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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

After The Wedding (7) Finale


 Tare stood by the window of the bedroom of the suite, gazing down at the city below. From that height from the penthouse of the hotel, she could see part of the city spread before her, the lights from the buildings twinkling like a million stars.

It was a lovely view, but its beauty was lost on her. Her dark thoughts were in contrast with the bright city lights, thoughts mixed with voices in her head, mostly hers and Eddy’s as they threw harsh words at each other…

 "You think I married you just to go on honeymoon to some exotic place?" he had stated scornfully.

 She had taken a step backwards.

"Why? Why did you marry me then?"

Shrugging in a nonchalant manner, he had said: “It’s time you knew the truth anyway. For the opportunity of making it big! Since you’re from a wealthy family, I felt if I hooked up with you, it would be a chance to upgrade myself, be among the rich class and become rich myself.

 "Especially when I heard what your father did for your sister during her own wedding. N250 million Naira cash! A mansion and other goodies. An ambitious man like me would do anything for that kind of money! I thought your father would do the same for us at our own wedding. Only for the old man to end up messing up big time! 

"Prayers my foot! Will prayers make me rich?" 
 Tare slumped on the bed, a dazed look on her face, her hand on her head.

" So, it's true! My Dad was right afterall," Tare had said. "He advised me not to rush things, to study you more before committing myself. But I was madly in love and that blinded me to everything."

Her voice broke. "You said you loved me, Eddy! That I was the best thing that ever happened to you! So, all your sweet declarations of everlasting love and devotion,  of us being together forever were all fake?"

"Love?" he had said with a short laugh. " If I loved any woman at all, it was Ini. But I left her for you, because of what I thought I would gain from being with you."

 He had paused and walked close to where she sat on the bed.

"It's now clear I made the wrong choice and it's time I sorted this out. "

 She had looked up at him warily. 

 "What do you mean?" she had asked.

 " This," he said, pulling off the ring she had lovingly placed on his finger some hours before at the church ceremony. 

"It's over! I can't keep up with this charade anymore.  Let's end things cleanly before the situation gets worse. I'm out of here!" With that, he had picked up his jacket and headed for the door.

Tare jumped up from the bed.

" Wait, Eddy! You can't leave just like that! We just got married! What will people say if they hear our marriage is over even before it began? Stay, Eddy! We can resolve this in an amicable way!"

But he ignored her.

At the door, he had turned towards her, a cold look on his face.

"My lawyer will send you the divorce papers. It will be a quickie divorce as the marriage was never consummated."

 And he was gone.

Tare ran after him along the corridor pleading with him all the while. 

"Eddy, don't go! You can't leave me here all alone! If it's money you want,  I'll talk to my Dad. Come back Eddy! Please, don't go!"

 That had been the last she saw of him. Later, her family and friends,  shocked by the turn of events,  had quickly rallied round her and everything had become a blur...


Tare turned from the window, the room suddenly feeling stuffy. She needed some fresh air, a change of scene.

 In the living room, Mina and Tejiri were watching TV while the other girls were sprawled on the couch and other chairs, asleep. 

They both looked up when she stepped into the room. 

 "Do you want something?" Mina asked. She was eating some of the wedding cake from a plate on her lap.

" I'm going for a walk. I feel as if I will choke in that room, " Tare said.

"Alright. We'll come with you as it's so late," said Tejiri, getting up and reaching for her flip flops. 

"Don't bother. I'm not going far. I'll just stay in the garden for a while and clear my head"

After she had gone, her two friends exchanged glances and made for the door.

 The garden flanked the poolside where some of the hotel guests were sitting, drinking and chilling.

 Tejiri and Mina saw her sitting on a chair, her shoulders slumped and gazing up at the dark sky.

Mina sighed with relief. "Thank God she's ok. For a moment, I thought she was going to do something crazy. Like jumping off the roof or something."

"Tare is strong. She'll overcome this," said Tejiri. Then in an angry tone, her hand bunched up as if to throw a punch, added: "That Eddy! He had better stay far away because the day I set my eyes on him, he' ll be dead meat! The bastard!"


As the call ended, Tare's father stepped into the living room. 

"Oh, you are back, dear. Tare just called. She said she would be coming home today," his wife said.

"About time. Its been four days now. She can't stay cooped up in that hotel room forever."

" She needed some time to recover a bit from the shock."

