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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Millionaire's daughter (5) My love, my heart

The old attraction was still there between us and with time, we were back to our old relationship, becoming lovers again. I never planned to be unfaithful to my wife but in a way, she caused it due to the situation at home which had worsened. 

Apart from her excessive partying and clubbing, Mira had also started taking lovers outside. I had heard rumors which I dismissed as idle talks. But that changed when she even had the guts to bring one of her boyfriends home. 

 I had returned from work one evening to see her sitting cosily with a man in the main living room. I had never seen him before and when I questioned her about him, she replied that he was a business partner. 
 They later went out together and she did not return home till the following evening. That day, we had a big fight as I was so mad at her that she was not just cheating on me but was flaunting her affairs in my face!

   Later, I reported her to her family so they could intervene in the matter. While her brother, Tadi, tried to talk some sense into her, her mum only ended up fanning the flames of discord in our home.

  "What do you mean she should stop going clubbing?" her mum queried when I complained about her daughter's incessant partying as well as her affairs. "So, because she's now married, she should start living like the Pope, is it? You should leave my daughter alone to enjoy herself, ok! You are doing nothing but stressing her with all these complaints!"

Watch out tomorrow for the conclusion!

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