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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Finding Tiwa (4) Preview


 Then I came to my senses and extricating myself from his embrace, stood up.

 Martin sat up, leaning against the couch, watching as I adjusted my clothes.

 "Is there any problem, Tiwa? Is there some one else in your life? A boyfriend? FiancĂ©?" he queried.

 I shook my head.

 "It's not that." While I had some suitors who were interested in me, there was nobody special at the moment that I was seeing.

 "Thing is, I need some space, Martin. So much has happened and I'm kind of confused right now. I need time and space to clear my head..." I said.

 He was unimpressed with my explanation.

"What more space do you need, Tiwa?" he queried. "We've had ten years worth of it thanks to my mother! I thought like me, you would be anxious to make up for lost time. I guess I was wrong. Perhaps, you don't love or want me anymore," he stated in a truculent manner.

 Then he picked up his jacket and headed for the door.
 "You need space? Ok. I'll give you space. But don't keep me waiting too long!"

 "Wait, Martin! Let's..." I said, my hand raised towards him. But he was gone, leaving me all by myself...
 Watch out for the rest of the story on Friday

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Finding Tiwa (3)

Fate and careful planning had brought Martin my way again. My seeing him at the interview was no surprise as I had known from a contact within the company that he would be on the interview panel.

Now for the next stage- making him fall in love with me (for real this time) then dumping him like he had done to me.

He would then have a taste of what I went through all those years ago.
From the way he was assessing me with his eyes when we met, it might not be too difficult to achieve that.

All I had to do was wait patiently, then pounce like a lioness on its prey...

His call came even earlier that I expected, the following day after we met.

"I planned calling you yesterday but there was so much going on at work so no time. Tiwa, I still can't believe it's you I met yesterday! I've been looking for you everywhere since my return to Nigeria! I even...," he said then added: "Only for you to walk into the office! It's like a dream! Look, we need to see and talk. Can I see you this Friday?" he asked earnestly.

What was he talking about? He had been looking for me? What for? After the way he treated me? Or had he forgotten, maybe with the passage of time? But I had not forgotten and I would remind him when the time came.

I did not want to make things easy for him so I declined his invitation citing other commitments.
 He sounded disappointed stating:

"I so looked forward to seeing you again!"
 Indeed you do, liar, I thought derisively.

He called regularly after that even wanting to visit me at home. But I refused to give him the address. It was all part of the game -playing hard to get.

Then two weeks later, I got an email from the company that my interview had been successful.
 That I had to appear at the office to pick up my appointment letter and take care of other formalities before resumption.

 I was glad I got the job, which was a well paying one with all kinds of perks. I had bills to pay and other commitments including taking care of my son, Henry. But I was also happy that it would give me a chance to carry out my vengeance on Martin.

 I showed up at the company the very next day. I spent some time in HR filling some forms and other stuff.  
 I finally finished and was heading towards the lift when I ran into Martin.

 "Tiwa! I didn't know you were around. Congrats. I see you got the job!" he said, smiling at me. 

  "Thanks, Martin," I responded.
 "So, how have you been?" he asked. Then without waiting for a reply, he took my hand and stated:

 "Come, let me show you my office. It's on the seventh floor." 

 We entered the lift which was occupied by a few staff.
 "Here we are," he said, ushering me into his spacious office. 
 "Care for anything? Coffee, tea or a drink?" he asked.
 "No, I'm fine. And I need to go. I have an appointment somewhere and..." I began to say when he cut in.

 "You are going nowhere Tiwa till we talk! What's the matter? Since we met up again, you've been so cold to me. It's like you're even avoiding me. If anyone should be angry and offended, it's me. But I took everything in good faith and still tried to remain friends. So, I don't understand your attitude at all," he remonstrated with me.

 I gazed at him as if he was mad. What was he talking about?

 "Angry at me? What did I do to you?" I said sharply.

 "I know it happened long ago but have you forgotten the letter you..." he was saying when the door opened and a lady walked in. She was dressed in a short navy gown and very high heeled shoes that showed her long slim legs off perfectly.

 "Martin darling, can we go for lunch now?" she said, going over to him. Then she saw me and said:

 "Oh, you have company!" 
 Martin did the introductions.

 "Trisha, this is Tiwa, a friend."
 "Nice to meet you," she said, giving me a look-over with her heavily made up eyes with long fake eyelashes that looked like spider legs.
 I stared back at her unblinking, wondering what her relationship was with Martin. 

 'None of my business anyway,' I thought.

 "Give me a few minutes, Trisha. There's something I need to sort out here, ok?" he said.

 "Alright. But don't keep me waiting, darling," she said, giving him a quick peck and holding him in a proprietary manner as if to say 'Hey, keep off, bitch. He's taken!'

 After she had left, Martin sat down and stared at me for a moment.

 "So, what's with this attitude, Tiwa? If I remember clearly, you were the one who wrote me stating you were no longer interested in the relationship, that you wanted to move on with your life. That I should forget about you and..."

 "Stop, Martin! Just stop with all these lies! I never wrote such a letter!" I nearly screamed at him, too upset to care we were in an office environment. 
 Even now, after all these years, he was still lying, trying to deceive me, make a big fool of me like he did all those years ago...

 Martin quickly came round and stood near me.
 "What did you just say? You didn't write, telling me you wanted to end our relationship?" he queried.

 "Actually, I wrote," I said in a quieter tone of voice. Then taking a deep breath, I stated: "But it was to inform you about the pregnancy. You're aware about that already so no point telling you again." 

 "I've to go," I said, getting up.

 "Wait! Hold on! Pregnancy? What pregnancy?"


We sat on seats under some trees by the lagoon front. Across the water, opposite us was Victoria Island, its imposing buildings looming tall in the horizon.

 We had left his office after I told him about being pregnant for him. He had denied receiving such a letter from me and when the argument was getting too heated, he had insisted we go somewhere quiet where we could talk.

 "Tiwa, are you sure about this?" he said, an incredulous look on his face. "You were pregnant with my baby and my mother was aware and nobody told me? My God! How could this have happened?" he said in an anguished voice after I narrated everything including my visit with my mother to his house.

 Initially, I thought he was simply pretending to cover up his dastardly act of abandoning me when I needed him most. But his distress looked real, not faked.

 "You mean you had a baby for me? All these years and I didn't know? Oh God!" he stated, his hands gripping his head.

 If he did not know I was pregnant as he claimed, what happened to the letter I wrote him then? And the one he said he received from me ending our relationship? Plus all the others he said he wrote which I did not receive...

 What really happened all those years ago? There was so much mystery, so many unexplained occurrences...

 The mystery was revealed some days later...

 Before we parted that day, Martin had stated:
 "I want to see my son. But before then, there's something I need to sort out. I want you to be there, Tiwa."

 That day, a Saturday, he came to pick me at home and we went to his mother's house.

 I had not seen her for years, infact since the day I got the letter from Martin. Even when I had 
my baby, she never came to visit and has never shown interest in my son, her first grandchild.

 The woman was shocked to see Martin and I together and could not hide it.

