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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Spiritualist and I (2) Preview

My escort, a young lady told me to undress and handed me a long, cream colored gown like a caftan, to wear.

 After I put it on, we went to another place. It was a long hall with an altar and a long row of benches facing it.

 A short while later, the spiritualist came in. In his long white robe, he looked different from the first time I met him.

 A service of sorts started which was like a normal worship with singing, clapping and dancing.

 "The master wants to see you," the man, an assistant said. Thinking it was part of the deliverance service, I followed him.

 "Come closer. Don't be afraid," the spiritualist said. 

 "But I'm tired now and I'll like to go home and sleep," I told him, suppressing a yawn.

 "You can sleep here," he stated pointing a finger to his right...

 The full story will be posted this evening. Don't miss it. 

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To Be Continued...

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