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Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Officer's Woman (4) Preview


   “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe



  I sat on the floor by the door, crying softly, unable to pick myself up from where I had fallen from Harry's shove.

 I had refused to move out of his way and he had pushed me roughly aside before storming out the door, obviously in haste to meet up with his mistress.

 As I wept, my mind wandered to the early days of our relationship. Remembering how Harry was then, his love for me, his support and everything made me weep more.

 Bitter tears of sorrow and anguish. At the change in him and his refusal to listen to wise counsel.

 Even his mother, on a recent visit had spoken to him sternly about his behaviour and attitude to me.

 "Ene has been there for you when you were nothing; when you were still coming up," said Harry's mother. "Now that you're becoming somebody, she's suddenly not good enough. You treat her badly. That's not good at all. I didn't bring you up to treat women shabbily.

 "Love and treat her with respect because she loves you and wants the best for you. Don't do anything that will make you lose her because you'll regret it!"

 But did he listen? 

 Watch out for the rest of the story later tonight.

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