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Saturday, April 02, 2016

We are six months old!


Time really flies, doesn't it? Seems like such a short time ago, this blog debuted in October last year. It has been a very interesting time full of fun and excitement. And hard work as well: working late into the night, snatching a few hours sleep, waking up cranky and red eyed. (I'm not a morning person actually!).

 But it's been worth it considering the viewership and feedback from you my dear readers, visitors, followers and others. You made all the difference between this blog and many others that are just there with very poor traffic and unnoticed, unread.

 As a colleague, Joe told me the other day at work when we were discussing the blog:

 "You seem to be giving readers what they want!"

 Truth is, I don't know what it is readers really want. You the reader is in a better position to say so send your comments about your views on the blog so far in its six months of existence.

 And as a way of giving something back to you all, and to mark our six months anniversary, we have some goodies lined up in the coming weeks.

 Top among these is a book series. Actually, it's a novel I've been working on for sometime. It was supposed to have come out last year but pressure of work ( being a journalist is not a walk in the park you know with deadlines and all- its tough!), and other commitments, there has been a delay in its launching.

 It's almost ready and I intend bringing it out in an ebook format first so readers on this blog can access and read it first before others.

 However, it's only those who have subscribed with us that can access it so you have to start subscribing now as the book promises to be sizzling, too hot to handle, something you can't afford to miss...

 More details about it will be announced later. So watch this space!

 Thank you all once again for your support and have a very wonderful and restful weekend!

  Patience (Blog Author)

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