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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tolani (1)

 I lost my first wife a few years ago; she died during childbirth, bringing to an end five years of a blissful marriage. I was devastated by her death and for a long time, I was like a boat just floating aimlessly in the sea with no anchor. My life lost all meaning.

 With time, though, I had to get myself together at least for the sake of my little boy, Akin who was just four years old then. He had lost his mother and I was all he had so I had to get on with life.

 Two years after my wife died, I succumbed to pressure from my mother and friends to give marriage another shot. Mama had moved in with me so she could take care of my son while I was at work.

 It was around this time I met and started a relationship with a lady named Tolani who is the reason for my present predicament. 

 My name is Abbey, a 35 years old Lagos-based businessman and this is my story:

  A fresh start
Tolani came into my life at a time I was ready to move on with life, to start afresh. She was a single mother of a little boy like my Akin. I fell for her and she seemed to love me too.

 Six months after we met, I proposed to her and to my joy, she accepted. With the new marriage, I was able to give my son a new 'mother' and some stability in his life or so I thought.

 Things were okay in the first year of our marriage. It was later that Tolani changed. I don't really know what went wrong but she changed from the sweet, warm, loving woman I fell in love with to a monster I did not recognise.

  She started by attacking my mother whom she completely banned from her kitchen. Her grouse was that my mother often messed up the kitchen after cooking and that there was no need for two women to be in the kitchen.

 For the sake of peace and harmony in the home, I asked Mama to stop using the kitchen. I did this just to please Tolani. My mother had been a pillar of strength since my first wife died. She was the one who encouraged me to stop mourning and go into another relationship. She took care of Akin, kept the home clean and took my boy to school and brought him back.

 Because of me, she had lost her personal accommodation as a result of sacrificing her time for me and my son. Now, I had to displease her so as to please my new wife. I was not happy over the situation, but I endured it for peace to reign.

 Later, Tolani shifted her focus on my son. She stated by forcing him to wash the bed sheets whenever he bed wet overnight. She did not mind the fact that he was just five years old! Worse, she made him wash the bed sheets before getting ready for school in the morning.

 So, what was I doing while all this was going on, you might wonder. Well...

To be continued...

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