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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

She took my man, now I want him back! (3)

...All that happened over ten years ago. 

Now history seemed to be repeating itself, with Christo leaving me for Kari just like what had happened with Dan back in school.

But, this time around, I kept my cool and decided to see how things would progress with them. Kari on her part apologized for what happened. 

She explained Christo had kept pestering her, telling her he loved her and she was the one he wanted to be with even when she had turned him down initially because of me.

"I don't want you to feel bad, thinking I snatched him from you. That's not what happened," she stated anxiously. 

"It's ok. We are mature now, no longer young students at school. I can take it. Besides, he's old enough to know what he wants. I can't choose for him," I said with a shrug. And that was how we settled the matter and continued with our friendship. 

I felt bad losing Christo but my friendship with Kari meant a lot to me. At least, that was how I felt then. Later, the situation changed and my stance as well...

They had been dating for nearly six months when Christo proposed to Kari and she accepted. She called me on phone to inform me, expressing doubts whether it was the right thing to do because of her situation.

I understood what she meant.

Back when we were in school, Dan had got Kari pregnant and when they broke up, she had got rid of the pregnancy. The doctor that performed the operation was not good and he had done a terrible job. She had bled for weeks after. 

Later, she had been examined by another doctor who told her the operation had damaged her womb so much she could never have children. I was the only one among our friends who knew the secret.

"What should I do, Susan?" she now asked me after Christo's proposal.
"Nothing. Just go ahead and marry him. At least, one of us should have him so another lady doesn't take him away," I said, in a light tone.

"Susan, this is serious! What if he finds out after our wedding that I can't give him a child, it will cause problems in our marriage," she noted.
 I saw her point but I still encouraged her to go ahead with the wedding.

"Wait till that time comes. Who knows, a miracle could happen," I told her reassuringly. You might be wondering why I did not discourage her from marrying Christo so I could keep him for myself. Truth is, in a perverse kind of way, I was enjoying the situation. 

 Because of her condition, her bareness, I knew there was trouble ahead for Kari and Christo especially in a society like ours that places so much value on childbirth after marriage. I wanted to watch and see how things would pan out...

  Loved up
Kari listened to my advice. She put her fears behind her and went ahead with the wedding. It was a grand wedding, like a fairytale one, the type you see in Hollywood movies. Kari looked really lovely on the day and I, as the chief bridesmaid played my part in ensuring the ceremony went smoothly. 

 Christo's mother, a top businesswoman with lots of money spared no expense in ensuring that her only son had a swell wedding.

 After the ceremony, Kari and her new husband went abroad for their honeymoon.
 They were away for nearly a month. On their return, she visited me at home, bearing lots of gifts.

 "Are these not too much? You are spoiling me o!" I said examining the clothes, shoes, bags and other stuff she had brought for me. 
 "You are my best friend, the one who has been with me all these years. Who will I spoil if not you?" she retorted.

 "Thanks, Kari!" I said, giving her a hug. 
 We sat chatting for a while, with Kari telling me tales about their exploits during their honeymoon.
She was glowing with health and happiness and for a moment, I felt jealous that I could have been the one in her position. 

 'I should have been the one married to Christo and enjoying marital bliss with him as she was doing," I thought to myself. But I put those thoughts behind me and continued chatting with her.

From regular updates from Kari, their married life seemed to be going really well. Christo, she stated, spoiled her and could not do enough for her.

 "He's always buying me gifts," she said one day over the phone. "Just this week, he bought me another car even though the one I'm using is still new. He says I'm his baby and its his duty to take care of me," she said, laughing.

 I was happy for her and hoped things would continue that way with them. But as they say, good things never last and it was so in Kari's case. 

Signs that there were cracks in the marital wall began about two years after their wedding. I had gone to visit Kari at home one weekend when I met her alone in the house, crying.

 "What's the matter, Kari? Are you sick? What happened?" I queried.
  She looked up at me, her eyes reddened with tears.
 When she had calmed down, she narrated what happened.

She said her mother-in-law had come visiting and the first thing she had asked her was 'why was her tummy still flat like a pancake' after two years of marriage?