 "What's going on here? Martin, what're you doing with her?" were her first words to us.
 "Mum, I believe I should be the one asking the questions here! First of all, what happened to the letter Tiwa wrote to me telling me she was pregnant over ten years ago? And I want the whole TRUTH!" he thundered at her, obviously furious.

 She looked a bit disconcerted at the fury on his face. Then she began to speak, and the things  she said took time to sink in because it was just unbelievable, like something in a nightmare...

 "To think all these years, you went through all these, so much pain and suffering because of my mother and her evil schemes! What gave her the right to toy with our lives that way?" he asked rhetorically. 

 We had arrived at my little apartment a short while earlier.

 I had no answers to give him. For I was still dazed myself at his mother's confessions...

 "It was all for your sake, Martin!" she rationalised. "I did it so you could focus on your education and make something of your life. I didn't want anything, particularly a young girl like her to distract you. I saw how attached you were becoming to Tiwa and I had to do something to break you up.

 So, I destroyed the letter she wrote to you announcing her pregnancy. I also got someone to forge the letter she received from you, dumping her, calling her a holiday fling. Likewise the one you got from her stating she didn't love you anymore and wanted to end things with you. All the other letters you wrote to her through me, I also destroyed. I know what I did was wrong but it was the only way I could protect you..."
As she spoke, Martin's head was buried in his hands and I could hear him groaning softly as if in great pain: "Oh God! What did Tiwa and I ever do to deserve this?"

 And when the woman finished speaking and fell silent, he raised his head up and I could see tears in them.
 Then he said in a pitiable voice: "Mum, do you understand the magnitude of what you did? The mess and havoc you've caused in our lives? Do you? What did a young girl like her ever do to you to cause her so much suffering? To me and our child as well!"

 As for me, I simply sat, dazed, confused, too stunned to speak at the turn of events.
 Here was I all these years blaming and hating Martin for causing me so much pain, for breaking my heart and almost ruining my life.

 Only to find out it was all his mother's doing...

 Later, when he had calmed down a bit, he took my hand and marched out of the house ignoring his mother's calls to him to come back...
"My mother tried to change the course of fate by separating us. But we found each other again," Martin said.
 Then he rose and coming to where I sat, knelt down by me and took my hands in his.
 He gazed sadly into my eyes and said:
 "Tiwa, I know nothing I'll say or do will ever make up for all that you went through because of my mother. Please, baby, I'm so sorry! I had no idea about any of this! I was even angry with you and upset as well when you supposedly wrote saying you no longer loved me. I found it difficult to believe because I knew that the Tiwa I left behind in Nigeria loved me very much. 

 "I returned to Nigeria two years after I left for a visit and went to your house because I wanted you to tell me to my face that you no loved me. Only to be told by the neighbours that your family had moved out. Nobody seemed to know where you had relocated to.
 I even told my mother to get someone to search around for you. Little did I know she was the one behind our separation!"

 "I'm so sorry!" he pleaded over and over and then broke down and began to cry. I was so overcome with all that happened and with emotions too, that I started crying as well and we both wept in each others arms...

 Then he began to kiss the tears from my eyes, my cheeks and then my mouth. My lips opened on their own to welcome his kiss. It was light, tentative at first then it deepened into longing and desire for each other.

 Being held in his arms again after all the years of separation was bliss. Like all the old feelings buried deep somewhere in my heart resurfaced, pushing away all the anger, resentment and hatred I had harboured over the years.

 We were lying on the rug on the floor and he lifted his head briefly, his mouth curving in a little smile.

 "Tiwa, it's been so long! Life has not been the same without you!" he said.

 "Same here, Martin. I've been through so much," I said softly. With a sigh, I drew him tightly to me, luxuriating in the feel of his body on mine...

 Will they rekindle their old relationship or remain apart? Please log in on Friday to find out!

To Be Continued...

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Finding Tiwa (2)

For the rest of the long vacation, Martin and I were always together. We could not openly date as he still considered me too young.

"Too young? I'm no minor but a young adult old enough to vote!" I would protest. 

  Another issue between us was Nkem, his girlfriend on campus. I had seen her a couple of times when she came to visit Martin. Each time I saw her, I hated her more if that was possible. She was tall, slim and very beautiful. And intelligent as well. 

 Besides her, I always felt ignorant, as if I did not know much about things or life.

 Whenever Nkem was around, Martin never had time for me and I hated that. You can say I was jealous and you will be correct. I hated seeing any girl near my Martin.

 One day, she had come to visit as usual and they had spent a long time together talking, laughing and playing silly video games.

 I had left the house in anger both at her and Martin. Later that evening, by the time I returned to the house, she had left.
 "Oh, You're here Tiwa," said Martin on entering the living room where he sat watching TV. "Check if there's ripe plantain in the kitchen. I feel like eating dodo and eggs this evening," he added.
 Usually, whatever request he made, I would do it happily. But I was pissed with him that day.
 I eyed him, hissed and walked past him towards the guest room where my bag was.

 "Tiwa, I'm talking to you and you're walking away! What's the matter?" he asked, coming after me to the room.
 "You want dodo, abi? Then tell your precious Nkem to prepare it for you. As for me, I'm out of here!" I said, heading towards the door.

 But he held me back, staring searchingly into my face.

 "My God, don't tell me you're jealous! Ha ha ha!" he laughed, throwing his head back in mirth.

 "It's funny to you, is it?" I said sharply.
 He stopped laughing and taking me by the hand, sat me on the bed.

 "Look, Tiwa, you have no reason to be jealous of Nkem or any other girl. Nkem and I have known each other for some time and I'm fond of her. But it's you Tiwa my heart belongs to," he stated, pressing my hand against his chest. "I love you, not her. So, stop frowning and give me one of those wonderful smiles of yours!"

 He was my love, my heart and I could not stay angry with him for long so I smiled at him. He kissed me and we made up.

 I believed him when he told me he loved me. I had no reason to doubt him. He was my first love and I did not have much experience of men. 

 How was I to know that he was nothing but a liar who was simply taking advantage of my innocence and naivety for his own amusement?

Soon, the holidays were over. It was time for him to return home before heading to school. He promised to call regularly and visit when he had the time.

 Our last night together was a sad one, at least on my part. I wept, thinking of the long separation, wondering when I would see him again.

 He kissed my tears away, stating:

 "It's ok, baby. Don't cry. I hate to see you this way."
 I held onto him tightly, sniffing.
 "I'm scared you'll forget me once you get to school. With Nkem there and all those campus girls..."

 He held me by the chin so I could look at him.
 "I promise you, I'll never ever forget you. Even if we are apart for many years, I'll always find you, Tiwa," he assured me.

 That calmed me down a bit. I stopped crying and held him tight, cuddling up to him on the couch...

 He kept his promise. Back at school, he often called me through my mother's phone as I did not have a mobile then.

 Then about a month later, he came to see me. His grandmother, who had helped raise him was sick and in the hospital. Martin took me to see her. It was my first time of meeting any member of his family apart from his uncle.

"Mama, this is Tiwa, my girlfriend," he introduced me. "You need to get well fast so you don't miss our wedding!" he added in a teasing tone.

