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Friday, February 19, 2016

My husband and his London mistress (2)

It was like a second honeymoon...
For the first two days of my arrival in the British capital, Henry and I rediscovered ourselves. It was like it was back home when we newly married and were so in love.

 The first morning, Henry woke me up with breakfast in bed. Tucked among the plates of sausages, bacon, eggs and other dishes was a note- 'Welcome to our home, Sweetheart!'

 "So sweet! You are spoiling me, Henry," I said, munching on a piece of toast bread.
 He stroked my cheek fondly. "You deserve it, for your patience, for waiting for me all these years. Not many ladies would have done that."

I chewed on a thin slice of bacon before stating:

 "I had no choice."
 "Of course you had. You could have gone off with one of those men chasing you," he said.
  "What? How did you know"? I asked him, surprised. I had had lots of marriage proposals and other kinds of propositions from men during the period I was waiting for Henry.
  "You think I left you all alone in Nigeria all these years without keeping tabs on you? With all those randy Naija guys around? I'm not stupid!"

 I considered that for a moment.
 "So, who were your spies? Your father?" I asked curiously. Henry's father and I worked in the same office; he was actually the one who introduced us and encouraged me to marry his son.

 "I'm not telling. It's my secret," said Henry, a mischievous grin on his face.
 "So, all this while, you were playing James Bond on me. Bad guy!" I said, playfully hitting him on the shoulder.

 After breakfast, I rose from the bed to take a shower. I still felt the cold though the room was heated so I knew it was going to be one very hot shower.
 But Henry drew me back on the bed.
 "The shower can wait. This," he said pointing to the large bulge in his pajama bottom, "can't!"

 "Aren't you going to work today?" I asked. 
 "No. I took two days off. I've some important things to attend to," he stated as he pulled off my nightie.

 "Such as?" I asked.
 "Spending time with my sexy wife!" he said in a sensual voice. As he kissed me, his hand stroked my body, making me feel warm all over, driving away the cold. I pushed down his pajamas, noting how aroused he was. He groaned with pleasure as I caressed him, restraining me when I tried to remove my hand.

 "It feels so good. Don't stop," he whispered against my chest...
  Eight months later
 Henry worked as a supervisor in a care home for elderly persons- a kind of old people's home. 
Most days, he left home very early before I had even woken up and he didn't return till in the evening.

  I spent most days indoors cooking, cleaning and doing other chores. After a while I grew bored of being indoors all day and I began to venture outside.

 I would stroll round the neighbourhood just to get a feel of the place. I would bundle up in a jacket, muffler and gloves to ward off the bitting cold. The whole place was always quiet with very few people on the streets. 

 It didn't take me long to realise that most people kept to themselves and even neighbours living in the same building often did not know themselves, much less interact with one another as we do back home.

 Back in Nigeria, neighbours can knock on your door any time of the day asking for one thing or the other:

  "Aunty, I'm cooking and just found out I don't have any salt. Can you give me some?' or 'My children's school fees is due and I don't have enough money? Can you lend me some money till I collect my salary?'

 'Madam, can you give me N2000? I need to go to Lekki to see my brother about a job, but I don't have money for transport...'  are some of the requests neighbours can make and you are bound to assist or you will be tagged a selfish, bad person...

 But it was not so in this country.
 "People here keep to themselves. It's their nature. Most Oyibo (white) people are reserved; they are not warm like people back home. It's only when they get to know you that they become friendly," Henry explained when I told him about my observations.
 On his days off from work, he took me to the high streets where the shops and businesses were located so I could do some shopping. 

 With time, I learnt to move around on my own and I started to go outside my immediate neighbourhood to other parts of the city. I was happy and I had no complaints except for one thing. 

 And it was while I was talking on the phone with my mum one day about eight months after my arrival in London that I began to wonder if all was well with my husband.

  "So when are we getting the good news?" my mother had asked.
 "What news ma?" I countered in a wondering tone. 
 "The baby! When am I coming over to carry my grandchild?" she asked.
 "Ha! Ma! Slow down! I just got here and I'm still trying to find my feet and you are already talking about a baby. It's not that easy..." I said.
 "What's the big deal about having babies? I had you when I was 21 and you are already over 30. You should not wait too long as a woman's time is short. All I want is a grand child and the earlier you get pregnant the better..." she stated firmly.

 After she had hung up, I sat thinking over what my mother had said. It wasn't as if I didn't want to start a family as soon as possible. But my husband was the problem. Since I came to join him, apart from the first few weeks of my arrival, Henry hardly ever touched me. 

 We could stay for weeks without his coming to my bed. I found it strange because while we were back home in Nigeria, he was quite passionate and he couldn't seem to get enough of me. 

 Any time I complained about his neglecting his conjugal duties to me, he would give the excuse of tiredness, stress at work and other reasons. 

 "Are you sure that's the reason? Or is it something to do with me? Have I put on weight and you no longer find me attractive?" I enquired.

 "You know that's not true. You are still as pretty as the first day I set my eyes on you in my dad's office. You've not changed at all. Just give me some time, darling. I'm due for vacation soon and I promise we shall go away to some place where I can relax and have more time for you," he said, placing a light kiss on my cheek.

  I had no choice but to accept his explanation and I let the matter rest. Besides, I had another pressing issue that was bugging me then. 

 By this time, I was bored, staying home all day with nothing to do but the house work and watching movies. I wanted to work but when I broached the subject to Henry, he was not too keen on the idea. 

 "Don't I provide enough for you? What do you need a job for?" he queried with a frown. I explained to him that it was not about the money, that I needed something to do to keep me busy outside the home.

 "It's boring cooped up in here all day while you are at work. And there's no one to even gist with as the neighbours all keep to themselves," I grumbled. Then taking his hand, I said imploringly, "Please, honey, find something for me even if it's part time! I just need something to do to beat boredom!"

 He thought about it for a while then said:
 "Alright, I will see what I can do though I'm not fully in support of your working," he stated, wagging a finger at me.

 "Oh, thanks darling! I appreciate!" I said, giving him a big hug.
 "Hey, easy now! I've not got you the job yet!" he said laughing...

To be continued...

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