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Monday, February 08, 2016

She took my man, now I want him back! (1)

This is the story of two friends (Susan and Kari) whose love for the same man leads to betrayal, treachery and hatred that threatens a friendship of over ten years. Kari has a dark secret which only Susan, her friend knows. And Susan is not averse to using it to get what she wants...

It was my mistake. I should not have introduced Christo to Kari at that party. But how was I to know that he would fall for her at their first meeting? 

It had taken me months to get Christo to pay any attention to me, yet the minute he set eyes on Kari, he was all over her! 

What was it about her that attracted men to her so much? It wasn't as if she was that pretty. Infact, I was the prettier one among the two of us. 

When I was a little girl, total strangers used to stop my mother on the street to comment on my beauty. I had thus grown up with that mindset-of being more beautiful and better-looking than my mates.

Despite the edge I had looks wise, Kari always had more male admirers than me. It didn't start today. It began right from our undergraduate days back in school when Dan, my boyfriend left me for her...

That incident had caused a serious quarrel between us and had almost broken our friendship...

Anyway, after graduation, Kari and I stayed in touch and since we were both living in Lagos, we saw each other regularly. Luckily, we both got jobs shortly after our NYSC programme and our adult lives began fully. 

Then about four years ago, I met Christo. An only child, he had lost his father at a young age and had been brought up singlehandedly by his mother. 

We worked in the same industry and we had met at a seminar for professionals in my field. After the programme, we exchanged contacts. I had been attracted to him from the beginning so I ensured I kept in touch with him in the hopes a relationship could develop between us.

It wasn't easy for though he said he liked me, he only saw me as a colleague and not as a love interest.

But I did not give up on him and kept hoping he would develop interest in me. Christo was the calm, cool type, thoughtful and considerate and I found myself falling deeper for him daily. He was the man I wanted and because of that, I turned away other suitors that were coming for me. 

Each year, my company usually organises an end-of-year party for its staff. I invited Christo as my date and to my surprise and joy, he agreed to attend it with me. After that day, we went out on a few more dates. I was happy as I felt that he was finally warming up to me.

One day, Christo and I attended the birthday party of Kari's flatmate, Monica. It was a cool party and I was enjoying myself until Christo met Kari.

Now, I realise it was my mistake. That I should not have introduced Christo to her at the party. But she was my friend so there was no way I could have avoided it. 

Besides, how was I to know that he would fall for her at their first meeting? It had taken me months to get Christo to pay any attention to me, to see me as a woman yet the minute he set eyes on Kari, he was all over her! 

He kept hanging around her so much, at a stage, I had to drag him away, saying I had a headache and I had to go home early.

I kept wondering if what happened to us back in school was going to repeat itself. I was determined it shouldn't. I still remembered the pain and heartache I suffered when Dan dumped me for Kari...

This time around, I was not ready to lose Christo. So I did everything to win and keep his love. I would buy him gifts, prepare lunch packs and had them delivered to him at work, cook and wash for him at weekends and so many other things. 

I did all these things to keep Christo to myself. But it was all futile. As they say, you can take a horse to the river but you can't force him to drink water...

To Be Continued...

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