 The old woman had pneumonia and a chest infection that made breathing difficult. 
 She smiled up weakly at me.
 "How are you, my daughter?" she enquired.

 We were about leaving when his mother arrived with a cousin of Martin. She was less friendly than his grandma, simply eyeing me in a speculative way when Martin introduced me to her.

 He stood chatting with his mother for a while then we left.

 A week after his return to campus, the lecturers went on strike and the school was shut down.
 Unknown to me, that singular act was the beginning of my troubles...

 The strike dragged on for weeks, then months with no end in sight. It was at this period that Martin's father made arrangements for him to move over to Holland to continue his education.

 His mother was firmly in support of the idea though Martin was not too keen. As for me the thought of my Martin going so far away frightened me more than anything in the world. It was the worst thing that could have happened to me, to us.

 But there was nothing I could do about it. And the day finally came when he left Nigeria, leaving me all alone, sad, miserable, empty.

 The next time I saw him was in that interview room nearly eleven years later...
 So, what happened in the intervening years, you might wonder. A lot as you will see.

 A holiday fling

Shortly after Martin's departure, I found out I was pregnant. It was a shock because I had been taking contraceptives, that is apart from a period when I had malaria and I forgot to take them and Martin had been around then...

 As you can imagine, I was confused about what to do. A friend Chika suggested I had an abortion but I was scared. A girl in my class in SS11 had died during an abortion that had gone wrong and I did not want to end up like her.

 I had no option but to tell my parents. They were, understandably angry with me and disappointed as well. 

 "After all the training I gave you on good conduct, this is how you end up! Pregnant before marriage and at your age!" my mother said, fuming.

 My parents were ordinary, decent folks who worked hard to provide for my three siblings and I. I had taken the JAMB* exams and they had been looking forward to my joining my elder brother Segun, who was already in the higher institution by the next academic session.
 Now this. 

 "You just want to destroy your future! Stupid girl!" said my father, in a vexed tone.
 The worst thing about the whole situation Martin could not be reached. He had promised to write me and even call but I had not heard from him since he left.

 My parents later decided that Martin's family had to know about the pregnancy. So, one morning my mother and I went to see his mother at their home at Gbagada.

 The woman did not seem too happy to see us when she heard the purpose of the visit.
 "My son is out of the country and is in school presently. What do you want him to do? Return to Nigeria because your daughter got pregnant?" she asked sarcastically.

 My mother explained that all she wanted was for him to know what happened to me so that they can decide on the next thing to do.

 "Alright, I'll tell him the next time we communicate," she conceded grudgingly. I also gave her a letter I had written to him, detailing everything that was happening to me and how much I missed him.

 Some weeks later, Martin's mother sent for me that she had a message from him.

 "Here," she offered me a piece of paper. "He wrote to me and enclosed this for you."
 I eagerly opened the paper, to read what my darling had written to me. Instead of the sweet words I was expecting, I got the biggest shock of my life.
 This was a summary of the letter-

 "Tiwa, I think it's time you know the truth. You were simply a holiday romance, a fling, a little toy or plaything to while away time, kill boredom. Did you honestly think I would have any permanent relationship with a little thing like you? I never loved you. I pretended to so I could have my way with you.

 As for the pregnancy, do whatever you want with it. I don't care. Not interested in it or you one bit. Whatever was between us is over!

 And don't bother to write again becos you won't get any reply from me.


You could imagine my state of mind then. That letter tore my heart to pieces and almost ruined my life. This was a guy I loved with all my being, rejecting me in such a manner. And in my condition, with his baby growing inside me!

 I was nothing but a holiday fling, he said. So, all his declarations of love and promises were all fake, I kept thinking bitterly.

 At a point, I felt suicidal. What was the point of living without Martin, I wondered. So, one day, I decided to drink rat poison to end it all. All the pain, misery and dejection I felt. But my mother saw me on time and averted a disaster.
 I wept and mourned the loss of my love for a long time.

 And I never forgot his betrayal, the way he used and discarded me like a used rag.
 Anyway, life had to go on. I had the baby, who was a spitting image of his father. I thought I would hate the child but the moment I laid eyes on him, I was hooked. All the love I had for his father were transferred to him and I was besotted with him.

 Later, I got admission to the university to study Business Administration and left the baby, Henry, with my mother. I finished school and started working at a company in Apapa before getting another job at a manufacturing firm in Ikeja.

 Then about a year ago, I was reading a magazine, one of these society types when a face seemed to leap at me from the page.
 I looked closely to make sure. It was a face I would recognise anywhere- Martin!
 He looked more mature, older but it was him alright. The same eyes that had so mesmerized me, the handsome face that still haunted my dreams many years after...

 He was with a group of friends at a party and he was smiling. They all seemed to be having a swell time.

 Was he back in the country or just came for a visit, I wondered.

 I did some research and found out he had returned to Nigeria about three years earlier and was even working with a communications firm at Ikoyi.

 So he returned and could not even bother to ask after me or his child, I thought with bitterness. Why would he do that anyway; afterall, I was simply a toy, a plaything to him...

 I think it was from that moment that I began to plot my vengeance on him. I wanted to do something, to pay him back for all the pain and heartache he caused me.

 From then on, I kept careful tabs on him and his activities. 
 Fate seemed to help me in my plans

 A few   months ago, his company advertised for some vacant positions and I applied. Luckily I was among those selected for interview.

 That was how Martin and I met up again, over ten years after we parted. 

 Stage one of the plan- meeting up- worked perfectly.

 Now to the next level when we see again hopefully soon...

  What happens when Tiwa meets up with Martin again? Don't miss the details on Wednesday!

Note (for foreign readers): The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is an entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions in Nigeria. Held once a year, the board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

To Be Continued...

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Finding Tiwa (1)

Tiwa came down from the taxi in front of the tall office building and smoothened her smart, ash coloured skirt suit. 

 This is it, she thought as she walked through the main entrance of the building and took the lift up to the fifth floor of the high rise.

 This was the moment she had planned and been waiting for all this while. 

 'Can't afford to fail now,' she thought. 

  The job interview was for 9am and she saw from her wristwatch that she was thirty minutes early. 

 After writing her name on a list provided by an assistant in the office, Tiwa sat down. To calm her nerves, she plugged in her ear phones to listen to some music on her phone. 

 She shut her eyes and allowed the cool music to wash over her, sweeping away all the stress and strains and pains of life...

 Then a tap on her shoulder brought her down to earth.

 "Tiwa Daniels? You're next!" the assistant said crisply.

  She took her folder and taking a deep breath, walked briskly towards the door, held open by the assistant.

 There were four persons on the panel- three men and a lady but he stood out among them. Her eyes were instinctively drawn to him, to his face that had haunted her all these years and would not let her be...

 'Focus' she rebuked herself as she greeted the members of the interview panel in a calm voice then sat down.

 She gazed at them, her eyes moving to where he sat, staring at him briefly then swiftly looking away again. But not before she saw the look of recognition in his eyes. He was about to say something but the man sitting at the head of the table, cleared his throat and the interview began...

