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Monday, February 01, 2016

My husband is into voodoo (3)

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Back home in bed that night, I was unable to sleep, thinking about BJ and his unexpected proposal.

Were things not moving too fast, I thought. We had only known each other for some months and he was already proposing. Shouldn't I wait and know him better? What about Jamie? We had been together for about five years; I could not just throw away a five year relationship like that.

 Ok, he had been unfaithful. But he had begged for forgiveness. 'No, I can't leave Jamie,' I thought, turning over on my pillow, trying to get some sleep.

 The following week, Jamie came to Lagos for a seminar. After the programme, he came to my house to spend some time with me. Though, happy to see him, something was missing; it was like the spark in the relationship was gone, at least on my side as he was still crazy about me.

 We were in the living room chatting when BJ arrived.
 After introducing them, I went to the kitchen for some drinks.

 "Who's this guy and what's he doing here?" Jamie, who had followed me, asked.
 "I told you. He's a customer of our bank."

 "What's he doing here, then, in your home? This place does not look like a banking hall to me!" he said in an accusing tone.

 "What's with all these questions?"  I asked, getting upset at his grilling.
 "You are my wife-to-be! I have a right to know any man hanging around you! Besides, I've heard about all the escapades that you bank girls are up to!"

 "What did you just say? Are you calling me a loose woman? How dare you!" I shouted at him, really angry now. A full scale quarrel broke out; we kept arguing even after we left the kitchen for the living room, where BJ sat, a questioning look in his eyes.

 In my anger at Jamie, I went to BJ, took him by the hand and said:

 "For your info, this is the man I'm going to marry. So, you better get out of my house right now!"

 I ignored the shocked look on Jamie's face and pointing at the door stated:
 "Get out! I never want to see you again!"

 It was then it dawned on him that I wasn't joking and falling on his knees, began to plead.
 He said I could not just end the relationship like that, as we had come a long way.

 "Please reconsider your decision, Oluchi! You know I love you..." he begged.
 I looked at him scornfully and hissed.

 "You didn't remember that when you were sleeping with those women I caught you with!"

 "But I thought you had forgiven me," he stated, getting up. 
 "That's not the issue now. I don't love you anymore and I'm calling off our engagement. So, please leave!" I ordered again.

 BJ spoke up for the first time.
 "You heard the lady. Just go quietly and avoid creating a scene," he said.
 But Jamie took exception to that, angrily telling him to stay out of our business, calling him a 'wife-snatcher' a thief who wants to take his woman away.'

 "Just go Jamie. It's over! Get over it," I broke in on his tirade against BJ. 

 "Oluchi, please. Don't do this, don't do something you'll regret later..." he implored.
 "I won't regret anything! Just get out!" I ordered, impatient for him to leave.
 He left then, glancing back, a pleading look on his face...

 A new life
That was how I dumped Jamie and ended up marrying BJ. Most of my friends and family members were surprised at the turn of events. They had known us as a couple for years so they were shocked at the break-up.

 My elder sister, Betty who lived with me and who had never supported my relationship with BJ, explicitly told me I was making a mistake.

 "I think you are being irrational on this matter. You have to be careful who you choose because your future happiness and peace of mind are at stake here. Besides, what do you know about this BJ guy? Or, are you just carried away by his wealth?" she said.

 "Sister, it's not about the money. I love him. He's the one I want to be with," I told her firmly.
 "I still think you are making a mistake. It's not too late to retrace your steps. Go back to Jamie. He loves you very much and wants you back," she advised.

 But I refused to listen to her. My mind was made up on the matter. I refused to see Jamie again even though he kept begging to take him back...

 BJ and I finally got married in a nice ceremony witnessed by our friends, family and well-wishers. For our honeymoon, my new husband made plans for us to spend part of it in Nigeria before jetting out to the Caribbean.

  "Thanks, sweetheart, for accepting me. For being my wife. You don't know what a happy man you've made me," said BJ. We were in our chalet at the Obudu Mountain Resort, some distance away from Calabar, the state capital.

 We had arrived the splendid Resort that evening to spend part of our honeymoon.

 "I should thank you for saving me from that womanising Jamie. If I had married him, I would have ended up sharing him with so many others," I stated.

 "Enough of that jerk. Have I told you how pretty you look in that?" he said, drawing close to me.
 I had just showered and wore a thin strapped red nightie, cut so short, it left most of my thighs bare.

 "Hmm. So sexy. I feel like tearing it off you," he stated softly, his eyes assessing me, from my thighs to my bust, accentuated by the low neckline design.

 "And waste such an expensive gown?" I said, smiling.
 "I can buy a 100 more of that if you so wish," he responded as he grabbed my arms and drew me close in a tight hug. Then, holding the bodice of the gown, he began to rip the flimsy fabric all the way down to the hemline.

 The gown fell off my body, leaving me naked. His eyes full of desire, roamed all over me, lingering on my breasts. His hands cupped them, with his thumbs stroking my nipples lightly, making me hot all over...

 I caressed his strong shoulders and chest, my hand trailing down to his flat stomach and beyond.
Then his lips replaced the fingers on my breasts, making me gasp and moan softly.
 Soon, we sank on the soft bed, consumed with passion for each other. Our love making that night was 'sizzling', we could not seem to get enough of each other. 

 It was quite late before we drifted off to sleep, curled up in each other's arms, exhausted from all the passion...

The sounds of the birds in the trees outside the chalet woke me up. The small clock by the bedside table showed it was past six. Besides me, my husband still slept, with his arm holding my waist possessively.

 I rolled over, studying his face for a moment, noting how relaxed and contented he looked in sleep. 
 I remembered last night, the feel of his hands and tongue on me, his strong body on mine and I began to feel warm with longing for him.

 Snuggling close to his warm body, I kissed him softly on the lips. His eyes opened slowly, a little smile lighting up his face.

 "Morning, gorgeous. You look good enough to eat this morning," he stated. 
 "So, what's your order for breakfast today?" I asked as he rolled on top of me.
 "You, my beautiful wife, who's more delicious than any food!" he intoned huskily. He kissed my eyes, nose then my lips. As he parted my thighs, I rose to meet his hard thrust, finding the delicious feel of his body simply intoxicating...

What next for Oluchi and her husband? Don't forget to log on tomorrow for the sizzling details. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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