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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Wifey vs Side chic: In defence of the other woman   (From a woman's perspective)

"She’s throwing herself at me."

  ”She’s the one chasing me."

 A girl hears this lame excuse from her man and she turns her attention to the other girl. 

 'Slut!' 'Whore!'

 'Home wrecker!'

 We have heard it all before, and some of you have even said things like that about the woman your spouse/partner cheated with. But question is why do so many people blame the other woman? 

  Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it’s okay to be involved with another woman’s man. What I am saying is why are we blaming the person the CHEAT cheated WITH, rather than blaming the cheater himself? 

 I mean, there’s nothing like ”She’s throwing herself at me” ”She’s the one chasing me” etcetera. 

 How is it her fault that 'your man' chose to cheat on you and break your heart? Why is it her responsibility to see that 'your man' is faithful to you? Why does she owe that to you? 

 SHE DOESN’T! And don’t even get me started on how she should have known the man was yours. Honey, does he have your name tattoed on his forehead?

 I didn’t think so.

My point is, the woman your man cheated with might not even know about you.
Yes!!!!! Most times she thinks she is you.

You probably all know very well, men (and women, of course) don’t always tell the truth. They say what will get them through the moment, with the least amount of resistance to what they want. If that means lying, they lie, especially when it comes to sex.

 Questions like 'are you married, is that your wife? Do you have kids with her, are answered with “who, me? No, I am single!”

  "She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a friend/ex. We are divorced/or are going through one' or she is just my best friend.

 Or even worse am leaving her for you just be patient. Or infact I love her but I love you more and it's you I want to be with (that’s a story for another day)

The woman who has been intimate with your husband/partner might not ever be your friend, but she’s also not your enemy. 

 That woman didn’t force your man to make the choice to cheat on you and even if she did, No one put a gun to his head. 

 Unless your man wears a diaper and a bib, he is responsible for his own actions, including that one that has caused you so much pain.

 I am not supporting the OTHER WOMAN. I'm only asking that you consider this, and that you put the blame where it should be (ON THE CHEAT). 

 If your home/relationship is wrecked, it isn’t the other woman that wrecked it.

Your husband/partner is the “homewrecker.” Don’t let him off the hook by blaming his “mistress.” He’s a big boy, and he knew what he was doing.

He is responsible for breaking your heart, not the other woman. SHE THREW HERSELF AT ME, is not an excuse to let him off the hook...

Dear other woman…

But just because he calls you up when he has had a fight with his Wifey/Main Chick, doesn’t make you that special oo …Please accept that you’re being USED!

Sisters, lets be clear….and REAL….a man isn’t cheating with you because you are so good at being the …"other woman”….he’s cheating with you because you aren’t good enough to be THE woman.

If he truly is yours, he should be with you instead. Don’t listen to lies about him not wanting to hurt her and wanting to take his time. 

 That’s total bullocks. What about what you feel. I mean is that not good enough to also be taken into consideration

I have had a guy tell me that I was a lot stronger/and matured than 'the girl'. So he expected me to be the adult in the situation (this girl was older than me oo with like 4 years oooh hmmm) who is fooling who.

I laugh at women that brag about being the 'go to' woman when the man gets bored at home. If he really loves you then he should totally and completely be with you instead…

And don’t even get me started on the 'he is confused and going through a phase issue.'
When a man makes a decision to be with a woman, that woman becomes his 'LIFETIME' but you, if you are just the other woman you are just a 'GOOD TIME' and that’s all you will ever be.

 Don’t confuse the stuff he gives you as a show of affection.
He knows that he can throw a few naira and material possessions your way and that’s all you will ever expect.

Don’t confuse the fact that he shares stuff with you and talks about his family/relationship to you.
Babe you are just free therapy for him.

Don’t confuse the fact that you probally go to his house and his siblings and parents know you. 
 Sweety, you are not yet their daughter, they won’t even tell you anything.
A friend of mine told me how she was 'family zoned' for years.

 She was in all the guy' sisters' asoebis, even attended their grandma and grandpas burial, cooked, washed. Infact she was the glorified housegirl/errandgirl/family friend for years till the scales fell off...

The sooner you understand all this and accept that You are the O.T.H.E.R. woman…an overplayed toy he reuses, only then will your own scales fall off...

 By Yummynomy (Contr

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