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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

My husband is into Voodoo (4)

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About a year after we got married, I gave birth to twins- a boy and a girl. BJ was ecstatic and in his excitement gave me so many gifts, including another car, besides the one he gave me for my birthday earlier.

My mother and sister, Betty came to stay with me during this period to help out with the babies  who were quite a handful. They cried a lot especially the boy who slept mostly during the day and kept us awake at night with his crying and fretting.

The twins' first birthday was coming up and BJ and I planned to mark it in a big way with a party.
A few days before the anniversary, the boy whom we named Favour fell ill. It started with a slight fever and I gave him some syrup so he could sleep.

Some hours later, he began convulsing like an epileptic patient. We rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted. Not long after we arrived, he died. I lost my sweet little boy. The shock nearly made me pass out.

I was simply inconsolable; I could not get over the loss of my baby who just a days before was a healthy, bubbly boy, full of life. How could this have happened, I kept thinking...

"At least, you still have the girl. So, take heart, my daughter," said my mother as I sat on the floor of my small, private sitting room, tears rolling down my face, mourning my dead son.

It was the same with BJ.
"We are still young, we'll have more children. Stop crying or you will make yourself ill. I can't afford to lose you too," he said as he hugged me close.

With time, I recovered sufficiently enough to move on with life. There was a good reason as shortly after, I found out I was pregnant so I had to be strong for the new life growing inside me.

Some months later, I gave birth to another boy. I wept with joy as I held the baby in my arms. He looked so much like Favour that I felt my dead son had come back to me.

"I'll make sure nothing happens to you, my sweet angel," I crooned to him as he slept in my arms. "You will grow up strong, healthy and handsome like your father."

They say things never work out the way we planned and this was especially true in my case. One day, I had gone to the nursery which the baby, who was about six months old then, shared with my daughter, Stephanie. He had been sleeping for some hours and I wanted to wake him as it was his breast feeding time. 

I went to pick him up and I froze with fear when I touched him...

Something terrible has happened to Oluchi's baby. The mystery will be revealed tomorrow so don't fail to log on!

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