 She was standing by the roadside waiting for a cab when a voice called out:


 She recognised the voice and slowly turned round. He was striding quickly towards her with his long legs encased in a well-cut suit that fitted his slim frame well.
 "At first I wasn't sure. But now I'm quite certain. Tiwa, right? You used to stay at Yaba at Labake Street," he said.

 She stared coolly at him as if she did not know him, except as a member of the interview panel that just grilled her a short while ago.

 Tiwa shook her head.

 "I'm sorry. I don't know you. We just met at the interview..." I began to say.
 "No!" he shook his head. "Don't you remember me? Martin? We were friends years ago when you just left secondary school and I was at U.I. I used to spend some of my vacation at my uncle's place close to your street and we used to meet up there..."

 She seemed to remember then, for she said:

 "That Martin? Oh my! Quite an age!" said Tiwa smiling up at him.
 "You're right. It's been ten, eleven years? How time flies! So, what's been happening to you? Good things from looking at you. You look gorgeous!" he said, his eyes assessing her in an admiring way. "All grown up!"
 "Well, I've been here and there. I was working at a company at Ikeja but left to start up my own business which didn't work out. So, that's why I'm here this morning for this job interview," she explained.

 "So glad you came. Look, I need to get back to the office. Let me have your number. We need to see one of these days so we can catch up on old times..."

 Later, as she sat in the cab that was taking her home, Tiwa thought grimly to herself:
 'You're quite right. We have a whole lot of catching up and payback to do!'



 As you can see from the beginning of this tale, my name is Tiwa and I'm in my late twenties. You might be thinking my meeting with Martin at the job interview was a mere co-incidence. 

 No way! It was all planned. 

 Part of the game plan to pay him back for all the pain and misery he caused me, a young girl of 18, fresh and innocent about life and the ways of men...
 That first day I set my eyes on Martin, I was returning from an errand for my mother. I was crossing the junction leading to my street when an 'okada' or commercial motorcyclist came from nowhere on full speed and knocked me down.

 I fell down on the road, dazed and bruised. Then, I felt a strong hand lift me up from the road onto the pavement and a voice asked:

 "Are you alright?" I was sitting on the ground and I looked up into the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. At first, I thought I had died and gone to heaven and I was looking at the face of an angel. But seeing the other people around that had gathered and were staring at me with curiousity and some with concern, I knew I was still on this earth.

Miraculously, there were no bones broken but I had some bruises on my legs and hands. I stood up shakily and tried to stand.
 With the help of the handsome stranger, I limped to a nearby chemist shop where my bruises were tended to.

 His name was Martin. He was a 200 level student at the University and was on vacation and staying with an uncle who lived on a street nearby.

 That day, he took me home and my parents were very impressed and grateful when I told them how much he helped me after the accident.

 A few days later, he came to check on me to see how I was doing. He was to continue doing that till my injuries healed.

 That was how our friendship started. Martin, who was about twenty two years old then was born to a Dutch father and a Nigerian mother. He is what we call a 'half-caste' in this country. He had been brought up by his mother and her family as his father had returned to his country when he was still very young.

 "I never knew my Dad," he stated one day. "He only reconnected with me about three years ago when he came on a visit to Nigeria. Now, he wants to be more involved in my life. 'You should come to Holland and continue with your education,' he told me when we met."

 "So, will you go, Brother Martin?" I asked him. 

  He shrugged.
 "Don't know. Perhaps, later, I might go over to do my Masters degree or something," he replied.

 By this time, I was a regular visitor at his home. A few times a week, I would go over and help with some errands around the house. His uncle, a bachelor was rarely home due to his job and Martin and I were often alone in the house.

  He treated me like his kid sister and often called me 'my little Tiwa'.
 "I'm a big girl now o! Not a little kid, Brother Martin," I said in a petulant voice.

  He laughed at me.
 "You might look all grown up but to me, you're still a baby!" he said teasingly.

  I did not want him to treat me like a child for by this time, I had a big crush on him which later developed into a consuming love that would have dire consequences for me.

 I loved being with him, looking at him especially those wonderful eyes of his - hazel with a touch of green. Whenever he was close to me, I would feel my heart flutter like the wings of a butterfly. Sometimes, I had this strong urge to hold him and kiss his red, luscious lips but I always restrained myself in the end.

 Besides, I was a virgin and I wanted to wait a bit longer before giving myself to anyone. And not just anybody but someone like Brother Martin, I promised myself.

 A stormy night
One day, I had gone over to his place as usual when a heavy storm began. It went on for hours and within a short time, the streets were flooded, making movement in the neighbourhood difficult. 

 "You might have to spend the night here," Brother Martin said. He was looking through the window at the street outside, at the rain that was still pouring down in torrents. 
 His uncle had travelled and we were alone in the house.

 I called my parents who gave me permission to stay till the following day. We stayed up late watching movies till nearly eleven o'clock when I began to feel sleepy.

 Then he showed me to the guest room where I was to sleep and I went to bed. Later that night, the rain that had subsided a bit before we slept, began pouring heavily once more. This time it was followed by heavy thunder and lightening which woke me up.

 I got frightened, being alone in the unfamiliar room and all. So, I went to Brother Martin's room. He must have been awake for he sat up when I entered the room.

 "Tiwa, are you alright?" he asked.

 "Brother Martin, I'm scared. The thunder..."

 "It's ok. I'm here. Nothing'll happen to you. You can stay here with me," he offered, making room for me on the large bed.
 I climbed into the bed, tucking myself under the blanket he gave me.

 I tried going back to sleep but it was impossible. How could I sleep when the guy I was crazy about was lying so close to me, within my reach...

 I turned on the bed and stretched out my hand tentatively. I touched his face, caressing his cheeks and mouth and...
 "Tiwa!" he said as his hand held mine tightly to his lips.
 Then he drew me to him and began to kiss me. Everything felt dreamlike, as if all my fantasies about him were coming true...

 That was until I felt the sharp pain like a knife cut as he entered me, the first man to do so. I cried out, making him stop. But I bore the pain and urged him on and he began to move again...

 Later, he apologised for hurting me, assuring me it would not be painful the next time, that I would grow to like it with time.

 He was right. After that night of the storm, my relationship with Brother Martin entered a new phase, that of lovers.

 Being with him, in his arms and loved by him was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Like a fool, I thought it would last forever, that one day, we would marry and have babies and live happily ever happy like happens in fairytales.

 But this was no fairytale but real life and as every discerning person knows, things never turn out the way we plan in the real world...

To Be Continued...

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Friday, March 25, 2016

My Boss wants me as his Baby Mama! (5) Finale

The cries of the baby woke me up that Saturday morning. It had been another restless night of tossing and turning before I finally fell asleep around four o'clock. It had been that way since I packed out of Tee's house. I was having problems sleeping at night, with thoughts of him intruding in my sleep.

 "What's it, my darling boy? You hungry?" I said, turning to draw him to me on the bed. "Always cranky in the morning! Just like your Daddy!" I teased him, pinching his chubby, adorable cheeks. He stopped crying and grinned at me, exposing his few, tiny baby teeth.

