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Friday, February 05, 2016

My husband is Into Voodoo (6) A box full of sorrow

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As my aunty spoke, I stared at her, too stupefied for words. I turned confused, to my mother who also had this dazed look in her eyes.

"Could this be true, Mama? Is Aunty speaking the truth?" I asked in a shaky voice when she finished speaking.
 She did not say anything but simply nodded.

A massive headache came suddenly upon me then and the earth started spinning. Noticing my obvious distress, my Mum quickly led me to the bed to lie down. They both looked at me worriedly, my mother placing her hand on my forehead.

"Your skin is hot. Are you feeling any pain?" she asked in a concerned tone.
"I'm fine. I just need some cold water.

They both left the room to get the water and I was left alone with my thoughts.

"How could this be, I wondered. That BJ, my loving, caring husband was the one behind my problems, the reason my babies were dying and the miscarriages too.

My aunt had stated that that was what the Seer had seen with his clairvoyant powers and had felt it was necessary for me to know the truth.

But was he right? How could my educated, sophisticated husband, a man who had travelled the world be involved in such things?

"He is said to belong to a secret society. That he has sold the souls of all your male children in exchange for great wealth and high status in the society," my Aunty had disclosed.
 Could this be true, I thought sceptically.
 Could I trust the Seer's words despite his acclaimed supernatural powers? 
 I was sceptical as I did not believe in such mystical things, considering them relics of a bygone era, a throwback to the old days of our forefathers who dabbled in 'black arts' or occultic practices.

 This was the 21st century, the digital age so could such supernatural things still exist? I knew though, that in our highly superstitious society, beliefs in such supernatural elements was still strong even among the educated and enlightened class.

And if the Seer was correct, how could BJ do such an evil thing to me? To our family? How could he be killing our precious children both the unborn and the living through diabolical means? For what kind of wealth? What status?

 It was only someone with an evil, devilish heart that could do such a thing. Was BJ, my loving, kind husband capable of such?

 Later, a decision was taken by my family on a way to tackle the serious situation. Every member of my family believed the Seer and could not understand why I still had doubts.

 "The Seer said the evidence lies in your house. So, why don't we go there and get it?" my cousin Dede, who was present at the meeting, suggested.

 According to the Seer, there was something BJ kept in the house which would prove him right. 
 They all turned to look at me. 

  "I don't feel like going to that house for now," I informed them. "I'm still in a state of shock over the Seer's revelations. You can send people there. It's only the servants there as BJ has travelled. I'll call one of the maids to let you in the house."

 A few of my family members including my mother and aunt were picked to go to my house. The Seer went with them.

  The wooden box
 They returned some days later with some items that the Seer said I must not see as it could be disastrous for me and my unborn child. 

 But she described it as a small wooden box which contained some strange items including a piece of red cloth, a wooden figurine of a baby boy, some feathers, cowries, strands of hair, a white cloth stained with what looked like blood and other stuff too gory to mention.

  She said they had found the box in a locked cabinet in BJ's study/den. I wondered how they had been able to get into the room as my husband always kept the room locked whenever he was not using it.

 Whatever doubts I had were wiped away by the contents of the box. I was in a state of shock; I just sat in my room, my hands supporting my chin, staring blankly into space. It was one of the worst days of my life as I felt my life, my dreams and hopes were over.

 "This can't be happening," I thought aloud, feeling dazed. How could my beloved husband do this to me, to us? To our children both living and the unborn?

 My mother tried her best to console me but I could not get out of the deep depression that held me in its grip. I sat dejected, bitter tears rolling down my face.

 "My daughter, you have to take things easy. Remember your condition! Do you want to lose this baby too?" she asked, glancing at my stomach.

 "What do I do now, Mama? Where do I go from here? I never knew when I married BJ that things would end up this way. My life is over!" I wailed pitifully.

 "Don't say that! Nothing will happen to you! As long as you do what the Seer says, that you must not return to BJ's house, you'll be fine," she stated reassuringly.

 The Seer had said that since the source of his wealth had been exposed and the box's contents destroyed, BJ's fortunes will nosedive and things will not be the same for him again.

"You need to stay away from him. And you can't return to the house for your own safety," the Seer had warned me sternly some days before.
 Due to his warning, it was my mother and Aunty who had to return to my home to get my belongings. They got a truck and packed all my stuff I instructed them to get.

While all these incidents were happening, BJ was still out of the country. But someone, maybe one of the domestic staff, must have tipped him off for he called me a day after my mother returned with my belongings.

 "What's going on, Oluchi? Is it true you've moved out of our home?" he queried.

 "Yes. And I'm not going back!" I said firmly.
 "Why? What's the problem? Have I offended you in any way?" he asked worriedly.
 "You'll find out on your return. There's a letter for you with the maid, Angy."

 "Letter? I don't want any stupid letter! Talk to me, dear. Whatever is the problem, we can sort it out," he pleaded.

 "There's nothing to sort out. Read the letter," I said irritably and ended the call.

 He rang back immediately but I refused to pick his call. The phone kept ringing so much, I had to switch it off.

 Then, three days later, BJ arrived unexpectedly in our house early in the morning.

 He had caused me so much pain and grief that I was not in a good frame of mind to see him. I sent him away, that I never wanted to set eyes on him ever again.

 "Have you not done enough harm to me and my children? What more do you want? You want me dead? Just leave me alone! I can never have anything to do with someone like you, so wicked and evil! Go! Get out of my life!" I shouted at him.

 "Why don't you listen to me, Oluchi? Let me explain everything..." he implored.

 "Explain? So, you can tell me more lies? I've been fooled enough by your innocent, deceptive looks. No more! Just go!" I ordered.

 Some of my relatives who were around, seeing how reluctant he was to leave, escorted him to his car and he quietly drove away.

Since then, I've not seen him, though he has been sending emissaries to plead with me to return to him. 

But I have been getting news about him, most of it bad. His vast business holdings was said to be collapsing with his creditors and the banks he is owing huge sums of money, auctioning off most of his properties to retrieve their money.

It looked as if he was back to zero, the point he was before he started his business from what he told me about his background in the early days of our relationship. An orphan, he had lost both parents while in secondary school. He had stayed with some relatives of his who saw him more of a nuisance than anything else.

"I really suffered growing up. I had to struggle a lot to establish my business and nurture it to the stage it is today," he had said back then.

Whether it was the suffering that made him dabble in the occultic world, I did not want to know. All I know is that he had caused me too much pain and heartbreak. That is why I am never returning to him.
 Perhaps, I should have listened to my sister, Betty who had never been in support of my relationship with BJ from the beginning.

Back then, I had thought that she was jealous of me that I was getting married while she was still single. But as things have turned out, she had been right. I should have studied him more, found out more about him before linking my life with his.

Perhaps, as she said then, I was carried away by the money, the glamour. But as they say, not all that glitters is gold. How true that has turned out in my case! I was living in a palace, in luxury and with more money than I knew what to do with, but behind that glossy exterior, pain, unhappiness and suffering dogged my every step.

But I have no one to blame but myself. I have to carry my cross alone, try to put the past behind and hope for a better future for myself, my daughter and the unborn baby...

The End!
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