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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Old Flame (6) can't let go

 I went to Eric's bedroom and lying on his bed as if she owned the place was Timi. Just then, Eric came in from the bathroom, a towel tied round his waist. I remember screaming, 'No'
and ran out of the house as if pursued by demons.

 I was beyond devastated by that incident- my best friend sleeping with my guy that I loved so much, that meant the world to me? I fell ill from the shock and it took me a long time to recover both physically and emotion wise. I felt betrayed.

 Eric later came to plead with me, stating it was temptation, that it was Timi that kept throwing herself at him and begging him to date her.

 I was not interested in his excuses and dumped him. As for Timi, it was over with our friendship and we barely spoke to each for the rest of our stay in school. After Eric, I found it difficult trusting guys and stayed off dating for a long time.
 I saw most of them as cheats and heartbreakers.

 That was until I met Bernard, my fiancé. We have been together for about three years and throughout that time, he has never given me cause to doubt his love for me. He is caring and above all faithful.

 Everything has been going well for us until fate brought Eric back into my life, putting me in a state of confusion.

  Truth is, after all these years, I really thought I was over Eric. But meeting and interacting with him again had brought back all the old feelings that had lain dormant with the passage of time.

  I could deny it all I want but he still had this effect on me, a strong pull that makes me gravitate towards him like a magnet. I could fight it all I want but it's there, holding me in its grip and refusing to let go.

 About a week after we met at the restaurant, I was at my spot at the balcony when he came up.

 A slight rain was falling and we were talking about the weather when he suddenly said:

 "Oluchi, will you ever find it in your heart to forgive me? I know I hurt you badly but if you can just forgive and let go of the past, it will mean a lot to me."

 I stared at him for a while then shook my head.

 "There's nothing to forgive. It's all in the past now," I said. Then flashing my ring finger at him, I added: "As you can see, I've moved on. I have a wonderful man who loves me very much and..."

 "Do you love him?" he said abruptly.

  "'Course I do. I won't be marrying him if I didn't," I retorted. 

   He shook his head.

  "I don't think so. I know you, Oluchi and the way you look when you are in love. Like you were with me. That look is missing."

  He raised his hand to touch my face and...

   What's Eric up to? And will Oluchi be able to resist him this time around? Answers coming soon!

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