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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After The Wedding (5) a family tradition

   A shocked Eddy rushed at Ini and prised her hands from Tare’s neck.
 “Control yourself, Ini! What has come over you?” he said angrily. He then focused his attention on Tare, examining her neck and face.
 “Are you alright?” he asked in a concerned tone as he led her to the couch.
 Tare nodded, rubbing her neck with her hand.
Eddy pointed at Ini and indicating the door, said: “I think you better leave before something terrible happens.”
 Ini stood for a moment, observing them, a pained look on her face.
 “I’ll go. But remember this,” she said to Tare. “Just as he has made me cry today, so will you also weep tears of anguish over him one day. You’ll remember my words one of these days!”
 And with that she was gone.
 Tare began her wedding preparations in earnest, fully supported by her mother who looked forward to another wedding in the family after the nuptials of Selema, Tare’s older sister, three years earlier.
 Her father though was not too keen. “Why the rush to get married? We barely know this young man. Or his motives,” he said grumpily.
“What other motive is there apart from love? He loves our daughter and it shows. And he has promised to take good care of her. That’s enough for me,” her mother insisted.
“You should know better, Agnes, that there’s more to marriage than love. I just have this feeling he might be with her for other reasons.”
“What other reason?” she countered fiercely. “That has always been your problem, you’re always suspicious of any man you see near our daughters. So, because you have money, our daughters can’t find true love? You acted the same way with Selema’s husband, George when they wanted to get married. Look at them now, how happy they are together!”
“Well, I’m just being careful, as a caring father who wants the best for his children, should be. I don’t want Tare to be hurt,” he said, picking up his phone and leaving the room in a huff.


 About seven weeks before the wedding, Tare flew down to Port-Harcourt where her parents lived and the wedding would take place, to make some arrangements for the ceremony.
One evening, she and her mother sat, going over the guest list, when the older woman said:
“Your father said he has a surprise wedding package for you and Eddy.”

 Tare looked up from her iPad.
“What’s he giving us? A house? Money? What’s it, Mum?” she cajoled.
 The woman shrugged.
 “I don’t know. He didn’t say. He said he’ll announce it on your wedding day.”
 “Is it becoming a family tradition?” said Tare, smiling a little, remembering how her father had lavished gifts including a house in a choice part of the city and a large sum of money and other gifts on her sister and new husband at her wedding reception years back.
 “Ask your father. You know he has his own unique style of doing things.”

   The reception

  Finally, their big day arrived and by 2pm, the happy newlyweds had left the church for the reception venue at the Imperial Garden Hotel and Suites in the city.
 Sometime into the proceedings, which consisted of speeches, music, dancing, jokes, eating and drinking, Tare’s father  rose, and taking the mic, began to speak…

 Something big went down at the reception. What is it? The mystery will be revealed on Friday so watch this space! 

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