 The door opened then and Madam J, his nanny came in. She slept on a small foldable bed we had set up for her along the passage as there was no spare room in the two bedroom apartment.

 "Change him while I make his food," I instructed, heading for the kitchen.

  While Madam J was feeding Runo, I put on a kettle to make a cup of ginger and honey tea for myself. It was my favourite morning drink.

 I was sipping the tea with relish when Ronke walked in, yawning loudly.
 Her eyes were ringed with dark circles from the mascara and eyeliner from the previous day's make up.

 "Morning Mena. What's for breakfast? I'm hungry!" she said, opening and inspecting the fridge.
 Ronke loved to eat but hated cooking. "Can't stand the heat of the kitchen!" she often joked.
 "There's noodles and some of the rice from last night," I said, opening a pot on the stove.
  She settled for the noodles so I put some water in a pot to boil for it while I chopped the carrots and other vegetables to garnish it.

 As we ate, we discussed our plans for the day. We were attending a party that night, in the Magodo area of the city. It was the birthday party of a friend of Kola who would be picking us up later.

 "What are you wearing? I'm going to wear that my body con dress, the blue one. When I land that party, dem go know say Ronke don arrive!" she said in pidgin English.

 I laughed.
 "Ronkus baby! You too much!" I hailed her, dropping my fork to high five her.
 She gave a crooked smile then noting my seeming lack of interest stated wryly:

 "Seems I'm the only one excited about the party. You used to be a party freak, Mena. Now, not so much."

 I shrugged before stating:
 "I'm a mother now. With responsibilities to my baby. I'm not as free as a bird in the big, blue sky anymore."
 She stared at me keenly for a while.
 "I don't think that's the main reason. Afterall, you have a nanny to help take care of Runo," she said, pausing. "You miss him, don't you?" she added.

 I knew who she meant. I dropped my fork and just stared blankly at my plate of noodles.
 Ronke and I had known for years and she could read me like a book. I could not pretend to her.

 "I do. Very much. But what can I do?" I said, plaintively, suddenly close to tears.
 "You can talk to him. Let him know how you feel. Seeing how you are hurting over him is painful to watch. Please Mena, see him and sort things out with him," she implored.

 "Thanks for your concern, Ronke. But things are not as straightforward as that between Tee and I. All he wanted was a baby from me. Nothing more. He's got that now. He doesn't need anything else from me," I said, remembering his words on the morning after we spent the night together, on the need to stay focused.

 I was going to do that even if it meant a broken heart that I knew was going to take forever to mend.


 By nine, we were dressed and ready for the party. Kola had arrived much earlier and he remained in the sitting room watching TV while Ronke and I got dressed.

 "You look sweet, Mena!" Kola declared admiringly when I entered the parlour. I wore a short, fitted maroon dress with spagz straps that left my upper body bare.
 I swirled round in front of him like a model, smiling at him.

  He got up, picked the remote of the sound system and the room soon filled with music. He held my hand and we began to sway to the music.

 "I see the fun is starting already," said Ronke, walking into the room, moving her body to the rhythm.

 "You kept us waiting so we had to keep busy," I told her.

 Shortly after, we left for his car parked by the roadside outside the house gates. Kola was opening the car door when another vehicle drove up, parking behind us. 
 The door opened and Tee emerged, walking quickly to where we stood. My heart beat fast at the sight of him, at his unexpected arrival.

 "You girls are going somewhere?" he asked, giving me an inscrutable look before turning his gaze to Ronke.

 "Long time, Ronke? How have you been?" he greeted, smiling at her.
 "I'm doing good, as you can see," she responded, striking a pose.

 "Mena, can I..." he started to say when Kola called out through the car window.

 "Come on, girls, we're running late!"

 "I want to see you Mena. We need to talk," said Tee.
 "As you can see, Ronke and I are going out,"I told him coldly.

 Ronke took my hand and dragged me a short distance away.

 "What are you doing, Mena? He wants to see you. So, go find out what he wants," she advised.

 "What about Kola? I can't leave him just like that!" I said. I was torn between the two though my heart knew where it wanted to go.
 "Don't worry about him. I'll sort it out with him. Just go," she said, almost pushing me in Tee's direction.

 We got into his car, thinking we would talk there. To my surprise, he started the car and drove quickly away.

 "Where are we going?" I asked, looking back to see Kola and Ronke standing by his car, talking...

As it turned out, we ended up at his place. Inside the house, I sat on the couch, impatiently waiting for him to be done so I could join my friends.

 He did not seem to be in a hurry though as he sat observing me for a while until I burst out:
 "What's it you wanted to say that couldn't wait? I have a party to attend, you know!" 

 "Has it come to that? That you would choose going to a party to spending time with me? Besides, I remember telling you specifically that I don't want to see you with that man anymore!" he said.

 I gave him a sneering look.
 "And who are you to tell me what and what not to do? You're not my husband so you can't dictate to me!" I was getting angry with him, with his domineering ways, always trying to control me, caging me...

 "Is that why you moved out of the house? Because I'm not your husband? Then let's do something about that," he said.
 I looked at him, puzzled.

 "Do what?"

 "Marry. Let's get married, Mena. So, we can be fully together," he said calmly.

 It was the last thing I expected to hear from him and for a moment I was lost for words.

 "I don't understand. We have a 'deal' remember? You specifically told me sometime ago that that was all there is between us. Nothing more," I reminded him.
 He came over and sat by me.

 "Look, Mena. I'm sorry. I know I should have been more open with you from the beginning. But I was scared. Of loving you and losing you like I lost my late wife. You were there and you saw everything at that time, my pain and sorrow.

Even now, the pain of her death is still there, making it difficult for me to love someone else. 
 Despite that, I became attracted to you and eventually fell for you," he confessed.
 He was revealing so many things that I was finding it difficult keeping up. He loved me? He's in love with me? Then...

 "What about the 'deal' for the baby then?" I asked.

 "I did it for the same reason I was afraid of loving again. I was scared of remarrying and losing a loved one again. I could not take another blow like that. So, I just wanted a baby so Michael could have a sibling. But being together with you all this while has made me realise there's no need for all these fears. 

 "I was going to tell you all these soon and propose. I just needed a little more time to sort out my feelings, to be certain I was fully ready. To let go of the past and hold on to the future.
 Which is you, Mena," he said, placing his hand on my shoulder.

 Was this for real? Tee really loves me and wants to marry me? So, it's not just a baby he wants from me afterall! My heart filled with joy and I relaxed a bit.

 But I was still sceptical. What if those old fears returned and he let go of me again? I could not bear further rejection from him. It was just too painful.

 "I'm sorry Tee. I can't do this anymore. I love you. Very much. But I can't trust you with my heart. You've broken it a couple of times already," I said firmly and got up.

 "Where are you going?" he queried as I picked up my handbag and made for the door.

 "Back to my friends."

 "Please, Mena. Stay!" he said, gripping my hand. "You can't leave just like that! I need you, babe. What'll I do without you? Give me another chance please!"

