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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

His Little Black Book (2)

 That night, as I doubled as kitchen assistant, I watched him shamelessly creep into her without her even noticing it. 

  He turned the humor on and had her ROTFL like they were old friends. I caught the occasional casual hand on his thigh each time she wanted to emphasize a point and the manner in which her voice husked into bedroom tones each time she resumed tutoring as if food was supposed to be sexual. 

 The chemistry was way over the roof and I felt they were going to do it right on the kitchen counter once I walked out but halfway, with no prior warning, he apologized and told her he had to run. 

 When he left, she asked me if he was coming back and I shook my head. My guess was he was up in his suite watching football. I informed her I was also leaving and she asked where she could find him so she could send the food up to him afterward. I told her. 

 Two hours later, 12 am exactly, while doing my random strolling thing around the hotel, I spotted her pushing a trolley into the elevator, heading for the penthouse. Ten minutes after that, she returned. He was not in, she told me but I knew he was rolled up in his bed, snoring away.

 Deliberately, he made himself scarce the next day and after work when she finally caught up with him in the elevator at about 7 pm, he apologized with an unexpected kiss.

 Of course, I was there and I waited to see if she would slap him or kiss him back. She did the latter and that did it for me.

  I got off on the third floor which was totally not my floor but I couldn’t stand watching him kiss someone else. I don’t have the full details of what happened after that but the next day, she came to work wearing a dress and a very annoying smile on her face. 

  Hmmm…she is definitely a girl. And a very sexy one at that. At least, someone proved she had a vagina.

That night, in front of her – and me as the kitchen assistant again, he prepared the exact meal she had taught him and though it tasted terrible at the end, she was laughing and all over him. 

 They didn’t notice when I slipped away. I got into my room and added Doreen (not her real name) to the list. 

 He got this one through mystery, by doing the unpredictable and with good old humor that I wasn’t finding funny. 

I switched on my laptop and his picture came up on my screen. 253 days more to go. It was a long wait for me but nothing would stop me from getting my bad boy. I would have him by hook or by crook.

The End!

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