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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Secret Games (6) preview



 His words kept ricocheting in her head like an echo.

 "I've asked my Dad for money to start my own business. I've been on it for sometime now and I'm not making any headway. That's where you come in: convince him to give me the money and these pictures will be destroyed," he had said.

 "Are you blackmailing me, Tobi?" she had asked. She could not believe he would do that to her; she thought he was different from his siblings. But how wrong she was!

 He had smirked. "Call it whatever you want. I want money and you're going to help me get it. Then I give you the pictures and we are even. It's a simple deal."

 "Simple? You call getting N250 million Naira from your father a simple affair? Do you think he will dole out that huge sum of money just like that?" she had queried.

 "Why not? He's a wealthy man and can afford it. Besides, I see it as getting part of my inheritance before he dies..."

 She could not believe what she was hearing.

 "Look here, Tobi. This is..."

  Watch out for the rest of the story later tonight. Wishing you all a great weekend! 

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