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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Old Flame (5) Timi

He was standing by his desk, going through a document when she marched into his office. He looked up and a look of surprise followed by a broad smile appeared on his face on seeing her.

 "Oluchi! Good to see you! I was about calling to wish you a happy birthday before..."

 "Don't bother!" she said shortly, dumping the box of presents on his desk. "And you can have these back. I don't need them!" 

 He gazed at the box then up at her face. "Must you do this Oluchi? It's just for old times' sake!" 

 Then he drew close to her.

 "Do you hate me that much? You used to be so crazy about me!" he stated quietly.

 "That was then! Before you betrayed me with that bitch!" Then she turned and fled from the office before he could speak. She stood outside along the long passage that led to her office, trying to calm her fast beating heart.

 Her phone rang then. It was Bernard. He was calling to tell her to leave her evening free as he was taking her out for dinner after work.
 "Happy birthday, dear! Hope your day has been going well?" he asked. They chatted for a while before ending the call.

 She had been doing just fine until Eric ruined it all by his unwanted gifts and attention. What kind of ill luck had brought him to the same company where she worked out of all the thousands of organisations in the city, she wondered. 

 But why was she so bothered about him, anyway? She was supposed to be over him by now so why was she so upset over his actions?

 Or being so close to him? She thought about how her heartbeat had quickened as he had drawn close to her in his office. It was one of the reasons she had left his office so hurriedly...

 Her mobile rang again, interrupting her thoughts.

 "Where are you? Oga wants to see you concerning the sales report for last week. So, you had better hurry back or there will be trouble!" said Lola frantically.


  They ate at a nice place at the GRA, Ikeja. Oluchi tried to relax and enjoy the evening. She glanced at her wrist, admiring the wristwatch Bernard had given her in his car earlier.

  She looked up and smiled at him across the table, then reached for her glass of water. Her hand froze on the glass as her eyes locked on something.

 Walking into the restaurant was Eric, with a lady and another man. He seemed to have seen her for he made straight for their table.

 God, what was he doing here? Couldn't she have a quiet meal with her fiancé in peace without...

 "Oluchi! I see you're celebrating your day in grand style!" he said, smiling broadly down at her. She was forced to do the introductions.

 "This is my fiancé, Bernard. Eric is a colleague," she said coolly.

 Was it the lighting or did a shocked expression appear in his eyes for a moment? She was not sure for the next minute, he was shaking Bernard's hand.

 "I didn't know you were engaged, Oluchi. Congrats!" Then he turned to Bernard.

 "You are a lucky guy. She's one special lady. Hope you know that."

 They chatted for a while, then he left with his group for a table at the other end of the restaurant.

 Oluchi seemed to have lost her appetite and could only take a little of the food she had ordered. Her eyes kept wandering to Eric's table, wondering who the pretty lady was that had arrived with him, holding onto his arm as if she owned him. 

 Was she a girlfriend, fiancé or... 
 "You look distracted, dear. Are you ok?" asked Bernard with concern.

 She smiled at him. "I'm fine. It's just the situation at the office. It has been a very tensed time for all of us."

 He nodded.

 "I can imagine. But you said they've stopped sacking. So, you should stop worrying." 
 He reached across the table for her hand.
 "Whatever happens, I'll always be here for you. I'll always have your back!" he said.
 She squeezed his hand. "Thanks, darling. For your love and everything."

 "You are welcome."

 Soon after, they left and Bernard drove her home. She listened with half an ear as he spoke about his upcoming trip to Ghana for a conference the following week.

 Her mind was far away, in another time and place, years before when she had been with Eric. Then, Timi came and ruined everything...


 I did not want to attend the bachelor's party so I told Eric to go with Timi, my best friend. A few days after, some girls, fellow students who had been at the rave told me how Timi and Eric were all over each other, smooching all the time and acting like a couple in love.

 I heard they even disappeared for some hours and only returned towards the end of the party.

 Timi denied it when I confronted her with the story, calling the girls 'busybodies' who liked to stick their long noses in other people's business. 

 But I noticed a change in their attitude- they hardly spoke to each other whenever I was around. This was unlike before when they used to joke and laugh a lot with one another.

 I had my suspicions but I kept my cool.

 Then, there was this Saturday morning I went to Eric's flat to do some laundry in his washing machine.

 Timi had gone to spend the weekend with her parents so I was alone. 

 The front door of Eric's apartment was open and there was no one in the living room when I entered.

 I went to Eric's bedroom and...

   To be continued tomorrow

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