

The guests clapped and cheered as he finished his speech and sat down.

 Sometime later, the happy new couple made their way out of the hall and took the lift to the top floor where the honeymoon suite was located. They were to spend some days there before jetting out of the country for the main honeymoon.

 As soon as they entered the room, Eddy turned to Tare and said:

 "What kind of stunt did your Dad just pull back there?" he asked.

Tare who had kicked off her shoes and flopped on the bed still in her wedding gown turned to gaze up at him.

 "What do you mean? What stunt?"

"The so- called gifts! What was that all about?"

 "You heard him! He's paying for our honeymoon. We should at least be grateful for that!" she said.

He pulled his jacket off and flung it on a chair.

"Grateful!  For what? After what he did for your sister during her own wedding,  that was all he could give us and you want me to be grateful? What a miserly old fool!"

 "What...What did you just say?" said Tare getting up from the bed and going to stand in front of her husband.

 "You heard me."
 She slapped him then.

" How dare you talk about my Dad like that! You...You this...!"

Soon a full scale quarrel broke out between the two just hours after their wedding...

 What next? The finale of this series comes up soon. Don't miss it!

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