 But I flung his hand away and walked out the door, tears filling my eyes, nearly blinding me.
 Outside, I walked down the front door steps, feeling with each step I took away from him as if my heart was being shredded in pieces.

 At the last step, I swayed slightly and would have fallen but for strong hands that held me and steadied me on my feet.
 I turned round and saw Tee looking down worriedly at me.

 "Are you alright?" he asked with concern. 

 How can I be when I feel as if I'm dying, I nearly cried out.

 I smiled weakly up at him and said softly:

 "Tee, I can't do this anymore."
 "You said so before," he stated.
 I shook my head.

"Not that," I said. Then taking a deep breath, and looking at him with all the love I felt for him, said:

 "What I mean is, I can't do without you! I love you and need you, more than anything else in the world! That is, if you still want me..."

 "Mena!" he intoned, swiftly gathering me in his arms in a tight hug.

 Then taking my hand, he led me inside the house. 

 There was no more need for words. For we were on the same page now.

 Inside, he pinned me against the door, his eyes caressing me from head to toe.

 "Have I told you how sexy you look tonight, babe?" he asked huskily. Then he lowered his head and claimed my lips in a deep kiss that left me shaken and hungry for him.
 As his his hand fumbled with the zip of my dress, his mouth trailed down my throat to the cleavage of the gown. He slid down the flimsy straps and I was naked before him as I was not wearing a bra.

 His eyes feasted on my breasts before they were replaced by his hot lips. The feel of his mouth against my nipples sent my senses reeling and I held him close, gasping as if for air.
 "Tee, I love you so much!" I said, holding his head tight to my bosom.

 "Love you too, my sweet Mena!"

 Then, picking me up, he climbed up the staircase towards his room.

 Then I remembered.

 "Ronke and Kola will be waiting for me!"

 "They will leave when they are tired of waiting," he said.
 "And Runo! I need to go get our baby."

 His hold on me tightened.
 "Let him stay with his nanny. We'll pick him tomorrow. I want you all to myself. Tonight and always, babe!"

 We got to his room and he closed the door and we were all alone in our own little world...

The End!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Boss wants me as his Baby Mama (4)

 The following morning, he had gone when I woke up. By the bedside was a short note he left for me.

  'Don't come to the office today. Stay home and rest.
   Talk later,


  I stretched and yawned, smiling at the memory of last night, his declaration to me. What was going to happen now that he said he loved me?
 Will he want something else from me besides giving him a baby? What will happen after the baby is born?

And how did I feel about him? It was obvious my feelings for him were changing from respect and likeness (when he was simply my boss) to something else. It was not just affection alone but something much deeper. Was it love?

 All kinds of thoughts kept going through my mind that day, thoughts I knew I had no right to. There was a deal between us and the earlier I focused on that and stopped thinking silly thoughts the better for me...

 As it turned out, nothing changed much between us after that night. My boss was his usual self: cool, sometimes aloof or warm or angry depending on his mood. 

 He was more concerned about my wellbeing though, maybe because of the baby.

 The following day as I prepared to return home, he said I would have to stop working after that week and just take things easy till I had the baby. 

 I told him it was too early to take maternity leave, that I would be bored out of my mind just staying home all day long.

 "What's the hurry? I'm just over two months pregnant. Many women work till a few weeks to their delivery date," I argued.

 "You're not those women. You are my baby's mother. If I say you take things easy, then you do that. I'm still your boss, remember?" he said.

 "That's in the office. Not here, sir!" I said, in a sarcastic tone.

 Seeing that it could lead to a quarrel, he backed down a bit.
 "Alright. You can continue to work. But you have to move in here till the baby is born, at least."

 I considered that for a minute then stated:
"Ok. But Ronke won't like it."

 "Ha, Mena, I hope you know what you're doing," said Ronke. I had just announced that I was moving to my boss's place for the meantime.

 After grumbling about abandoning her to 'live in this apartment all by myself' she had wondered if it was wise moving in with him.
 "It's what he wants," I reminded her.

 "I know. But what do you want? You should have a say in this matter and not let him boss you around, you know," she advised.

 I smiled at her.
 "He isn't bossing, just getting value for his money. He's paying me and very well for that matter. So, I have to do what he wants."

 Ronke shrugged and asked:
 "So, when are you moving?"

 Baby Runo
I had my baby, a little boy we named Ogheneruno or Runo for short some months later. My boss, on seeing him for the first time in the hospital, remarked on how like Michael he looked as a baby.

 "Thanks, Mena for this lovely gift you've given me," he said, smiling happily and hugging me.
  Michael, who was on holiday from school was so exited at the birth, he could not stop admiring his little baby brother in the cot.

 "Daddy, can we take him home now?" he asked eagerly. It was a few hours after I had given birth and was still weak from the long, painful labour.

 "Not so fast! Aunty needs to rest and the baby too needs to get used to our world a bit before he can go home," said his father.

 To help with the baby, my mother came from Warri to be with me for sometime. I did not give my very religious parents the actual picture of what was between my boss and I. They would not understand and would even disapprove.

 We dated for a short time, I found out I was pregnant and since he was against abortion, I had to keep the baby, was what I told them.

 They accepted my explanation though they did not like the idea of my having a baby before marriage.

 "Now that you have delivered, why don't you two marry? He doesn't have a wife and he loves you," my mother stated one evening. She had just given the baby a bath and I was dressing him in his nightclothes.

 I looked at her sharply.
 "What do you mean, Mama? Did he say anything to you?" I queried.
 She shook her head.
 "He doesn't have to say anything. The way he looks at you, treats and talks to you shows it. Maybe, you're too blind to see it," she noted.

 She simply did not understand, that ours was not that kind of relationship. We were more like business partners than a couple in love.

 Since that night months ago when he confessed his love to me, my boss had never repeated those words to me. And he had not touched me again though we lived under the same roof.

 At first, I thought it was my changing, expanding figure that had put him off. You know how some men are- they stay away from their wives during pregnancy.

 Later, I assumed it was because he had gotten what he wanted- getting me pregnant so there was no need sleeping with me anymore.

 I accepted it as it was part of the 'deal' though I could not understand the slight feeling of disappointment at the way things turned out...

 The baby grew fast and soon he was crawling all over the place. My mother had returned home and to help look after him, I got a nanny. 
I was anxious to resume work and get my old life back. Motherhood was nice but I hated being cooped up in the house all day with just the baby and the domestic staff for company.

 As a career girl, I loved the routine of going to the office, doing my job and interacting with my colleagues. I had missed all that during the long maternity leave my boss had insisted I take.

 Runo was nearly eight months old when I finally convinced Tee (as I will start calling my boss from now on) about starting work again.

 "Alright, you can resume Monday. But you have to be closing earlier than usual so you can have time for the baby," he said.
"No problem," I replied.

 It was good being back at work after my long absence. Tessy, my friend and colleague gave me the low down about the latest happenings and gossip in the office.

 "You are on every one's lips these days o!" she said on my first day back. Tessy worked in HR 
and had a way of knowing the newest gists around.

 "What are they saying now?" I asked, smiling cynically. There had been a lot of talk when I got pregnant with many saying I had seduced the boss with 'my beauty mixed with powerful juju' from a famous native doctor in a village in Ogun State.

