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Friday, July 08, 2016

Dangerous Glance (3)

  He was in the living room, still holding the phone when Stephen came in an hour later.
 Stephen took one look at him and sat beside him.

  “What’s wrong Dad?”
 His hands shook as he showed him the picture. “Who is this?”

 “That? Susan transferred it to my phone yesterday. I asked her to. When we went to the pool, it was because she had something important to tell me. It’s a long story but that’s her real mum.”

Dele’s whole life crumbled in that moment. “Tell me more,” he said.

“Susan’s adopted father met her mum, the woman on the phone, when Susan was two. They got married but she died soon after. 

He remarried and both him and his wife have taken care of Susan like their daughter ever since. 

They are the only parents she knows. She thought she should let me know since we are now engaged.”

Dele tried to be strong. “Do you know her name?”

“I think she said - Omowunmi. Dad, what’s the matter? Did you know her?”

“Yes.” His voice shook. “But I didn’t know she was dead.”

Dele covered his face with his hands. How on earth was he going to tell Stephen that the young lady he planned to marry was his blood sister?

The sin he thought he had covered up was back with full force to haunt him.

His mother was right; nineteen years ago, he should have just looked away. 

The End

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