 "My husband came to my rescue, telling his mother that God's time was the best- that we would have children when we were ready," Kari said. She paused then turning to me added:

 "I don't know how long I can keep up this pretence. Because of my condition, I can never give Christo a child. Maybe I should have confessed to him before the wedding. I feel bad deceiving him this way. I know he's anxious for me to start having babies, too, just like his mother, though he won't say it. Oh, Susan, what should I do now?" she wailed pitiably.

 I had no idea how she could solve her problem which was a serious one. All I could do was comfort her and reassure her that things would work out fine. 

Infact, the situation became worse. 

 One Saturday morning, some months later, I had gone to her house as we were going shopping together at the City mall that day. We were just about leaving when Christo's mother arrive. 

 From the countenance on her face, you could tell she was not in a good mood. She barely acknowledged our greetings and instead started harassing Kari. I went and stood at the verandah but I could still hear her shrill voice as she attacked my friend.

 "Does it take a woman so long to get pregnant?" she said angrily. "Others who married after you already have a child or two. Why is your own taking so long? Instead of thinking of how you can give me a grandchild, you are busy going from one shop or boutique to the other, spending my son's money! He's my only child and the only son of his late father. He needs to have children to carry on the family line. So, you better give him children or get out!" 

Just then, Christo who had been resting upstairs came down and began pleading with his mother.
 "Mum! Take it easy with my wife, please. I've told you several times before to leave this matter 
alone. We will have children when the time comes. Please stop harassing her over this!" he stated.

 This did not go down well with his mother, who accused him of taking sides with his wife. Mother and son now faced each other, arguing back and forth until I left some time later after canceling our shopping trip.

Things continued this way until Kari disappeared from home one day. It was on the eve of their third wedding anniversary. Kari had told me that they were taking a trip to Calabar to mark the day and even suggested I should come with them. But I declined, stating I had another engagement.

 The day before they were to travel, I had just returned home from work when Christo called. He asked if Kari was with me and when I told him I had not seen her for some days, he became really anxious.

"When I was leaving for work this morning, she said she was going to the shop to buy some things for the trip. But she's not back yet and some of her clothes and other stuff are missing," he stated worriedly.

I drove over to their house immediately, wondering where she could have gone to. We called her parents and other relatives for her whereabouts but no-one had seen Kari. 

About a week later, Christo came to my house to inform me that he had got a call from Kari. 
"She's in London. She said she had to leave for a while to get away from all the harassment from my Mum," he said.

"So, when is she coming back?" I asked him. 
"She didn't say. She only said she needs time to clear her head," he replied. He sat slumped on the sofa, looking really dejected.
 "Just take it easy. Everything will be ok," I said, patting him on the shoulder.

I felt really sorry for him. Sitting beside him, I drew him to me and he rested his head on my bosom. Holding him so close to me brought all the old, suppressed feelings I had for him. Before I knew what was happening, I started kissing him and to my surprise, he responded. He  held me close and began caressing my body, swamping it with sweet sensation that made me long for more.

I took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

That night, he did not return home but spent the night in my apartment...

Three months later, I found out I was pregnant with Christo's baby. I have not told him about it and Kari, who has returned from London does not know as well. I want to keep the baby so I will wait a while before breaking the news to them including his mother. 

You might be wondering why I'm doing this- is it out of revenge to break Kari's marriage since she took Christo from me? 

What happened between Christo and I that night was not planned. It just happened. Since that time, we've not met up again. 

I don't know what impact my pregnancy will have on their marriage which is already shaky. But at least, one person will be pleased with the news, his mother. 

Truth is I still love Christo and I want him back. Afterall, he was originally mine before Kari took him from me. There are times, I want to tell him about Kari's barrenness. I wonder what will happen if he finds out; will he leave her? And will we end up together as I so desire? While I value my friendship with Kari, I also long to be with Christo.

I plan telling him about the baby soon. You can call me names, a bitch, witch or whatever. Truth is, in this game of love, only the strong survive.

But I have a little problem. Should I tell him about Kari's situation, her barrenness when I inform him about the baby or just continue to stay quiet as I have done all this while? I will appreciate if readers can advise me. Thanks.

The End!

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