" She has to put what happened behind her and move on. It's painful but the deed has been done." He paused. "The silly boy! A little bit of patience and he would have gotten what he wanted."

She looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?"

"I had something planned for both of them- two of our buildings at Lekki, the same amount of money I gave to Selema and her husband, shares in the company and other things. I even wanted to set up a construction company which he would manage since that's his field.

 "I wanted to give it to them in six months time when I had observed him enough and was satisfied he was not with our daughter just for the money. 

"What happened enabled us know the kind of person he is. That he's nothing but a bloody gold digger!"

The End

Thanks everyone for your patience in following the story to the end. Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

After The Wedding (Finale Promo)


What's next for Tare who's in a bad place right now?

   Here's a sneak peek of the finale of this popular series:

From that height from the penthouse of the hotel, she could see part of the city spread before her, the lights from the buildings twinkling like a million stars.

 "You think I married you just to go on honeymoon to some exotic place?" he had stated scornfully.

 She had taken a step backwards.

"Why? Why did you marry me then?"

"....  An ambitious man like me would do anything for that kind of money!"

 Watch out for the full story tomorrow!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

After The Wedding (6) special gift

He began his speech by thanking all the guests " who had come from far and near even from outside the country to celebrate with me and my family on this joyous occasion.

"This is a great day for me particularly as a father because it's every parent's desire to see his children grow to adulthood, get good partners and settle down to marital life.

Tare is now off the 'market' but I still have one daughter who's yet to marry so any young man in this hall who's interested in her should meet me after this ceremony!" he said amidst laughter from the amused guests.

He paused briefly before continuing his speech.

"When my oldest daughter had her wedding a few years ago, I gave the new couple some wedding gifts to help them start off their new life together.
 Today, I'm going to do the same for Tare and my new son-in- law, Edward."

A pause then:

"First, I'm sponsoring their honeymoon to any location in the world they want. But my second and greatest gift though is prayers- prayers for them that their union will be richly blessed especially with children so that by this time next year,  I'll be carrying my grandchild in my arms! "

The guests clapped and cheered as he finished his speech and sat down.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Colour of Love Blog Hop 2016

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After The Wedding (5) a family tradition

   A shocked Eddy rushed at Ini and prised her hands from Tare’s neck.
 “Control yourself, Ini! What has come over you?” he said angrily. He then focused his attention on Tare, examining her neck and face.
 “Are you alright?” he asked in a concerned tone as he led her to the couch.
 Tare nodded, rubbing her neck with her hand.
Eddy pointed at Ini and indicating the door, said: “I think you better leave before something terrible happens.”
 Ini stood for a moment, observing them, a pained look on her face.
 “I’ll go. But remember this,” she said to Tare. “Just as he has made me cry today, so will you also weep tears of anguish over him one day. You’ll remember my words one of these days!”
 And with that she was gone.
 Tare began her wedding preparations in earnest, fully supported by her mother who looked forward to another wedding in the family after the nuptials of Selema, Tare’s older sister, three years earlier.
 Her father though was not too keen. “Why the rush to get married? We barely know this young man. Or his motives,” he said grumpily.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

After The Wedding (5) Preview

 Despite the opposition from Ini and others, the wedding arrangements go on. In the meantime,  Tare's father has a surprise package for the new couple on their wedding day that will have a strong impact on their lives.

 Here's a snippet of Part 5 to wet your appetite:

 "What other motive is there apart from love. The young man loves our daughter and it shows."

"You should know better,  Agnes, that there's more to marriage than love."

"That has always been your problem!  Always suspicious of any man you see near our daughters!" she said heatedly.

 Watch this space for the rest of the story which will be published soon!

 And for readers who are complaining that my ' soon' is becoming too long, that I should be posting more often, please bear with me because of my schedule which is tight.

 Stay blessed and do have a great day!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

After The Wedding ( 4 ) my destiny

A powerful wave swept onshore, spraying cold sea water at their feet. That brought them back to reality and they broke apart.

Tare touched her lips, that still had the imprint of his kiss, with her finger, then gazed up at him.

"Why?" There was a look of wonder, surprise and growing excitement on her face.

He smiled. " What does it look like? " Taking her hand, he led her to a dry spot on the beach, under
some coconut trees.

They sat down and he began to speak; how he had been attracted to her right from when they first met but "I had to resist because of Ini."