 "Some of the ladies are saying the love 'charm' you used on our Oga must be very strong. That you're the first lady he had had dealings with since his wife's death. 'Imagine! Our Oga that doesn't even look twice at any of us! She not only got pregnant for him, he's even planning to marry her!' Those are some of the things they are saying," Tessy reported with glee.

 "Marry?" I said with a sneer. "Where do they get these silly stories from?" 

 If only the silly bitches knew the true situation between Tee and I, they won't wag their tongues so much in idle chatter, I thought as I made my way back to my small office.

 Anyway, I threw myself back into work, ignoring all the silly talk about me and my boss.

 Once in a while, I would visit Ronke in my former home at Surulere. It was there I met Kola, her cousin who had come visiting. He had been living in the U.S for some years and was planning on relocating back home. Ronke told me he was divorced from his American wife and was hoping to get married to a lady here in the country.

 That day, we exchanged numbers and began to speak regularly on phone. Within a short time, Kola confessed he loved me and wanted a relationship.

 Though I liked him- he was a cool guy and all that, I was not keen on having any thing serious with him.

 "Can we just be friends for now?" I said when he brought up the issue of our dating. I had the issue with Tee to sort out. Perhaps then, I would be free to consider any thing serious with anyone.

 I explained the situation to him without going too much into detail and he agreed to wait for me.

 "Hope we can be seeing once in a while. I enjoy being with you," Kola said.
 "It's ok by me. Though, it can't be too often. I'm still living with my baby's father, you know," I told him.

 "Why should it bother him whom you see? Afterall, from what you said, you're just his baby mama, not his wife. So, can I come take you out next weekend?"

Kola and I began to hang out regularly after that. And what did Tee have to say about all these outings with Kola, you might wonder. Thing is, he was hardly around this period. There was a big dam construction project the company was involved in in the Northern part of the country. This kept him away from home for long periods of time.

 He called nearly every day though to check on me and the children.

 One Friday, Kola and I had gone out to catch a movie at Silverbird Galleria on the Island. Later, we took some drinks at a bar by the lagoon front at Falomo in Ikoyi. 

The nanny was with Runo who was nearly a year old so I was not too worried about him. 
 It was close to midnight when Kola finally took me home. We sat chatting in the car for a while before we got down. 

 I kissed him lightly on the lips, bid him goodnight then went into the house. Runo was with the nanny in one of the bedroom downstairs.
 He was sleeping soundly while the nanny was still awake watching a movie on TV.

 I stayed with her briefly then climbed the stairs up to my room. 

 I was close to the landing when I looked up and saw Tee standing there, his arms crossed on his chest, looking angry.

 "Tee, when did you arrive? You didn't say you were coming today," I said, happy to see him.
 He deliberately glanced at his watch then asked:

 "And where are you coming from by this time?" 
"Oh, I went out with a friend. We took in a movie and drinks later," I said, looking at him warily, wondering why he was looking so pissed.

 "How was your trip? Have you eaten?" I asked, as I walked past him towards my room down the corridor.

 He grabbed my hand and swung me back to face him.
 "Mena, I'm talking to you and you're walking away! Who was the man I saw you kissing a while ago?" he queried in an angry tone.

 "I've already told you. He's a friend. His name is Kola and he's Ronke's cousin." 

 "I see. So, the moment my back is turned, you start jumping around with different men! Have you forgotten that you're a mother now? What woman would leave her baby and go out partying like you do? You need to start acting like a responsible mother and not a teenager," he said.

 "I don't understand your attitude, Tee. So, that I'm a mother now means I can't go out anymore? I'm a young woman and I need to go out with my friends once in a while to catch my fun. You don't expect me to stay cooped up in this house all day and be living like a nun," I countered. I was beginning to get angry as I felt he was being unreasonable.

 "So, it's fun you want, is it? Alright!" he said and holding my hand, dragged me down the corridor to his bedroom.

 "What're you doing?" I said as he threw me on the bed. 

 He immediately climbed on top of me, pinned my hands to the bed and said testily:

 "I'll give you so much fun, you won't need to go out to look for it anymore!"

  Then his lips clamped on mine in a searing kiss. I tried to resist by turning my head away but it was no good. A combination of his strength and my own traitorous body broke down my feeble resistance.

 Soon, my arms went round his neck and I drew him closer, returning the kiss. The feel of him, his hands caressing me made me feel more alive than I had done in a long time. I had missed being in his arms and I could not deny or pretend otherwise any longer.

 "I've missed you, Tee. Very much," I said softly.
 "Same here, babe," he intoned against my mouth. 

 I caressed his strong shoulders then my hand slid down his waist to his hip and as I began to caress him there, he groaned with pleasure.

 "That feels good," he grunted.
 Our clothes were soon scattered all over the room and as we explored each other's bodies, it was like we were rediscovering ourselves after so many months apart.

 It was like fireworks that night, with him taking me with so much passion, I nearly cried out with love and my need for him.

 I had fallen in love with this man. What was I going to do?

He was still asleep when I woke up the following morning around 7. I studied his face, noting how much younger and relaxed he looked in sleep.

 With my forefinger, I traced the outline of his lips before kissing him softly.
 His eyes opened slowly, a little smile curving his lips.
 "Morning, babe. With the way you woke me up, you're giving me ideas this morning," he said, reaching out to pinch my nose.
  He sat up, stretched and said:

  "Unfortunately, I've to go somewhere now. I've a business meeting with someone at 9 am."
 "It's Saturday. Why don't you stay home a bit today and relax?" I asked.
 "I can't do that. I have a company to run remember? With the salaries of many workers to pay, including yours, my sweet girl," he said teasingly.

 He got up from the bed and made for the bathroom. At the door, he turned round and said:

 "By the way, Mena, about last night. I guess we both got carried away. We should stay focused as we have a deal. Doing otherwise will only complicate things!"

 With that, he entered the bathroom. 

 Back in my room, I felt so miserable at his words, I almost wept. 

 'We both got carried away!' 

 So that was all it was to him, nothing more, I thought gloomily. And here was I thinking he must feel something for me, that what we had last night was more than desire for my body.

 How could I be so stupid, falling in love with him? When he felt nothing for me.

 What was I going to do now? I still had about a year to go before I would be free from the 'arrangement' with Tee. Would I be able to cope, living with him so closely and unable to express my love for him the way I wanted?

 I sat on the edge of the bed, my head in my hands until the nanny came in with Runo and I had to shake off the gloomy mood that had enveloped me and play with my baby...

 Three days later, Tee travelled on another business trip. As soon as he left, I packed a case with some clothes and essentials, got some of Runo's things and left the house with the Nanny.

 I drove to my former home in Surulere.

 Ronke was not surprised at the turn of events.

 "I knew this was going to happen. Besides his temper, your boss is very attractive and any lady can lose her head over him, fall for him. So, what are you going to do now?" she asked in a concerned tone.

 I shook my head.

 "I don't know. All I know is that I'm not going back to that house. I'll stay here till the 'deal' between us ends and we won't have any connection with each other anymore except the baby," I said.

