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Friday, February 19, 2016

P-Square crisis deepens as police raid stars' Omole residence


Hardly had the dust over the rift between Peter of P-Square and his brothers Paul and Jude settled when the iconic music family is faced with another messy story, bothering on alleged breach of contract.

 Residents of Omole Estate, Lagos woke up Friday morning to the invasion of the Square Villa, home of Psquare, by policemen purportedly carrying out a court order to reclaim about N8million said to have been paid to P-Square for a show they eventually turned down.

 A leader of the delegation who spoke exclusively to NET said they were carrying out an order passed by the Ikeja High Court, Lagos. “P-Square were paid over 8million Naira for a show and they didn’t show up for the show. Our job here is to enforce the court injunction and retrieve the cash. Right now they say they are trying to transfer the money and that’s why we are waiting.”

Although the group neither showed the court injunction to the NET correspondent nor revealed the name of the client, an eye witness said the singers appeared beaten by the situation which attracted a mammoth crowd to their residence.

Paul was seen driving out of the Sqaure Ville in a tinted BMW, refusing to speak to anyone. There were indications the singer was going to sort out the refund rather than allow further molestation.

Recall that few days ago, Peter started a Twitter rant, calling it quits with their elder brother and manager, Jude. The matter appeared to subside after Paul took sides with Jude.
Peter had gone ahead to reveal more bitter secrets, including how Jude hijacked reggae star, Cynthia Morgan from him.

 This latest saga in the career of the musical mega stars is coming on the heels of the purported sack of the duo's manager as well as elder brother Jude Okoye. 

 For the 16 years since the dynamic duo hit the limelight, they have been managed by Jude.
Though the rumour had been making the rounds for a while that all was not well with P-Square and their brother, Jude, the lid finally blew open on Wednesday, when Peter took to Twitter and fired Jude in a series of tweets!

An obviously angry Pe­ter expressed his frustration working with Jude before finally sacking him.
Addressing P-Square fans, he tweeted: “P-Square fans, I know you all have been asking a lot of ques­tions concerning us. Some ask: ‘why on social media?’ Do I have a choice?”
Peter insisted in his tweets it was wrong for Jude to insist that he must remain P-Square’s man­ager, reiterating that his decision was final.
In response, Jude tweeted that Peter needed help.
“You said I need prayers, bro, you need God!” Peter tweeted back and declared that “Peter and Paul is P-Square and Jude must ac­cept it that way.”

He added that for over four years, he had been managing Jude and his an­tics but now was the time to take action.
“I have been nurturing and managing these prob­lems for over four years now. Don’t take my silence as a weakness,” he added.
However, in order to reassure fans that all was well with him and Paul, his twin and the other half of P-Square, Peter tweeted again: “P-Square is not breaking up. I stand here to defend P-Square 100 per cent. And, for those who will start saying P-Square is breaking up, we are not. Just that the management needs to go. I have regret­ted a lot of things in my life but trust me, this is not one of them. No more family business.”

 Again he queried: “How can you run a business without structures? Family business can be pain in the a**!”

However, Peter was not done. He added a dis­claimer stating that who­ever does business with Jude does so at his/her own risk: “Please, whosoever makes any transaction with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye on P-Square’s behalf does so at his/her own risk. 

 This is a warning. Peter and Paul is P-Square and every other person is an attachment. Peter and Paul have the right to sack the entire management team; business is business, period!”

Justifying the move, he tweeted again that people change management and Jude’s case is not differ­ent: “Usher Raymond did it, Beyoncé did it as well. So it’s not new. My loyalty for P-Square and the fans still remains 100 per cent. I don’t have a problem with Paul but the management.”

 Posted by Blog Author (with additional reports from The Nation)

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