 "So, why now? "

 He cupped her face in his hands.  " Because I couldn't fight It anymore! You're just too irresistible, Tare! " And he kissed her again. She wound her arms round his neck, a euphoric feeling washing over her.

What she had longed for, dreamed about all this while was finally happening and she could not be happier.

Later, something occurred to her.

"What about Ini? "

He hugged her close to him.  "I'll take care of it. Don't worry about it, my darling. "

Thursday, November 17, 2016

After The Wedding (4) Promo

 What happens when Tare and Eddy get back to Lagos from Kombia Island? Watch out for the details coming soon!

Meanwhile, here's a little preview of what to expect in Part 4:

"How could you do this to me, Eddy? You promised to always be there for me, to love no other woman but me. What happened to all your promises?" She paused, took a deep breath and turned.

"As for you, you could have any man you want with your  beauty and 'aristo' background.  Why did it have to be my MAN?" she screamed. 

 Don't miss the full story as it promises to be sizzling!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After The Wedding (3)

She told him about the wedding invitation.
He did not seem too enthusiastic saying: "I'm not normally into weddings but for you..."

"Thanks, Eddy. See you then!" 
After ending the call, she smiled happily to herself and immediately began planning her outfit for the day so she would look stunning...

 Six weeks later

Tare picked up her mobile phone and handbag, said 'Goodnight' to her colleague who was working late and stepped out of the office.

 It was Friday evening and she was meeting Eddy at a funspot at Ikeja.

 In the past,  she spent most of her weekend s, when there was no work with her girlfriends. But with Eddy's arrival on the scene, she saw less of them.

And they were not amused.

" What's so special about this Eddy guy that you've abandoned us for him?" whined Mina.

"I thought you said he had a fiancé. Are you planning to be a second wife?" Toyin chipped in.

"Poor Tare! The guy has used 'love charm' on her!" Doris,  who seemed to find fun in most situations, laughed derisively. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

After The Wedding (3) Preview

She took Eddy's hand and they walked away from the palace, the sounds of the ceremony-the drumbeats, singing and general revelry - following them as they left the town centre.

 They walked down a winding, narrow path and soon emerged on a beach. Birds flitted among the tall coconut trees that bordered the beach, their birdsong in tune with the roar of the ocean waves as they flowed onshore.

Tare bent down to remove her high heeled shoes, sighing as her tired feet sank into the soft sand. Eddy did likewise and they walked barefoot on the white sand.

 "This is the ocean side of the Island?" he asked, gazing over the vast expanse of water into the horizon.

 "Yeah." She pointed to their right. "You see that tall structure over there? That was the lighthouse used by ships from Europe and other parts of the world to the Island centuries ago."

 They were silent for a moment then turning to him, she said:

Friday, November 11, 2016

After The Wedding (2)

He assessed the situation . “Do you have a spare?” he asked, squatting and checking out the deflated tyre. 

“Yes” she answered quickly, too glad that help had come her way. She opened the car booth and brought out the spare tyre and some tools.

 He worked fast and soon, the bad tyre had been replaced and after checking everything was in place, he straightened up. “I think it’s ok now,” he said, picking up the tools and replacing them in the booth.
 “Thanks so much. I was just about abandoning the car to pick a cab when you came along. You’re a God-sent. I’ve no clue about changing tyres.”
He wiped his hands with a hanky.
“I understand. I’ve sisters who drive but it will be easier for them to fly than change a tyre,” he said, a wry smile curving his lips.
Tare brought out her phone and said: “Can I have your number?”
 He gazed at her with his clear, calm eyes before answering.
“The name’s Eddy.”

"I’m Tare. Thanks Eddy for your help. I’ll call you,” she said, smiling.
She stood watching him as he walked to his car and drove away.
 “Nice guy. And he’s cute,” she muttered to herself. Then remembering her sister, who must have arrived at the airport, she quickly got into her car.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

After The Wedding (1)

The room was dimly lit by a lamp at the bedside table which threw soft shadows on the lone figure on the large bed of the honeymoon suite.

Turning restlessly on the bed, Tare lay on her back, her gaze fixed on the ceiling, her mind a jumble of thoughts, most of which were dark, gloomy. She thought of the events of a few hours before when what began as one of the most exciting days of her life had ended in such a horrible manner.

 On the day of her marriage to the man she loved with all her being, whom she should have been spending the night with, the first of many in their future, she was all alone, sad and in the grip of such misery, she felt she would die.

