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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Old Flame (8) the heart's desire

            'The heart wants what the heart wants'

  I nearly laughed out loud on seeing the look on Alero, my flatmate's face when she saw me with Eric at the door.

 "I was about calling you to find out when you will be coming home," she said, gazing in amazement at us as we stepped into the living room.

 "Something came up," I said. 

 "I can see that," she said, a dry note in her voice, her expressive eyes speaking volumes as I introduced her to Eric. Though meeting him for the first time, she had seen his pictures in my album and was aware that we had met up again at work.

 "What will you like to take?" I asked Eric as he sat down.

 "Just water."

 He was sipping the water when I said: "Just give me a minute. I need to go change."

 He held my hand as I turned away.

 "Don't stay too long. I don't want you out of my sight again, now that I've found you," he said, an earnest look in his eyes.

 I smiled down at him. "Don't worry. Will soon be back."

 I quickly stripped out of my office clothes and was pulling a T shirt over my leggings when Alero entered my bedroom.

 "What's going on Oluchi? What's he doing here?" 

 "What does it look like?" I countered.

 "It doesn't look good," she said, walking over to stand in front of me. She stared at me for a moment and must have seen something for she exclaimed:

 "My God, Oluchi! Don't tell me you're back with him!"

  I turned to leave but she was not done.
 "That guy broke your heart badly in the past, remember? You can't be with him! Use your head Oluchi!"

 I sighed.

 "I tried to. I'm not stupid. I know what Eric did to me. But the problem lies here," I said touching my chest. "My heart keeps longing for him when my head tells me to stay as far away from him as possible."

 "Girl, you got problems! Anyway, be careful so you don't get burnt a second time." She paused. "And where's Bernard in all this?" she queried.

 "What about him?" Truth was I had totally forgotten all about my fiancé. Since the kiss and reconciliation in his car, I could not think of anything else but Eric. Bernard had been pushed to the back recesses of my mind.

 "You can't hide Eric from him forever. He will have to know."

 "I'll sort that out when the time comes," I said, heading for the door to join Eric in the parlour.


  After Eric had gone, I went straight to bed, partly to avoid more prying questions from Alero and also because I wanted to be alone.

 Alone with my thoughts to make sense of what had happened. Getting back with Eric, that is. 

 I touched my mouth with my fore finger, still feeling the imprint of his lips on mine from the kiss in his car earlier.

 As things got more intense with both of us breathing hard, the kiss deepening with each passing second, our mouths locked hungrily together, I had broken it up.

 "We shouldn't be doing this," I had said in a shaky voice, trying to gather myself together.

 "Why? I've wanted to ever since I saw you again. I've missed you, Oluchi. I've missed us. Ok. I've dated other ladies since we parted but it's not been the same. There was always something missing. A quality only you seems to have..."

 "You knew yet you went ahead to..." I had said accusingly.

"I know! I was a fool back then but I've realized my mistakes," he had stated.

 "I'm scared."

 "Of what?" he had asked.

 I raised my head from his chest and looked at him. 

 "You. I'm not sure I can cope with a second heartbreak."

 Holding my face in his hands, he had said: "Baby, that won't happen. I'll never break your heart again. This is a new Eric not that player back in school. Trust me on this, ok?" he said.

  I nodded and he kissed me again.

  "I can't believe this is really happening. You and I together again? I never thought it could happen considering how cold you were to me when we met up again."

 "I still felt hurt and bitter over the past. At a point I even hated you," I had confessed.

 "Yeah, I deserved it. What about now? Still hating?"

 I smiled a little and raising my hand, touched his face.

 "I won't be here, with you like this if I did."

 "Thanks for giving me a second chance. I'll make amends for all the hurt and pain I've caused you. I love you, baby!"

 Crazy as it may sound, I loved him too and being with him was bliss. It was like coming home after a long trip, to a place of rest and comfort.

 I did not know what tomorrow would bring but as at that moment, being in his arms again was simply divine...

  To be continued...

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  Hmm. As a reader wrote earlier this week, this Oluchi is playing with fire! And as the late inimitable, Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti sang in one of his popular songs, 'Na palaver e go get!' (For my foreign readers, this translates as 'Its trouble she will get!'

But it's her choice anyway- she's a big girl and can handle her business.

 Here's a little quiz for you dear readers who I can proudly say are some of the best in blogosphere. You guys rock!

 Which of the two men- Bernard, her loving fiance or Eric, the reformed playboy do you think she will end up with at the end of the story? Steady, stable Bernard's obviously the right choice for her but her heart yearns for Eric so it's a tough choice.

 The first ten correct answers will get free copies of my new ebook 'Tomorrow Never Ends!' which is available on Amazon at ($2.99). 

 All answers should come in by 6 pm (West African Time, GMT+1) on Wednesday September 7, 2016. Results will be announced on Thursday when the conclusion of the story will be published.

 So, guys get your thinking caps on and send your answers asap! There are consolation prices too for those who fail to get the answer correctly so everyone is a winner.

 See you on Thursday and goodnite!


You can also follow us on Facebook

PLEASE Remember to leave a comment - Or Send comments/suggestions to 08054701481 (SMS only)

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