 Three days later, I got a call from Tee.
 "What's this I'm hearing Mena, that you've left the house? Is there any problem?" he asked, in an exasperated manner.

 "I needed a break, that's all," I said shortly.

 "And you could not tell me? I had to hear it from my houseboy? Anyway, whatever it is, we'll sort it out on my return this weekend..." he said.

 That's your problem. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to sort out, I thought grumpily when the call ended...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Boss wants me as his Baby Mama! (3)

We had an arrangement. I would spend at least two weekends in a month at his house until I conceived.

 "You can move in with me until you have the baby or remain at your place. The choice is yours," my boss said when we were working out the modalities of the 'deal' between us. The baby will be with me till it was two years old then he would take over full responsibilities for it, he added.

 "You can then move on with your life; get married, travel. Whatever. I'll have no hold on you whatsoever. You'll be as free as the bird," he reassured me. 
 I would be well compensated for my effort, he said: a lump sum of money running into millions of naira, a house in a choice part of the city and some shares in his company.

 The whole thing sounded so sterile, so emotionless like a business discussion between partners venturing into a new business venture. I wondered what I was getting myself into, whether I would be able to go through with it...

 You might say its not a bad deal. I agree. The money and property will come in useful later but it was not really that that made me accept my boss's proposal. Neither did he coerce me as some might think. He gave me the option of accepting or turning him down and I chose to accept.

 Actually, it was his son, Michael that made me do it. You see, I've always had a soft spot for the boy beginning from when I worked closely with his mother while she was alive and running her NGO. Back then, I helped to look after him, acting like an unofficial nanny, combining that with my other duties as her personal assistant. 

I did not mind as the woman was kind hearted and treated me well, more like a younger sister than an employee.

 As I watched the boy grow over the years, I've become quite attached and even feel maternal towards him at times.

 Some weeks after my boss spoke to me about having a baby for him, I accompanied him to visit Michael in school as it was visiting day for parents and guardians.

 "Michael says he misses you, that you should come with me. Do you have another engagement on that day, perhaps?" my boss enquired.

 I had nothing special lined up for that weekend. I had broken up with my boyfriend, Kay that I usually hung out with most weekends some months back. I had caught him cheating on me too many times and had dumped his sorry ass by text message. Ronke and a group of our friends were planning to go to the club but I could always pull out.

 We left Lagos early with my boss driving.

 "Aunty Mena, so happy you could come!" Michael said excitedly, running to hug me when we arrived.
 "So, it's only Mena you're happy to see?" said his father teasingly.
 "You too, Daddy!" Michael said, laughing. His father playfully put him in a headlock with Michael crying:
 "Aunty Mena save me before Daddy breaks my neck!"
 We both laughed. His father released him and holding him by the shoulder, we left the car park towards the visitor's room.

  On the way, we ran into Sammy, a classmate of his. He was among his parents and siblings that had come to see him. After they left, Michael looked at them for a while then said:
 "Sammy's so lucky! All his brothers and sisters came to visit him. I wish I had siblings too," he said in a yearning manner. I looked at him pityingly, feeling bad for the young, motherless boy.

 Later that night, as I lay in bed, Michael's face kept popping up, disturbing my rest. I could still remember the look of longing on his face as he observed his friend among his family members.

 I loved the boy very much and I was ready to do anything to make him happy. But that would involve accepting the proposal from my boss.

 How could I do that? What will my parents, siblings and others say when they hear I had had a child out of wedlock for my boss?

 'We'll cross that bridge when you get there,' I said to myself as I came to a decision.

 After that first night together with my boss, I became more relaxed with him in our subsequent encounters.

 We met regularly after that; then in the third month, I became pregnant. I broke the news to him one morning in the office. 

 "Pregnant? For real?" he asked. He was not wearing his glasses and I could see the look of joy on his face. I was happy too that at least, I was about to fulfill part of the 'deal' we had made.

 I nodded.
 "I got the test result this morning," I told him. 
 He came round his large desk and lifting me up to my feet, broke one of the rules of our 'arrangement': no intimacy in the office.

 He kissed me lightly on the mouth and on my forehead.
 "This is great, Mena! You've made me so happy!" he enthused. He sat on the edge of the desk and held me to him, his hands slowing caressing my back.

 I tried wriggling free but he held me tight, his head on my shoulder.

 "Don't move, Mena. This feels so good. The great news about the pregnancy and me holding you like this. I just want to savour this moment," he said.

 Later, back on his seat, he asked:

 "We have to celebrate this. What'll you like to do? Dinner, the movies? Just name it. I'm game!" he said, smiling broadly at me.

 We settled on dinner. Before I left for my office, he said:

 "Wear something sexy that will bring out those your wonderful curves. We might watch a film later."
  We ate at a new restaurant on Victoria Island that specialized in sea food. After the meal, I felt tired and wanted to go home and rest.

 "Are you ok? Do you feel any pain anywhere?" he asked a bit anxiously as he drove along.

 "I'm fine. I just need to rest that's all," I stated.

 I placed my head on the car seat and must have dozed off. For the next thing I knew, I was being carried into the house. He was supposed to take me home so what was I doing here in his house?

 "It's too late to drive to the Mainland this night," he explained.
 "Well, I need to take a shower," I said and got up from the couch where he had dropped me.
 I took the stairs to the guest room where I had spent so many nights with him. I stayed in the shower for sometime, allowing the cool water to wash away all the tiredness and stress of the day from my body.
 I exited the shower and with a large fluffy towel tied round my middle, I went to the bedroom. I was applying some lotion to my body when my boss opened the door and walked in.

 "Need help with that?" he asked as he saw me straining to reach my back with the cream.
 Without waiting for an answer, he placed some of the lotion on his palm and began to rub it on my back. He rubbed with slow, gentle strokes as if he was giving me a massage. It felt truly relaxing.
 Then slowly, the towel began to fall off from my body and his fingers moved onto my breasts, stroking them tenderly till they seemed to swell and fill his hands.

 I moaned softly, holding his strong hands to me as he continued to stroke me. I relaxed against him and he fell on the bed, with me lying on top of him.

 He turned me round to face him, our eyes locked on each other, then our lips met in a deep, hungry kiss like a thirsty man in a desert.

 Then he swung me down on the bed with him lying on top of me and said huskily:

 "I want you Mena." 

  I wanted him too.

 We did not have to sleep together anymore as the goal, of getting me pregnant, had been accomplished.

 So, why were we rolling on the bed, his hands and lips all over my body, burning trails of fire over me? Was it simply lust or desire? I didn't know or care. 

 I just wanted to be held in his arms and feel his strong body on mine, tangled up in a sweet dance of passion and need for each other...

 Our lovemaking that night was frantic, as if we could not get enough of each other. Then, as we collapsed in each others arms later, my boss mumbled the words I thought I would never hear him speak to me:

"I love you Mena. Very much!"

His confession of love brings a new twist to the 'arrangement between Mena and her boss. Will this affect the 'deal' or not? Details coming soon! 

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To Be Continued...

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