A lone tear sneaked its way down her face and fell on the soft pillow. As if on cue, the door to the bedroom, which had been slightly ajar, opened to admit Tejiri, her best friend and her chief bridesmaid at the wedding.

 She had changed from her bridesmaid’s gown of baby blue satin and tulle into a large T shirt which left her plump thighs bare.

She walked quickly across the room stopping by the bed to gaze down at Tare. Tare stared blankly up at her, then turned on her side, her hand supporting her head on the pillow.

 “You’re crying again,” said Tejiri. She sat down on the bed. “You’ll fall ill if you continue this way.”

Friday, November 04, 2016

This Loving Heart Of Mine (6)

 She picks up immediately with a frantic hello – like she had been expecting my call. Hearing her voice floods me with an indescribable joy; I know immediately that I am doing the right thing. I tell her it’s me and she starts crying again.
 She tells me that she is sorry, that she doesn’t know what came over her, that I was gone for so long without any word and she just lost it, that it is all her fault, that she is sorry again and that she loves me.
I shush her, tell her it is okay and that I forgive her. She asks me if I am sure and I can hear the doubt in her voice. I tell her that she won’t understand but that yes, I am sure. That I am coming home so we can talk it through and make up.
 She wants me to swear to her that I am speaking the truth and I smile. Bella knows I detest swearing but to reassure her, I do. I swear to her with my balls, an old joke of ours.
That cracks her up and I can’t describe the sheer joy of hearing that loud, sweet laughter again. I hold the phone tight against my ear and listen to my wife babble happily with a silly smile on my face. I am sure I have done the right thing. I only have to get home so I can hold her in my arms once again.
But she isn’t finished yet. She tells me she’s going to make me my favorite meal. I tell her not to bother, only to get dressed and pack up because we will go on an impromptu vacation. She squeals in delight, says she loves me, and then asks what I want her to wear. I say anything, preferably nothing.

Our Blog Is One!

 Hi Everyone,

 It's been one year since this blog debuted and I must say, the experience running it has been amazing. Though, it could be hectic at times since I've to combine it with my job and other commitments, I've cherished every moment I've spent running it.

 And to my wonderful readers, visitors, followers, advertisers, wellwishers and others, I want to say a very big thank you for being there. Special thanks to my blog manager, the hardworking and very patient David Lawal, my colleagues, friends and family: Mr Lekan, Justice, Ahmed, Blessing, Ibiba, Pat, Joe, Okorie, Paul, Efe, Mark and so many others for your support, advice and encouragement. You made the blog grow to what it has become today- the most popular website in its niche in Nigeria in the space of one year!

 I appreciate you all and I promise to keep bringing hot stories that will keep you entertained and informed.

 Normally, this anniversary calls for celebration with champagne, cake and a party but due to the economic recession in the country, we'll have the party at a later date when the economy improves. However, we  have some other activities lined up to mark the day including a project we are working on which we will officially announce at a later date.

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 'Tomorrow Never Ends' book review from Francis (a reader from Port-Harcourt, Rivers State)

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 Can't wait for the next book in the series to come out!

 Highly recommended. Kudos to the writer!"

  Do enjoy your weekend!

  Patience (Blog Author)

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

This Loving Heart Of Mine (5)

I run over to what remains of the Camry oblivious of the glass and metal slashing my stockings and cutting into my bare feet. There is this sinking feeling in my guts. The Mac hit the Camry from the passenger side where the lady was seated so she got the worst of it.

Her face is turned towards me and I can see where her head has been smashed in by the Mac’s high fenders. The man is stretched across her lap, his right hand on the buckle of her seat-belt. I reach through the jumbled mash of steering wheel, door and window to check for pulse and signs of life. Neither of them has either.

 Her left hand lies lifeless, almost comfortingly on his back and on the fourth finger, I catch the glitter of a ring. There is nothing I can do for them.

By now, two other cars, one on either lane, have stopped at the scene. The driver’s door of the metallic blue Volvo that has parked behind my Jeep opens and a man wearing a suit steps out. I ask him for his phone because I must have left mine in the pocket of my jacket back home.

He takes it out and gives it to me but I don’t know who to call. I ask him if he has a number for any police station. He doesn’t. Road Safety Corps office? He doesn’t. By now, the driver of the car parked on the opposite lane has joined us. He doesn’t know any law enforcement numbers either.
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